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My Blogging Productivity has Improved (And You Can Do It too)

Blogging productivity is vital to every blogger who wants to succeed in blogging. You might not have thought about it yet.

Most blogging starters keenly focus on finding the keywords, AdSense money, affiliate sales, and blog traffic. It’s safe to say that the majority of newbie bloggers don’t even think about being productive as bloggers. What being unproductive does is that it stops you from putting out good-quality blog posts, which affects your blog growth.

I’ve improved my blogging productivity, and I want to share how I did it.
If you happen to be new around here, you might not know that I’m a full-time freelance content writer. So my number one priority is always writing content for the clients.

I also put out content on my blogs as much as I can. I’ve noticed that my blogging productivity has significantly improved over the past few weeks.
If you’re wondering what I did to make it happen, then you’re about to find out the secret sauce of my productivity.

blogging productivity

Here’s what I’m doing to improve my blogging productivity:

I prioritize my personal projects over freelance work

Don’t be mad at me if you’re my client. Let me elaborate on this: If I’m happy and relaxed, I’ll be more productive, and I’ll get the job done timely and effectively. I have been working on clients’ projects day in day out, and I’ve noticed that neglecting personal work has ruined my productivity eventually.

So my number one blogging productivity tip for me was to prioritize my personal projects over freelance writing projects. I learned that I get to do more (clients’) work ever since I adopted this strategy. Had I only focused on clients’ work, this blogging productivity would not have been possible.
If you’re wondering about my personal projects, then here are some of them:

Therefore, I need to pay attention to stuff that matters to me.

I go to bed early

I used to be a night owl, and I’m not proud of it, but for the past four weeks, I have been going to bed around midnight. Previously, it used to be very late. What I realized is that I could have 7-hour sleep this way. Plus, I get an extra couple of hours if I wake up at 8 in the morning. So it seems to be working for me as I feel more productive, especially when I could make time to work on my blogs first thing in the morning.

I know some of you are morning persons, and you’d advocate a 5 a.m. routine. You would also think that 8 a.m. is still late. I used to wake up around 1 p.m., so give me a break.

I started exercising

Yes, I started exercising. Okay, I go to the gym two days a week. Stop laughing.
People say that exercise releases stress. Well, I didn’t have stress, but I want to be fit and healthy. So I thought let’s give exercise another try. I want to do it four days a week but could only do it two times a week. On a serious note, I do feel good after the exercise, especially because it allows me to take a break from work and just spend an hour and a half away from everything.

I consume content

I don’t follow any strict reading regime, but instead, I try to grab a book a few times a week and try to read a couple of pages every time I sit down with a cup of tea and a book. A part of my job is to read blogs, listen to podcasts, and watch business videos. So I get to elicit ideas, knowledge, and wisdom from different sources. But I want to build a habit of book reading every day, which I’m working on.

I play with Milo every day

Milo is my 2.5 yo Labrador retriever. Besides being protective of me, he loves to eat, sleep, and play. I try to play with him once every day — he just loves to play fetch. What I found interesting about playing with my dog is that it not just makes him happy and healthy, but it mentally relaxes me as well. So I’ve added it to my to-do list because when I’m tired and grumpy, he doesn’t care; all he wants is to play, and it makes me laugh. I love him.

Over to you

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I’ll be talking about why you shouldn’t quit blogging and blog income sources in the coming days. Anyway, I shared my blogging productivity hacks with you.

It’s your turn now. You have to tell me what you’re doing for blogging productivity.

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  1. Hassaan,

    There is no defined time for blogging. Blog when you feel comfortable so. Whether it is midnight or very early in the morning, it’s all about how productive you are. Good to see you have improved your blogging productivity and of course you have got the route map of success. Be consistent and have all success.

    1. Hi Sathish,

      I agree with you; it doesn’t matter what time you choose to blog.

      It all comes down to how you feel comfortable and happy about it.

      If you’re doing something you’re happy about, you won’t have to worry about being consistent and productive.

      Thanks for your input.

  2. Hassaan,

    It is obvious to take care of our health as a blogger. Despite our passion and hard work, physical fitness is crucial. If not, that somehow impacts our productivity in a way or either. What do you say?

    1. Hi Jess,

      Obviously, health is so crucial to your success. I started paying attention to my health. I’m happy you’re validating my point.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

      1. Hi Hassaan,
        I too go to bed early and get upa round 3-4 am to start my blogging tasks. I try to them a few hours before client work unless I’m backed up.
        I’m full time so I must get client work done on time and correctly.
        My dog also helps me to take a break to let him out and go for a walk which gets my creative juices flowing to write new blog posts 🙂 I need to take a few more breaks in my long 12-16 hour days. I’m hoping to get them down in the coming year to 8-10. A few times in my first year I was doing 18 hours which is way too long!
        My health began to experience issues which is not good!
        Anyways I’m glad I read your advice and will work on some of your tips. Thank you.

        1. Hi Lisa,

          Thanks for being here.

          Dogs are the best; they get your attention and help you take a break from work.

          I’m glad you read my blog post.


  3. Hey Hassan,

    This is great and I really love to read about productivity tips from bloggers especially from full-time bloggers like you.
    Because my productivity and the time I usually spend on writing decrease rapidly and I feel really bad about that. I wanna come back to my blog as soon as possible. So, thank you very much for sharing these really simple and practical tips.
    Do you really believe that sleep early helps? I love to work at night the same as you were. I have been planning to change my sleeping pattern for months but still couldn’t.
    Thanks again for sharing this.

  4. Hi Hassaan,
    Your blogging productivity tips are helpful. I used to go to bed so late, at 03:0 am, and will sleep for only a few hours. At that time, I was trying to do more work, not knowing that I was actually hurting my health and productivity. But I made some adjustments and regained myself. For the most part, I ensure that I go to bed by 11;00 pm. In that way, I wake up strong the next morning
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Moss,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

      Health and productivity go hand-in-hand. I used to go to bed late, but I realized that I wasn’t just wasting my mornings, but I was also hurting my health.

      I can understand your point.

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