This “Blogging Secret” Could Make Your Blog Successful

There is a blogging secret that could make your blog successful. Had I known this six years ago, I would have been more successful as a blogger.

I won’t ramble on and instead give out the blogging secret in a jiffy. All I want is to give a little perspective of where this is coming from.

Many bloggers start their blogs off with passion and energy, and over time, their excitement fades away. It’s mainly because their blog posts don’t get any attention whatsoever. There might be various reasons behind the lack of attention, such as:

  • Wrong audience targeting
  • Boring niche
  • Irrelevant topics selection
  • Improper article titles
  • Bad writing
  • Terrible web hosting

And many more.

Some of you might be thinking of giving up on your blogs and that’s why I want to share a little tweak that might turn things around for you.

a blogging secret that could make your blog successful

So here’s the secret:

Write on the topics people click on as soon as they come across

Stay with me.

We all do this, almost every day.

It happens on Facebook and Google.

We scroll through the Facebook feed and stop on a status update that appeals to us. Similarly, when we’re searching for an answer on Google, we often scan the SERP and click on the link that looks like what we have been looking for right away.

I have made this very mistake for years. As I said before that things would have been different if I had realized this before.

What if I told you that you should be writing on the topics that people might be searching for regularly?

You might wonder where and how you can find such topics.

Did you notice my focus isn’t on the keywords?

Instead, I’m leaning towards the topics. It doesn’t mean keywords aren’t important, they surely are, but now search behaviors are changing. Most of us type in long phrases in Google to find the appropriate answers and solutions.

Therefore, it’s imperative to design your blogging strategy according to the trends and patterns.

So let me shed some light on various ways of finding the “right” topics.

How to Find the Topics that People Would be Interested In

Since you have got an idea what my approach is towards blogging, meaning I’d rather experiment with topics that my prospective audience might be interesting in than stick to keywords and write articles around them. So here are five ways to find the topics that people might be searching for on the internet:

1. Search Analysis

The search analysis is a process of identifying the queries that people might be using in search engines to find the answers. A lot of SEOs and bloggers prefer keyword research tools, but these tools aren’t accurate. Instead, you use the Google search engine for finding the topics to cover on the blog.

What you need to do is to start using the autocomplete, people also ask, and searches related to sections in Google to understand the demand for certain keywords and phrases. Once you get your hands on a number of relevant queries to answer, go ahead, and create content.

2. Website SEO Audit

A website SEO audit is a content and keywords analysis that tells you what keywords your blog or website is ranking for and where your search engine traffic is standing at the moment. SEMrush is a popular tool for a website SEO audit. Alternatively, you can go through your statistics in Google Analytics and Google Search Central for deep analysis of your articles’ rankings, popular keywords, page views, click-through rate, and much more. I pay close attention to the topics that bring organic traffic to my blogs and try to write relevant topics to double-down on the opportunities.

3. Keyword Research

Since I’m more into search analysis, and keyword research is essentially a different territory, I don’t completely rule out the importance of keyword research. Even though it’s a fact that keyword research tools can’t tell the accurate number of searches. I have used Long Tail Pro in the past; it’s a good keyword research tool.

Sometimes, a keyword tool doesn’t show a huge number of searches for a specific keyword, but you end up getting regular traffic against that keyword. Feel free to try out your favorite keyword research tool, but don’t completely rely on it.

4. DMs and Emails

I’ve written blog posts and made videos based on the questions people asked me in the DMs, emails, and comments. I often get asked about how to find freelance clients and I’ve written so many blog posts on freelancing. You got to do the same thing; pay attention to what people are asking you and write content around that.

5. Questions on Quora

Quora is one of the popular social media platforms on the internet. Look through the related topics and questions on Quora and see what people are asking. You can surely find a couple of topics to talk about on your blog. Most bloggers who use Quora try to get traffic by sharing their articles in the answers. You would be under-utilizing Quora if you’re just after free traffic and not trying to get ideas to create content.

Would You Try this Blogging Secret?

The premise of this blog post is that you need to keep the finger on the pulse of your audience.

If you aren’t sure what your prospective audience wants to know, then try using the five methods I shared for finding the right topics to cover.

I’ve written hundreds of blog posts across multiple blogs that weren’t targeted to a specific audience. Perhaps, that’s why the majority of my blogs didn’t take off.

I don’t repeat this mistake now, neither should you.

Let me know if this blogging secret helped you a little bit.

I’ll be waiting for your comments.

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  1. I agree with your blogging secret. Indeed, Quora greatly helps to understand the target user’s interests and curiosity. Especially, as a Q&A platform it gets us strategic ideas to target the question-based potential topics.

  2. Hello Hassaan,
    Sometimes I hit a wall and go blank for a blogging topic. I find so many ideas from Quora. Sometimes I answer a question there and take that thought, elaborate on it and there is a new post!

    1. Hi Donna,

      Quora is surely a great place for finding ideas and topics. I also pay close attention to DMs, emails, and comments to understand what people want to know. It does help the topic-finding process.


      Happy holidays!

  3. Hello,

    I 100% agree with you, long tail keywords are amazing to attract traffic. As tgese has low compitation. I followed this and got results. You mentioned about the keywords research from google and this is the best approach i must say.
    But i have one question i am confused about DM and email? Hope you will see my comment.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Shoaib,

      Thanks for the comment. What I mean is that we often get asked questions via DMs and Emails, and most of us tend to ignore them. If we could answer them through our content, it would have been amazing.

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