How to Kill Procrastination and Get Something Done

Do you want to kill procrastination? Do you think that you need some motivation to get started with something? I have a better plan for you: all you need is a roadmap to get to the point where your mindset shifts from pessimistic to optimistic about yourself.

Whatever I’d tell you in this blog post is based on my personal experience and observation – I’m not an authority when it comes to self-help or personal development. I try out stuff and share my experience with my readers and subscribers.


A lot of you see me as a motivated person (meaning, someone who is always motivated to work) and trust me; it’s not true. I also struggle sometimes to get through those bad patches.

Do you need some proof?

A few days ago, I made a vlog in Urdu discussing “overthinking,” and I shared that I was overthinking a lot about storytelling and I need to skip past that blockage and be relaxed about the story selection for the vlogs. You know what, it helped me.

Another one: I started an Urdu podcast (by the way, it’s available on nine platforms) and after three episodes, I got stuck and couldn’t record an episode for a month because I was unable to find a topic to talk about in the episode. Then, I realized that this needs to over. Later on, I came up with an episode named “Bad Patch,” and I shared the whole thing in it.

So the point is that whatever I write on my blog, it comes from my experience.

Okay, most of it comes from my experience, and the rest of it is something I believe in.

I always say that I could be wrong about many things so be careful when you listen to me or take my advice. I love being transparent with the followers, friends, and readers.

How to Kill Procrastination

So here are some methods that I found useful in killing procrastination and you might want to try them out:

1. Go for a walk

It sounds so simple. Doesn’t it? How could a walk make things better?

Well, I know that you need to get off the couch and get some fresh air. I don’t care you go out for a short walk on the sideways or wander around on the roof for a cool breeze – the purpose is to move and do something simple and breathe.

Don’t you like walking?

Just go to the nearest supermarket to get some healthy snacks or something.

I’m insisting because a walk once in a while helps me and I feel refreshed and active after a quick walk.

2. Change your place

You might be sitting in your room or home office for a while – it’s better to change your place even if you have to take a break from work. I don’t mind that; I like breaks. Changing the place is something I have been doing for years. I often take my laptop and sit in the drawing room just for a change. I have written content while I’m on the bed. I get it that you have work-ethics that don’t allow you to work on a laptop when you’re on the bed, but I’m not trying to build a habit here. If you don’t like that, pick another room.

All I’m saying is that it has helped me fight through the procrastination. I often take my laptop and go to the rooftop or terrace, and it feels good.

3. Do something small

I’m an advocate of doing something small on a consistent basis. Some folks highly underestimate the power of taking small steps. I’ve written a blog post explaining why every small step matters. So when you’re in a state when you aren’t feeling motivated to get started with something, I’d recommend doing something very small. For instance, if you were to write a whole blog post but couldn’t start it, just work on the blog post title or the first few lines of the blog post.

The reason why doing something small is important is because when we do something no matter how little it is, we feel accomplished, and that leads to motivation to do more. The same is the case with the running or working out or playing tennis — when you sweat out, you feel good.

So don’t think about writing seven pages if you’re writing a book or don’t target 1,000 words to write for your blog post when you’re procrastinating. Instead, do something small and keep doing it frequently.

4. Travel once in a while

I wasn’t used to of traveling much, and even a 3-hour drive used to give me a headache. But I realized that people instead take traveling as catharsis. So I changed my perspective on traveling; I don’t say that I don’t have a problem with an 8-hour drive, but I started enjoying the traveling. For instance, I know that I can take pictures for Instagram and blog, I can make a travel vlog, and experience new things while traveling. So now it makes me excited to travel.

If you also struggle, then start traveling and change your mindset about it. If you don’t enjoy traveling with your family, then travel alone or with friends once in a while, but at least, go out for a couple of days once a year. You’d feel motivated and excited to get back to work.

5. Follow doers

If you want to kill procrastination, then the number one thing you should be doing is start following the DOERS and cut out the people that make you feel lousy and failure. What I do is I unfollow people on Facebook and Twitter if they keep spreading negativity on their timelines.

On the alternative side, you should start following the doers and hustlers who like what they do and inspire others to work hard. I follow a lot of different experts like Gary Vaynerchuk, Patrick bet-David, Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, JLD, and many others. Not only do they preach to work hard, but they also do the same thing. So I highly recommend finding and following the doers; it will change your life forever.

Your Part

I’ve shared a handful of solutions to kill your procrastination. If you’re going through that bad patch in which you aren’t feeling to do anything, then I believe one of these five methods could help out a bit.

The reason I’m so confident about these methods of killing the procrastination is that I did these things and it has changed the way I operate and work.

I kept on receiving Instagram and Facebook messages that I motivated them to try, work, and put themselves out there, which makes me happy.

How do you fight procrastination? I’ll be very interested in knowing your methods of killing it!

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