About me

hkFirst of all, I’d like to thank you for your interest in knowing about me. Everybody doesn’t do that, which is why most of the people end up asking me that what I do.

I’m Hassaan Khan. I’m a blogger, vlogger, freelance writer, and an entrepreneur. The blogging and the freelance writing do make a sense, but vlogging and entrepreneurship could be intriguing. Therefore, I decided to put up some details about my work, in fact, if you read till the end, you might get to know me better than ever.

When a social media professional or IT expert asks me about my occupation, I tell that I’m a Content Marketer.

When a non-tech-savvy person who does have a chance to use the internet, but just for checking the emails, asks me the same question, I tell that I’m a blogger. I write blogs.

Well, why do I tell that I’m a content marketer?

Because I am a Content Marketer. I do exactly what a content marketer does. A content marketer uses the content (of any form) to communicate with the audience, engage them and deliver the value.

In content marketing, we use a number of ways to deliver the message and value such as blog writing, infographics, videos, podcasts etc.

It’s true that I have been involved in content writing and it’s a kind of my main domain, but I’m also working in the field of video making which is a new thing for me.

As far as freelance writing is concerned, it turned out to be a selling service for me through my personal blog, and it went crazy earlier in 2015. There is no doubt that my passion for writing will never ever go down. Now, when I’ll tell about the entrepreneurship side of my personality. Read that part in the history section.


It all started when I was almost 9. The best part of my history is that it will reveal that I was a believer of TAKING ACTION rather than sitting aside and wait for things to happen. I belong to a lower middle-class family. We had a car, house, a cricket bat, video game, and probably everything that children dream of.

I’ve grown up listening to my fathers’ hard work stories and the struggle he did during his childhood helping up grandfather in the business. At the age of 9, it wasn’t the reason, interestingly. I wasn’t motivated by the family struggle stories for obvious reasons, as I was just 9. I had no idea what they have had and how did they reach that point of success and happiness.

The Beginning

My grandmother wasn’t a teacher, but she used to teach Quran to the children since her early 40s. I was growing up seeing children of our colony coming home to learn Quran from her, and after her death, the same thing went on for a few years until my aunt and mother got busy.

Nevertheless. I used to see my friends and other children, they were about 8 to 10 children that were my friends too – I saw a MARKET in them. I thought to sell something to them. Now, I had no idea about the terms like the market, target audience, and a useful product.

All I knew was to do something cool.

One day I thought to utilize my old school notebooks with lots of blank pages. The creative thinking provoked that NEED of doing something good. The money wasn’t the factor of producing the goods. The itch of doing something was probably the reason.

I ripped off the old notebooks, separated the blank pages, did some cuttings, drew the colorful cover pages, and stapled back in a new shape.

BANG. I had made my first product…

What happened next is amazing!

I showed those thin notebooks to the fellows — They loved the art — and decided to buy from me. We were all naïve. They didn’t have money in their pockets, so they all decided to buy the notebooks next day. They purchased all of it.

And, I was stunned. I was profitable at that time.

I did a couple of times and don’t remember exactly how I stopped there… (Thank God, I moved on)…

The Point

Yes. The point is, at the age of horrible dreams of school, I took the initiative and got success. Speaking of success, one of my Uncles predicted at that time that I’ll be a very successful businessman in the future. I still remember that.

The message for you is, I was an entrepreneur, I am right now, and I will be.

What do I do?

I’ll be glad if you read the whole part in order to understand the current nature of my work:


This is what that changed my life. Whatever success I’ve seen practically in my life is because of BLOGGING. I wouldn’t have done so much of work if I wasn’t trying to learn to blog. In fact, the freelance writing has brought more financial stability in my life, but I wouldn’t be a freelance writer if I didn’t start blogging. This is something closer to my heart, I always say to my friends that I won’t stop my blogging.

Over the course of time, my blogging got affected, my publishing calendar was ruined, and I was pushed away from my readers by the hectic schedule of freelance writing commitments. Now things are changing, and I’m trying to shift my focus back to blogging or, at least, making one of the priorities in the schedule. You can follow my blog via newsletter subscription.

Freelance Writing

People know that I got success in freelance writing. My business management’s bachelor degree helped me in understanding the subjects like Marketing, Management, Consumer behavior, Human Resources, and the Psychology.

It’s not like what you’ve been taught, it’s always that what you’ve picked out it.

I learn things, everyday and everywhere.

I believe in learning. If you stop learning, you stop progressing.

The freelance writing is something I’ve been offering since 2012 — but things changed in 2015. It took me 3 years to put my name out there. I discovered the industry and started finding the markets to enter. The truth is, when you’re passionate to LEARN things, you keep EVOLVING.

Now, every month I turn down the offers from blogs, companies, and brands — Because I can’t handle it. I forward the projects to the other writers and friends in the field. I’m not being proud that I get so many offers every month and I turn them down. It’s painful, someone likes your work, gets inspired,  and approaches you, but the lack of time spoils the whole thing. It’s better that way, I don’t believe in false promises. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Time is precious. I have had so many chances to write for companies, softwares, blogs and get paid well, but I believe in giving 100% to every job I pick, that was the issue.


This is a bit personal and in the starting phase. Remember the idea of ever trying to learn something new. I explore the creative business ways. In fact, I’m passionate about things I love. Blogging was my passion, so I picked it, and loving it.

Now, vlogging (video blogging) has got my attention. I started following YouTube Vloggers such Casy Neistat and Roman Atwood back in September 2015 and fall in love with the vlogging concept. Vlogging seems the NEXT BIG THING on YouTube.

You won’t believe that I haven’t had my YouTube account made till 2013. I actually signed up for a YouTube account when I was in the UAE. I went to the UAE on a 2-month vacation. I was staying at my Uncle’s place, surprisingly, he got an urgent call from China, he ended up arranging a one-week short business tour to the China, so I was pretty alone and bored, and finally, decided to watch funny videos on the YouTube. Then, I really liked the video platform, and ever since, I stopped ignoring the video content. You won’t believe that I wasn’t in the videos before, I started blogging back in 2008, but never touched the video content, not to mention the vlogging.

Personal Branding

This is my favorite part. It might surprise you. I’m not selling any personal branding course or consultation at this time. In fact, my blog posts and videos could help you in building your personal brand. The difference between a brand and the personal brand is that the personal brand represents your name and face, whereas a brand gets recognized as a company. The world’s best speakers and consultants are personal brands focused — They do everything under their personal brand’s belt, from speaking gigs to keynote talks, videos making to interviews, podcast interviews to blog writing, they represent their personal brands.

They might develop a dozen of companies as founders, but they will always be known for their personal brands, for instance, Gary Vaynerchuk, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Patrick Bet-David, Robert Kiyosaki, Darren Hardy, Neil Patel, Noah Kagan, and a few more are the true examples of personal branding.

From videos to blog posts, my personal brand will help you build your personal brand.