Does Work Ethic Matter? Here’s What I Think About It

work ethic matters

I have been wanting to write about work ethic since I came across a few examples that I’ll share in this very blog post. But first things first, I should shed some light on the definition – let me google it for you so that you get to know how serious I am about this topic.

So folks, here is what I found on different websites:


A belief in work as a moral good: a set of values centered on the importance of doing work and reflected especially in a desire or determination to work hard.

All About Philosophy:

Work ethics include not only how one feels about their job, career or vocation, but also how one does his/her job or responsibilities. This involves attitude, behavior, respect, communication, and interaction; how one gets along with others.


Work ethic is a belief that hard work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen character and individual abilities. It is about prioritizing work and putting it in the center of life.

Now, it would be a lot easier to understand that what it is exactly.

For me, work ethic is a way of taking control over thinking and rewiring your mindset to align your actions with the results you want to achieve. It includes everything that helps you get organized and mentally ready such as creating to-do lists, making schedules, setting priorities, and making decisions.

In other words, work ethic is a perspective that you develop towards your life, work, and goals so that you have a clear picture of your pathway.

I have never been this excited about work ethic as I am now. And, I never paid attention to it or never tried to understand the idea of it.

Surprisingly, when I came across three examples, I realized that this is something that is missing out from my work.

The next thing I decided was to make four videos on my Urdu YouTube channel Hassaan Khan TV and upload every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have been inactive on that channel because I was making vlogs on my vlog channel, but deep down, I wanted to do something at scale.

Everyone who makes vlogs know that you can’t make a fantastic vlog every day. Sure, people do make and upload every day, but I won’t be happy with the content quality, anyway.

I figured out and made a decision that it’s time to revive that YouTube channel. I won’t be uploading a video every single day, but I might be working on the videos every day. Moreover, I thought if I want to grow something I enjoy doing, which was sitting down and making a video that could help someone, then why not to do at scale.

I’m thrilled, happy, and ready to take on this challenge.

Let’s talk about the examples I hinted in the beginning.

1. Bilal Munir

He is an amazing tech YouTuber from Faisalabad, Pakistan. He is known as VideoWaliSarkar. I met him twice. I was sitting in his office and we were talking about YouTube and stuff related to videos. He shared something phenomenal with me that if he can’t do something on a consistent basis or he doesn’t have to do anything on a daily basis, he can’t do that. He explained that he wanted to do “the thing” on a regular basis.

It stunned me; I thought I also like doing things on a regular basis and the consistency is something I talk about a lot. The nuance of our discussion is something I want you to pay attention to, anyway. He doesn’t feel good if he can’t do something every day.

To be honest, I learned a lesson from that meeting that I also need to figure out something I could do every day – and I’d know that it’s necessary to do.

After a few days, I came up with a plan to make four videos a week.

I don’t know whether or not I would succeed in it, but I’ll try out and do my best.

2. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is one of the top YouTubers in the world. She also mentioned work ethic in her book. I was surprised to read that because I was planning on writing this blog post when I read that.

What I learned from her book is that you have to set priorities, stick to your schedules, work really hard, and after working so hard, you must take some time out to relax and have fun. I found out that her work ethic is something that helped her push the boundaries and enabled her to achieve great things in life.

How to be a bawse

Her book “How to be a Bawse” is a must-read for anyone who wants to follow the passion.

3. Matti Haapoja

The interesting thing is that he also happens to be a YouTuber. What’s going on today? All three examples are from YouTube. Am I on fire or what?

Anyways, I stumbled upon Matti’s video lately and started watching it. He explained that why anybody can work hard and win. It caught my attention because I was about to finish this blog post off after two examples, then he mentioned work ethic at once. He said that hustle is something you can control, and it’s up to you how much you want to put in the work.

The best thing in his video was the message that he gave. He explained that he wasn’t born with the filmmaking skills; all he had was work ethic, which helped him learn filmmaking along the way.

So Why I Wrote this Blog Post

I’ve started paying attention to work ethic because I have seen work ethic common among these successful YouTubers. If you start to notice any successful student, businessman, doctor, or manager; you’d come to know that they have a work ethic.

I learned that work ethic is a discipline that translates into constructive work routines.

What I have to pay attention to is that how I navigate now because I have to manage several things such as videos, blog posts, and freelance writing work all at once. At least, I’m aware now that I need to fix something; this is why I wrote this blog post to let everybody know that I want to do more.

Does work ethic matter to you?

Let me know in the comments below because it does matter to me now!

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  1. Hassaan, it is a delicate but a very important topic that you have touched on in this article. Work ethic or discipline is paramount and all the successful people I have heard or read, they preach about it. I myself am addicted to the idea but the key is to implement it and implement it consistently. With a full time job and part time blogging passion, it is certainly a challenge but I am working towards it.

    Thanks for touching on a beautiful topic but I wish you had gone into a bit more detail of it and what small steps can be taken to make it easier and more natural etc. Hey, but that’s me with my little criticism, ignore me…

    Keep up the good work, keep writing and keep exploring the world of blogging. Cheers, Ahmad

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.

      If you notice, I have been publishing brief blog posts for quite some time now. The workload is the reason. I could easily put my blog behind. One of the key reasons why I’m able to publish content twice a month is that I know I don’t have to write a meaty, in-depth blog post.

      I love writing long-form blog posts; I’ll get back to writing such blog posts soon.

  2. Umar Ahmed says:

    Hey Hassaan,
    Thanks for bringing our attention to something really important.
    Not sure before today but now it does matter to me 🙂

  3. Hey Hassaan! Excellent topic to write about and very well written. I have tried to preach this topic out of my own experience but I didn’t actually know that I was preaching work ethic, which I just realized!

    I’ve been trying for a while to improve my work ethic and have evolved a lot. But more changes have to come. Right now I’m working on meeting the commitments. If you have any words or links to share, please do.

    1. Hello Luqman bhai,

      I’m so glad you stopped by and read this blog post.

      Work ethic is something I didn’t notice until a few months ago. It surely is something we should pay attention to because it leads to productivity, mental satisfaction, and hustle; it creates a balance between all these things.

      Thank you so much!

  4. Great blog post Hassaan.

    I think it is really important to love what you do everyday. Or at some point, we’ll have to rethink about what we have achieved.

    I used to be in Sales jobs earlier. But it was really not my cup of tea. I had some struggles, but still I managed to move to Digital Marketing and Blogging.

    Honestly, now I’m a content person. I feel much better at what I’m doing. I’m happy, focused and I can do it every other day.

    1. Hi Surej,

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      I’m happy that you figured out what makes you happy.

      A lot of people are miserable at work, but they don’t have the audacity to take a step in a new direction. You took that step so I salute you for that.

      Happiness matters a lot. In fact, I talked about happiness and work in my recent blog post too. You might want to check that out.

  5. Hi Hassaan,
    work ethic is everything in success.
    You get what you put in. Put in dismal effort, get the same in return.
    Give it your all and push your personal boundaries further, and you see miraculous things happen,
    Hard work conquers all. I truly believe that.

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