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9 Ways to Make Money on the Internet – (Part 2)

make money on the internet

If you haven’t read my most popular blog post of all time that crashed my blog within a few hours, then you’re missing out on a lot of stuff.

So I wrote about 25 ways to make money on the internet, and my Facebook friends went nuts.

A few generous readers and friends shared that blog post on Facebook and Twitter because they liked it; it led to more social media sharing, and it worked like a snowball effect.

And yes, I screwed the social media stats, so it doesn’t look that it got shared a lot. Not only did I change the blog’s template to Writer theme, but I also replaced the social media sharing plugin, which sabotaged the social share count. (I miss Flare)

It doesn’t matter to me, anyway.

Therefore, I came up with an idea of writing the part two of that blog post. This follow-up brings in more ways that I want to share with my readers. I can say that the following methods are pretty darn good and creative than the previous ones.

So if you want to start off a new career or want to work part-time, then buckle up because it’s going to be a roller-coaster ride and it could blow your mind.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the nine ways to make money on the internet:

1. Become a YouTube Intro-maker

There are tens of thousands of YouTube creators that need their channel’s intros to be done. If you’re good at designing animations, just become a YouTube intro-maker. You could create a Fiverr gig or use social media to promote your service. Making money on the internet doesn’t mean you don’t have to do much. Instead, it’s pretty much the opposite; you would have to sell your craft to make money online. If you’re that guy or gal who likes to design animations or edit videos, try out selling your service as a YouTube intro-maker, and see what happens.

2. Ghost Write eBooks

It may look scary for many of you, but if you’re like me who has written an eBook before, we’ll be down for this. You could make money off of writing an eBook. There are brands and entrepreneurs out there who are looking to hire writers with the knowledge of their respective fields to get their eBooks written. I have gotten an inquiry to write one, but unfortunately, I was busy so that I couldn’t do it. The best way to market your ghost eBook writing service is to publish a few eBooks on Amazon and write a blog about that. You could always promote your eBooks through your blog. You never know what you might start getting emails about eBooks ghostwriting soon. All you need is to spread the word that you’re up for the ghost eBook writing service.

3. Proofread Written Content

If you’re an editor, you could reach out to the bloggers and offer them your service to proofread their published blog posts or blog posts in the drafts section. The majority of the bloggers don’t have the editors, so they proofread their content all by themselves. It doesn’t matter whether you use Fiverr or Upwork or any other platform to get hired, the idea is to get off the couch and offer your proofreading service, if you think you’re qualified for that or have experienced in that area.

4. Make Tech Gadget Reviews on YouTube

If you’re a tech geek who loves to try out new smartphones, cameras, smart watches, and other stuff, then you should start a YouTube channel and sit down in front of the camera and talk about those things. You never know what happens if one of your videos gets popular on YouTube. You could make a lot of money if you passionately love technology and want to work around that on YouTube. What happens in tech videos niche is that a lot of creators on YouTube start off, but when their videos don’t get much attention, they walk away. If you predicate your passion on the number of views and subscribers, you won’t get anywhere. Make tech gadget reviews on YouTube, if you really want to do it.

5. Design Book Covers

It’s something I’m obsessed with right now. I haven’t done it yet as a freelancer for customers, but I have designed two eBook covers for myself, and I loved doing it. The fundamental reason why I liked designing the eBook covers was that I knew that I’d design different eBook covers from the ones on the market. In fact, some of my blogger friends weren’t expecting creative or different eBook cover designs from me, and they gave me very positive feedback. In case, you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, then please look at the left sidebar, you’ll find my two eBooks; I designed the covers myself.

So if you want to try this out or good at comprehending the book cover designs, give it a try and see what happens. If you’re worried that you don’t have an Adobe Photoshop subscription, then go to Canva and get started for free. If you’re thinking, where you’d find the clients, just go to Fiverr.

6. Become a Photo Editor

I don’t know much about Snapseed or things like that, but if you’re that geek who loves to play around pictures editing, gosh, you can make money on the internet by just doing that. Trust me; you can sell your photo editing service as a freelancer using your blog, social media, guest blogging, and Fiverr gigs.

Well, if you want to hustle and could spend more time marketing your photo editing stuff, use Behance and Instagram. Upload your edited pictures on these platforms. Both these platforms are different; make sure you know how they work. For instance, Instagram has a hashtags system to build a reach or find more content in the same niche. Behance, on the other side, is a portfolio platform that allows designers to put out their design work and let the design community see it. So Behance is a social network of designers.

