Should You Start Freelancing on Fiverr? Here’s the Answer

I get asked questions about freelancing all the time. If you’re wondering whether or not you should start freelancing on Fiverr, then you’re in good hands.

Here’s the short answer: YES

You should start freelancing on Fiverr.

Do I work on Fiverr? The answer is NO.

But I’d love to see you starting your freelancing career on Fiverr.

And, there is a caveat in it. Do you really want to start freelancing on Fiverr?

I neither have a problem with Fiverr, nor I’m stopping you from joining Fiverr.

It fascinates people when I tell them that I don’t work on any freelancing platform because I work independently. Some of them get stunned that how it’s possible that someone isn’t working on the sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and Guru, and still calling himself a freelancer.

Some of you might be aware of my spiel when it comes to freelancing on the platforms. I’m a big advocate of freelancing independently. I believe that one shouldn’t build the business on someone else’s platform. A platform could always go away, but your hard work shouldn’t vaporize along with the platform.

I remember a few big online platforms that are gone:

Orkut, gone.

Vine, gone.

Friendster, gone.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t kickstart your freelancing career on the platforms. It comes down to your taste no matter what. I wasn’t very comfortable putting all the eggs in one basket. I knew the fact that I may have to struggle more this way, but I wasn’t ready to be dependent on someone else’s platform to grow. It took me three years to finally be able to get regular clients, but it was all worth it.

Read my eBooks to see the full picture:

starting freelancing on fiverr?

I’d like to give you some tips based on my understanding of the Fiverr platform:

A prolific profile works

A prolific profile means that it must give clarity to someone who is scrolling through your profile. Moreover, your description must be clearly communicating what you’re good at and things you’ve done in the past. Keep your description to the point. A well-written, to-the-point description helps the process.

Some freelancers end up writing a lengthy description, which makes people walk away from the profile rather than reading it. Plus, use your recently taken photo as a display picture. You’ll be better off if you use your real name because it humanizes your profile.

Create relatable gigs

Your gigs must match up with your profile. If you’ve mentioned that you’re a freelance writer in your profile description, but all you’re doing is creating graphics designing gigs, then you’re doing it wrong. This type of mismatch creates friction, which affects the conversion.

When you manage to attract prospects, they’re likely to check out your profile. It’s essential to create gigs that are relevant to your profile.

Cash in on your expertise

The best way to win at Fiverr is that offer what you’re good at. If you’re skilled at HTML web designing, then don’t try to get into WordPress theme designing. Identifying your strength is a huge plus in freelancing. So focus in on your strength and make the most of the opportunities.

Equip your gig page

It’s important to convey the message with conviction and clarity. Make sure that you’re adding each and every small detail of the job in your gig. Feel free to add relevant samples such as images or videos to provide the details.

Make multiple gigs

It’s necessary to create a number of relevant gigs so that it increases your chances to engage the audience and eventually sell more along the way. For example, if your gig is about designing the business cards, then you should go ahead and create gigs about designing the logos, letterheads, and pamphlets too. Not only would you be able to offer more, but you would also engage more audience from the specific segment.

Promote your gigs everywhere

Promotion is important to sell gigs on Fiverr. Use YouTube descriptions, blog’s author bios, Facebook and Twitter bios, Quora’s answers, and Instagram bio link to promote your gigs. In short, utilize every social media platform to get attention and eyeballs. Make sure that you’re promoting your gigs from time to time so that you could squeeze more of every avenue.

What’s the point?

The whole point of this blog post is to emphasize on your happiness. I’m more than okay if you start off your freelancing career on Fiverr, which is why I shared some tips to succeed on Fiverr.

I pay close attention to “happiness” because if you don’t feel good about something, you can’t do it well. For instance, before start writing this blog post, I was about to write my client’s article, which I didn’t want to write. So I kept on procrastinating and scrolled through my Twitter feed for a full 15 minutes.

Then, I turned off my laptop and put my phone away, and took a walk.

And, then I asked myself, “what do you want to do exactly?”

Read a book?

Eat something?

Write a blog post?

The instant answer was to write a blog post. So I immediately started writing this blog post and felt so good about it.

Now, I’m glad that I’ve done something productive and the feeling of accomplishment would make me more creative for the next couple of hours.

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Happiness drives hustle.

So ask yourself, do you want to work on Fiverr?

No one is going to convince you to get started with freelancing on Fiverr.

You must feel it that it’s right for you. If you feel that way, go ahead.

If you don’t feel excited about working on Fiverr or any other freelancing platform, then read my blog post on getting freelance jobs.

All the best.


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