Can Freelancers Find Clients on LinkedIn?

can freelancers find clients on Linkedin

I know freelancers can find clients on LinkedIn. I have been fortunate to land some fantastic clients over the years. If you haven’t had such an experience yet, then you might think it’s virtually impossible to land freelance clients through LinkedIn. If you’re serious about finding clients on LinkedIn, I can help guide you.

What most freelancers do is that they make a LinkedIn account and spend two weeks exploring the platform and hope that they’d end up getting a lead.

When they don’t see that happening, they tend to ignore LinkedIn and stick with other ways that may have worked for them in the past.

Look, LinkedIn has worked for me as well as for others. I’ll share some of the basics that most freelancers miss out on LinkedIn, and perhaps that’s why they can’t find freelance clients on LinkedIn.

Buckle up if you want to join me on this journey so that you hit the ground running.

Before I share the secrets nuggets of finding clients on LinkedIn, I must answer why I think freelancers can find clients on LinkedIn.

Why Freelancers Can Find Clients on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network that connects job seekers and employers. It has over 700 million registered members in 150 countries. LinkedIn has become a mainstream social media platform alongside Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The point is that LinkedIn has got a lot of attention, and the best part is that the majority of the users are professionals who’re either job seekers or business owners. If you know how to get attention on LinkedIn, the chances are, you’re going to find clients on LinkedIn.

I’m so confident about this because I have been there. After Facebook, LinkedIn has been the most useful social media platform for me. Does it mean I found clients on LinkedIn? Yes, of course, I have landed many clients through LinkedIn.

So I’m about to share my tried-and-test strategies to find clients on LinkedIn.

Here’s How Freelancers Can Find Clients on LinkedIn

Are you ready?

Let’s take a look:

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimizing a LinkedIn profile means to fill in the loopholes and provide with the right information to prepare it for appearing in the LinkedIn search results. If you haven’t written a concise yet meaningful about section on your LinkedIn profile, then you’re wasting social media real estate.

I often receive notifications about appearing in LinkedIn searches. It shows that my profile is well-optimized for search. If you want to find clients on LinkedIn, optimizing your LinkedIn profile would be a stepping stone.

Connect With the Right People

One of the main reasons why I have been able to generate leads and acquire clients through LinkedIn is that I only connect with the relevant people. It’s hard to say NO sometimes if it increases your followers or connections on social media, but I’m trying to develop a thick skin when it comes to business.

It does sound so simple that we should connect with the right people, but when it comes to adding a connection or following a person on social media, we mostly overlook this phenomenon. Try creating a hidden filter to ensure that you connect with like-minded professionals and prospective clients. I tend to network with founders, CEOs, digital marketers, and social media managers on LinkedIn. It’s key to finding clients on LinkedIn.

Post Meaningful Content

It’s challenging to create and post useful and relevant content regularly. I have not been able to keep up with the content calendar whatsoever. I post a wide range of content on LinkedIn, for example, the latest blog post, a screenshot with some explanatory-text on it, sometimes, it’s a text-based image, and often it’s a text-only status.

I try to post meaningful content whenever I get a chance to share something. What it does is that it makes my profile stand out from the crowd. As a result, the follower who benefits once pays attention to the content the next time it shows up on the timeline.

Start Conversations in the Comments

Engagement on social media goes a long way, and LinkedIn is no exception. One of the best things about LinkedIn is that if your post doesn’t get much traction, the platform suggests mentioning your connections in the comments to strike a conversation.

It’s no rocket science that initiating a conversation can lead to more eyeballs on a social media platform. You don’t always have to post content to begin the conversation. Go through your feed and respond to the interesting pieces you come across as well.

Use the Messaging Feature

Messaging and DMs are vital tools of communication on social media. The messages come in handy if you’re a freelancer and finding your next client on LinkedIn. Most of us overlook the basic tools a platform has to offer and move on to try the next thing.

I ended up getting a new client who simply stopped by my LinkedIn profile. Since LinkedIn notifies you when someone sees your profile, so I reached out to him via a message and asked him how I can help. He asked for my email address, and after a month, the prospect converted into a customer.

Are You Ready to Find Your Client through LinkedIn?

There is no hard and fast rule about getting hired through LinkedIn or any other social media platform. All you need to do is to understand how the platform works, figure out who you should connect with, fine-tune your profile, and start being helpful to others.

Remember that your brand persona matters a lot, meaning what you offer as a service and talk about it in your content must be coherent. For instance, if your profile says that you’re a graphics designer, but you’re sharing articles and videos about sports cars, then it won’t help the cause.

I’m sure my simple tips would help you land a new client. Let me know how it goes on LinkedIn.

If you have any questions regarding finding clients on LinkedIn, feel free to ask in the comments section. I’ll get back to you and try to help you out.

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