What Freelance Service Should You Offer?

Are you wondering what service you should offer as a freelancer?

Well, I might share a few skills at the end of this article, but that’s not important.

What’s more important is that you should find out what you can do better than a random “John” on Fiverr.

I know it’ll be hard for you to find your strength right off the bat because people reach out to me on social media, via email, and in person. I’m not sure what exactly they think of me. I keep telling everyone that I’m not an expert at this.

The interesting part is that they ask me what they should do as a freelancer. And, when I tell them, “find your strength,” most of them don’t get this. That’s what I think.

What I try to tell them is that they shouldn’t ask anybody about what they should do as a freelancer.

It’s something they should figure out themselves.

The gist of my self-published book “How to Use a Few Hours Every Day and Change Your Life” was how one can understand the inner strength and start something on the side.

I know this thing must be bugging you right now. All you want to know is a two-line answer on what freelance service you should offer.

what service you should offer as a freelancer

Answer the following questions before you pick any freelance service mentioned below:

1. What’s the thing that makes you happy?

2. What are you good at?

3. How did you try to sell your freelance service?

Answering the above-mentioned questions might be the hardest thing to do for beginner freelancers who haven’t started freelancing yet.

It’s pretty much impossible for anyone else to find out what makes you happy. However, people can always tell you what you’re good at. Think about the things you’re known for in your circle.

  • Is it camera settings for photography?
  • Is it training a dog?
  • Is it baking cookies at home?
  • Is it fixing the speed problem of a smartphone?

Whatever friends or relatives tell you to do it for them, it’s perhaps something you’re good at. So don’t just let it go as it can be monetized or at least you can try.

Here are some of the freelance services you can offer based on your skillset:

Business Card Designing

If you’re a graphics designing enthusiast and always like to design logos and banners, then consider offering business card designing. If you like graphics designing, you might want to go all-in, meaning, provide everything related to graphics designing, but there is a caveat in doing so: I want you to be the guy or gal who is known for designing great business cards.

Did you get my point? You have to go deep into this business card designing sub-niche under the huge graphics designing niche and dominate that segment.

Guest Posting for Others

I’m not sure about others, but I got offered to guest post for brands. Unfortunately, the schedule was tight, and I had to pass. I learned that brands are willing to pay money to the bloggers who would guest post for them, meaning, spread the word about them. If you’ve done guest posting, you’d know the basics of it. In case, you haven’t done it before, read this blog post on guest posting for freelance writers.

Video Editing for YouTubers

If you’re into video editing and watch a lot of YouTube channels, then you should reach out to some YouTubers and offer your freelance video editing service to them. I remember a kid who used to watch my videos on YouTube, and he reached out to me for video editing. I didn’t need a video editor so I told him that I’d keep his contact details in my inbox and if something comes up, I’ll get back to him. The point is that if you like editing videos, go and offer your service to the video creators or businesses which are getting into video content.

Event Photography

Did you buy a DSLR camera for fun? Maybe, you’re a photography enthusiast and bought a couple of extra lenses for your DSLR camera. Well, it’s time to capitalize on your photography passion. You should offer your event photography service to the customers and make money as a freelance photographer. There are so many ways to market your freelance service; you can create a 3-page website using the Weebly website builder and make an Instagram account to upload your photos. The more ways you choose to spread the word about your photography, the higher the chance to get the attention of the prospects.

Social Media Management

You may not have heard this before but freelance social media managers or virtual assistants are quite popular these days. You got to have a little bit of experience in social media management to pull this off. If you’re someone who has developed a decent following on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, then it means you know how to grow on social media, and that’s what you should sell as a freelance social media manager or virtual assistant.

All you need to do is invest in a social media management tool like ContentStudio that allows you to manage multiple brands within a single account.

Voiceovers for Videos

It may not be very common out there, but if you have this talent, you could cash in on your strength. Some folks like to narrate or read or speech; they might be able to do voiceovers for advertising and marketing agencies. As I said before, it’s a rare talent. So you better use this skill if you think you have what it takes to be a voiceover artist.

Podcast Management

I reckon most of you haven’t heard a podcast episode before, let alone set up a podcast. Well, if you’re one of those people who know about podcasting or have a podcast, then you can offer your freelance podcast set up service.

It isn’t just the setup of the podcast, but instead, you can manage clients’ podcasts which may include recording, editing, and uploading. You can use to launch and distribute the podcast across multiple podcasting outlets.

Run Google Ads

If you’re a digital marketing expert who has worked in the industry can come up with a freelance service to run Google ads for companies and entrepreneurs. All you need is to figure out a buyer persona and start reaching out to the prospects. Make sure you’ve run multiple Google ad campaigns before. Otherwise, it’ll hurt your personal brand.

I took a course on running Google ads a few months ago, and that’s how I learned how to run Google ads.

Keywords Research

Have you ever done SEO? My guess is that a lot of you have done search engine optimization for your sites or clients’ websites. Therefore, your keyword research experience can come in handy in freelancing. All you have to do is make up your mind to offer keyword research service and flex your muscles a little bit to get going. What I’m trying to say is that you got to have some keyword research tools or methodologies to provide low-competition and high-value keywords to the clients.

Your Thoughts

I kept my promise of showcasing a list of freelancing services you can start offering.

But I urge you to choose a freelance service that feels right to you.

All I’m saying is that find your strength and try to use that as a freelancer.

Don’t copy someone else’s idea; it won’t be your strength.

Arthur Ashe said, “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”

If you find something you enjoy doing or you’re really good at, and somehow people need that service, you’re all set to succeed in freelancing.

But if you don’t find anything that you can do as a freelancer, then develop new skills through online courses. The reason is that people want to work with experts, and surely, you can become one.

I took a few different courses on Skillshare and learned some new skills. Try that and you won’t regret it.

What freelancing service would you offer now?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the enlightening post, Hassaan! Right from the onset, I’ve thought of exploring freelance services to run and finance my online business. If I’m asked what freelance service I would love to choose, my response would be guest posting for site owners, though I haven’t done it since I got started. I read blog posts including yours and learned that by consistently posting high-quality content, a day will surely come when I will land my first gig.

    1. Hi Sierra,

      No doubt, you can land your first gig real soon. The best part is that you know what you should offer, and that’s the first step in the right direction. Often times, people have no idea what they should do.

      I’m happy for you.

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