This disclosure hereby declares the essentials that are vital to go through by the readership, visitors, and the subscribers of my personal blog. The phrase “My personal blog” refers to This disclosure will enlist some of the important factors that subscribers, readers, and visitors should know while consuming the content:

The Purpose of My Personal Blog

This personal blog is an integral part of my personal brand. The purpose of this blog is to be able to publish useful content across multiple categories. I, Hassaan Khan, as a blogger and freelance writer, use my personal blog to polish my writing/blogging skills, educate the audience, and attract prospective clients. Publishing content on this blog does help me in building connections, meeting new people, and talking to a wider audience.

Endorsement Strategy

It’s my duty to be transparent when it comes to the endorsements and sponsorship whatsoever. I want to clarify that my blog monetization strategy consists of various money-making methods. I work with affiliate programs and publish sponsored blog posts, but my blog monetization is not limited to these methods and subject to change. However, I only endorse and promote products I personally use and like.

Guest Posting Policy

I’m reached out from the guest posters, bloggers, and brands regarding the guest posting on my personal blog. I rarely allow guest posting on my blog. In fact, I always look at the value that guest post brings to the readers. Moreover, the guest posters opinions, recommendations, suggestions, and ideas will neither be mine nor I would be responsible for that.

Linking Policy

It’s important for every reader, visitor, and subscriber to understand that content marketing has different pillars such as writing useful content, inbound linking, outbound linking, and social media promotion. All these essentials come down to the VALUE that is being delivered to the readership. Now the delivery of value, sometimes, require certain references to the blogs, websites, and online tools in order to clarify the point or help out the audience. The linking to other online resources is being done in good faith to help out the audience. All of the links mentioned in my content may not be active, authentic and useful whatsoever.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy refers to the data collection of readers and subscribers. Bloggers use different tracking tools for analysis. The tracking system doesn’t mean recording everything around. In fact, what a tracking system does is that it normally tracks the statistics such as total visitors, keywords, referral website, search engines, popular pages, top articles, IP addresses, visitor’s countries, and web browsers. The purpose of the tracking is always to help us refine our content strategy and analyze the performance of our blog. I use high-popular tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and StatCounter.