I can help you write long articles!

So, you’re a brand, startup, blog, or a SAAS company. If you’re reading this, I have a reason to believe that you already know the importance of publishing a high-value and an in-depth content for prospect engagement and customer acquisition.

And, it’s amazing. Really.


You don’t need to know the basics of why to publish content to take your web property or business off the ground. There is a stack of basic learning stuff available online that helps people learn about why you should have a blog. Therefore, I decided to keep things straight here.

I have been publishing content since 2009. I kept on evolving, observing, and learning. Since 2012, I have been working with the brands from Canada, Switzerland, USA, UAE, Pakistan, and India. I help them cope with their content writing issues. The brands often get skeptical when it comes to creating content on their official blogs and their biggest nightmare is that others (competitors) might have already written the basic stuff.

So, I sit back, take a cup of tea, and hit them an email.

I try to explain that your brand is unique, so should be your voice. No one would ever share the value with your prospects and audience that YOU CAN. Because only you know WHAT YOU HAVE GOT!

As Jerod Morris said, “If you’re replaceable, you’ll be replaced”

So, I preach them that your brand has a unique voice. We have to bring that out, meaning, we should create content that cuts the fluff out and gives some real solution to the audience.

So, take a deep breath now and hit me an email.

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