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You must be a fan of photo editing to pull this off. If you aren’t crazy about photo editing, don’t bother trying this because like other creative things, it also requires a passion for getting it done.

7. Run Facebook Ads for Clients

I don’t want you to get into Facebook advertising if you have no idea about it. It does take time to learn the art, but in case, you’re already in the digital marketing field, then it’s quite possible to do that. Isn’t it? What I mean by “run Facebook ads for clients” is that I want to infuse an idea of doing something you’ve mastered and to make money off of it. If you have the experience of running Facebook ads, perhaps you could come up and offer your service to the clients, and you can build a business around that.

8. Do Voiceovers

Voiceover means dubbing the videos, animations, and presentations. A lot of companies and organizations don’t have the setup to do voiceovers for their presentations or video adverts; they look out for the voiceover artists to do that. If you’re the person who does singing, podcasting, or other things related to voice and audio, then you can provide voiceover service to the clients. Make sure you have a proper microphone and audio processing software to create high-quality audio content. If you have the setup and you aren’t offering voiceover service as a freelancer yet, then you’re missing out a lot of opportunities.

9. Sell Social Media Marketing Service

I don’t know about you, but I have seen social media marketing experts selling their services to the clients. What they mostly do is that they provide advertising services, for example, they run Facebook or Google Ads for the clients. I have better plans for you; if you know content marketing and distribution, you could offer your social media marketing services to the companies. You must have how-know of the major social media platforms, and a little bit of experience in online advertising would have been an edge. If you are an expert in Facebook ads, then you might be aware of how Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and YouTube work. So offer your social media marketing services to the brands who aren’t crushing it on social media and maybe guide them about what they can achieve through social media marketing.

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Your Turn

I’m pretty sure that some of you would try out, at least, one of the money-making strategies that I just shared with you.

The point is that multiple income streams are good, but you can’t juggle three different monetization strategies especially when you’re not sure about them. So you’ll be better off if you pick up something that you know and good at.

I’ll be thrilled to know if you could choose any one of these ways to make money on the internet.

Let’s talk in the comments section.

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  1. Awesome. Great article. I’m actually quite new to Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. But I’m already making some bucks through doing Facebook ads for my clients.

    My major source of traffic is now Social Media. I’m trying to establish some more traffic and then focus on Affiliate Marketing.

    1. Hello Surej,

      That’s great.

      I always tell people to use their strengths, skills, and passion to make money online.

      I’m glad you’re using something you’re good at.

      I’d highly recommend using your blog to help the prospective clients.

      All the best!

  2. Hey Hassaan,

    This is great and one of the best articles I have gone through for years about making money online. So, thank you very much for publishing this and hope you’ll continue this topic with a few more parts.

    Most of the beginners think that making money online is really easy and earn 50$ per day with a few clicks. So, it is really important to show them the best, genuine and permanent methods to make money online and encourage them to rely on their skills, not spam methods.

    I have published a few articles on my blog about my story and how I started my journey as a freelance social media strategist to support newbies.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Nirodha,

      Thank you so much for liking my blog post. I’m glad you found it helpful.

      I’ll try my best to continue this series.

      I wanted to give the sense of direction through this blog post; I might be trying out one or two methods myself in the future. Moreover, the objective was to showcase a bunch of techniques and also make readers realize that there are many ways to make money, but it comes down to effort and hard work.

      Thank you so much for reading this blog post.

  3. Hey Hassaan,

    Really amazing collection of things which can be done to earn extra bucks on the side.
    I sometimes write posts. But voiceover seems pretty interesting. It doesn’t require alot of investment to start with and if you are not that tech savvy you can start right away.
    Thank you for this amazing post.
    Could you also recommend me some sites where I can look for content writing opportunities.
    I am currently using upwork
    would you recommend any other?

    1. Hi Bhawna,

      You could look at the Problogger’s job board for that.

      All the best!

  4. Hi Hassaan,
    Your lost is an interesting one and I’m going to share it on social media. My take on it is #2, the “ghost write ebooks.” in blogging and freelance writing, ghost wiring is a lucrative business because your client will pay you more as you’re not going to use or add your byline to the post. In a similar way, ghost writing an ebook will pay you even more as the client will claim authorship of the book.

    You did well!

    1. Hi Moss,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

      I tried to come up with creative and unique ways to make money online.

      I’m glad you liked ghost-writing ebooks strategy.

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