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My Blogging Productivity has Improved (And You Can Do It too)

Blogging productivity is vital to every blogger who wants to succeed in blogging. You might not have thought about it yet. Most blogging starters keenly focus on finding the keywords, AdSense money, affiliate sales, and blog traffic. It’s safe to say that the majority of newbie bloggers don’t even think about being productive as bloggers….


Personal Blog: Why You Should Launch It

I have been a big advocate of a personal blog since I came to know about personal branding. I believe a personal blog becomes a pedestal to your personal brand. I have written blog posts on personal branding. The reason I’m writing about a personal blog is that bloggers aren’t talking much about personal blogs….


How I Get Back to Blogging After Burnout

The last time I wrote any content was ten days ago. I took three days off from work for Eid holidays, but couldn’t get back to writing afterward. I don’t blame myself for that because I didn’t plan much about writing all these days, but it doesn’t mean I wasted a lot of time. I…