This disclosure hereby declares the essentials that are vital to go through by the readership, visitors, and the subscribers of my personal blog. My personal blog refers to the hassaankhan.com/blog. This disclosure will enlist some of the important factors that subscribers, readers, and visitors should know while consuming the content:

The Purpose of my Personal Blog

This personal blog is a part of my personal brand (hassaankhan.com). The purpose of this personal blog is to be able to publish useful content related to blogging, content marketing, personal branding, and other internet related topics that could contribute to the individuals’ and brands’ online success. I, Hassaan Khan, as a blogger and freelance writer, use my personal blog to polish my writing/blogging skills, help the specific audience, and educate the brands. It does help me in building connections, meeting new people, and talking to a wider audience.

Endorsement Strategy

It’s my duty to be transparent when it comes to the endorsements and sponsorship whatsoever. I want to clarify that my blog monetization strategy could have a portion of endorsements and sponsorship but entirely not limited to these. I believe in the business ethics and transparency and in order to recommend any product, I try to use it first. In some cases, there could be a possibility of relying on the word-of-mouth and experts recommendations from the experts. But my priority is often to use the product before recommending it to the readers of my blog. I strongly advise you not to just rely on my opinion and recommendation. Although I try my best to test out the good products and recommend the best ones but at the end of the day, we all do make mistakes and I don’t want a single penny of yours to be wasted. So, please, do your research, ask friends, and look at the experts’ opinions before taking any of my advice and recommendation whatsoever. The endorsement strategies may include trying direct ads, sending offers to email subscribers, linking into the content, or promoting through social channels.

Product Promotion

A blogger and subscribers’ relation is built on a trust. I’m very confident that the whole strategy of my content creation is based on the delivery of value. In order to survive and explore the possibilities, I try to find the good products that I could use myself and promote as well, not to mention I also reached out by the brands to test out their products. I believe that the affiliate marketing best practices tell us that promotion without the consent and satisfaction gain by the personal experience is not appropriate. I may not be accepting every kind of product promotion offers that I come across. However, if I find the products that could help the audience, I may test them out first or look at the experts’ opinions on that. This shouldn’t give you a signal to blindly follow my product recommendation (paid or free) made at my personal blog. You must do your research before opting any product/service/tool/website/plugin. I could be wrong at some point. I will not be responsible for any product or service whatsoever.

Guest Posting Policy

I’m reached out from the guest posters, bloggers, and brands regarding the guest posting on my personal blog. I rarely allow guest posting on my blog. The blog post topic does have a huge say in that decision. In fact, I always look at the value that guest post brings to my readers. The guest posters opinions, recommendations, suggestions, and ideas will neither be mine nor I would be responsible for that. I highly recommend to thoroughly study the content before taking any opinion or recommendation into the consideration. You can comment down below the guest post or reach out to the guest poster via social media channels to talk. Don’t make decisions in a rush.

Linking Policy

It’s important for every reader, visitor, and subscriber to understand that the content marketing has different pillars such as writing useful content, in-depth analysis, inbound linking, outbound linking, and social media promotion. All these essentials come down to the VALUE that is being delivered to the readership. Now the delivery of value, sometimes, require certain references (to the other sites/blogs), websites, and online tools in order to clarify the point or help out the audience. The linking to other online resources is being done in good faith to help out the audience. Sometimes, the linked source goes offline or could not be as effective as it used to be. Please, be advised, put your effort into finding the authenticity of the links you find in the content. Not 100% of the links mentioned in my content would be authentic and useful whatsoever. In order to avoid any problem, the research before making any decision is highly recommended.

Privacy Policy

It’s extremely important to discuss the privacy policy of the blog. I, just like any other pro-blogger try to keep the tracking system active and updated to help guide my content strategy. The tracking system doesn’t mean recording everything around. In fact, what a tracking system does is that it normally tracks the statistics such as total visitors, keywords, referral website, search engines, popular pages, top articles, IP addresses, visitor’s countries, and web browsers etc. The purpose of the tracking is always to help us define our content strategy and analyze the performance of our blog. Without the tracking/analytics, a blogger or a website owner is totally blind. All this happens in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Extreme Tracking. These statistics tools are very popular. I neither sell the email addresses of the subscribers, nor I have an intention of doing that.