Here’s Why You’re Losing Potential Clients Every Day

Does anyone want to lose potential clients?

No. Right?

I didn’t mean to fool around or write a misleading blog post title to get your attention. Your attention is precious, so is your time. I do have four methods to highlight that you could pay a little attention in order to stop losing potential clients every day.

I’ve tested all four techniques personally, and they worked. We, bloggers, tend to do all sorts of things when it comes to generating traffic or leads on our blogs. It won’t surprise me if I come across a list of content marketing strategies or SEO techniques from a blogger who has been blogging for years.

This is what we do when we aren’t writing new content; experimentation is the key to moving forward in blogging. Thus, I have a few suggestions for you whether you’re a blogger, a company, or a startup. Here are four reasons why you might be losing potential clients every day by:

losing potential clients

1. Not Putting Out Content

Putting out content means publishing any form of content on the internet. You can put out various types of content such as written, audio, images, and videos. My number one priority is written content as you’re reading this on my blog; I also publish on Medium as well as write guest posts.

If you aren’t creating any type of content, it means you’re losing the chance to grab the attention of the audience. A lot of people ask me: what should we say in the content?

Well, there are plenty of things that you can say. First things first, you must decide the type of content that you’re okay with putting out, then comes the message you want to deliver.

Let me make it easier for you. Once you’ve decided the medium (or format) of your content, the next thing you should do is simply ask yourself the following things:

  • What are you good at that you can talk about? Is it sports, politics, or technology?
  • Do you have a passion that you want to pursue? You can record the process in the videos.
  • Are you interested in teaching something? Maybe, graphics design or film editing or literature.
  • Would you like to market your business for free? Hell yeah! Why would someone refuse free marketing?

See, where I’m going with this; you can utilize your content to do all these things. Your content is a communication channel that allows you to reach out to the audience. It’s up to you that:

  • Who you want to reach out to
  • What you want to say
  • Where you want to say it
  • Why you would say that


So please start creating and putting out content. You may still have a shot because your competitors may not know this. And, you should stop losing potential customers right away.

I’m a freelance writer so I keep writing content my blog:

i post content on my blog

2. Not Answering Questions on Quora

I don’t know whether or not you’re aware of the power of Quora. It’s a questing and answering social platform where millions of users interact with each other through questions and answers. You may have heard about Quora, but I guess, a lot of you would be ignoring it. I know this because I have been ignoring it too until a year ago when I decided to take it seriously.

use quora to attract clients

The mistake most people make is that they start off on Quora, answer a few questions, and ask a couple of questions, and then they expect great things to happen overnight — it doesn’t work that way. You got to be patient and consistent if you want to grow on almost every social media platform.

The technique I want to share with you is that you should spend more time finding the right questions that are related to your niche than actually answering. Of course, answers must be good, otherwise, there is no point of doing all that struggle. Be sure that you’re tapping on the right topics that are directly related to your blog’s content or product. Do it a few times a week for the next 6 months, then see what happens.

3. Not Engaging on Facebook and Twitter

Social media engagement is the most underrated growth hack of 2019. A lot of us spending an hour or two on Twitter and Facebook just to check out the funny videos or memes, and we still don’t do the right kind of engagement on these platforms.

engage on social media

If you aren’t engaging with the community, especially people who belong to your niche, then you might lose potential customers at some point. I have had wonderful experiences of engaging with different people on Facebook; I managed to convert a couple of guys into paying customers too. What happens is that when someone mentions you or admires your work publicly, it gives you social proof.

Moreover, if you’re helping out someone, a lot of others are seeing that too. You never know who stumbles upon your comment or status after a while. So if you aren’t engaging with people on Facebook, you’re making a huge mistake.

4. Not Commenting on others’ blogs

One of my favorite growth hacking strategies is commenting on relevant blogs. If you’re aiming at SEO juice via comments, then forget it, it won’t happen, here is the reason. What I’m interested in is the relationship-building part of the commenting. When you leave valuable feedback on someone else’s blog, you show that you’ve given your time and energy to their content. Probloggers always appreciate original, genuine, and thoughtful comments on their blogs.

commenting on the blogs for getting clients

You have no idea who shows up in the comments section of a blog and reads your comments. So always try to give your best when you write a comment. What I do is that I always try to add value to others; I write comments that not just appreciate the author, but they also help them somehow. It could be a cool idea or a suggestion that can turn things around for them. If you aren’t commenting to provide value to others or show your appreciation toward their work, you might be commenting for the wrong reason. So I encourage you to start commenting the right way.

Final Words

You may notice that I put out content, answer questions on Quora, engage on social media, and comment on the blogs. Even though I don’t do all these things every day but I know for the fact that I’m not stopping these strategies any time soon.

I implore you to try these simple tactics with compassion and thoughtfulness; they’re working for me and they’ll help you too.

My purpose is to share what I understood and tried to fix it in my strategy. Since I have been seeing positive results so I believe if you try out, you may also stop losing potential customers.

Have you ever tried something else that worked for you?

Share with us!

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  1. Great article Hassan!

    I used to be less active on LinkedIn when I was doing Sales jobs couple of years ago. But now I’m most active there. I share my articles, network with like-minded people, and the important thing is, many people have reached out to me on LinkedIn with job vacancies and freelance projects.

    It is really important to be active on these channels and put out value adding content.

    1. Hi Surej,

      Thanks so much for your comment. LinkedIn is a great platform to find and network with like-minded people. You should republish your every blog post on LinkedIn and Medium, and then see what happens.

  2. Hi Hassaan,

    When individuals or businesses want to stand out on social media, they should think visually! Images catch our attention, keep our attention, and are digested faster than text. Add hires images to social media profiles and posts, and install free features like Twitter cards on your web properties so that anyone who posts your content also shares the visual love.

    Standing out on a crowded web on social media is a challenge with nearly 1 billion websites and over 1.3 billion people on Facebook. What it requires at a very simple level are the following. A memorable brand either personal or corporate, great content (both written and visual), a large and engaged tribe of followers, persistence and continuous promotion.

    It depends on the content you publish. A well crafted article stands out from the rest and yours is definitely one of them. Will come back again to know more on the latest postings.

    Stay blessed and see ya.

    Pinkey Sen.

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