Personal Blog: Why You Should Launch It

Personal blog

I have been a big advocate of a personal blog since I came to know about personal branding. I believe a personal blog becomes a pedestal to your personal brand. I have written blog posts on personal branding. The reason I’m writing about a personal blog is that bloggers aren’t talking much about personal blogs.

Sure. Everybody is obsessed with helping others in:

  • Starting their blogs
  • Buying WordPress themes
  • Choosing the WordPress hosting
  • Selecting the Optin tools
  • Getting a CDN
  • Google AdSense approval
  • PPC and click-through rate
  • Affiliate sales

Cool. All these things are okay. You have to write content that matters to you and your audience.

In this blog post, you’ll learn that why you need a personal blog.

And, honestly, if you don’t feel starting a personal blog, no pressure. I’m okay with that because it requires a handful of things, and the passion for a personal brand is one of those things, but if you’re more into working on niche blogs, it’s fine, too.

Here are five reasons why you should launch a personal blog:

1. It builds your personal brand

If you aren’t paying attention to building your personal brand in 2018 when you have the internet, social media, and smartphones, then you’re making a mistake. The fundamental idea of launching a personal blog is having the opportunity to build a personal brand. You could write a blog about yourself and connect with the like-minded people around the world. The reason is that when a blog grows, people start to discover it through search engines and social media. Your personal blog could become a remote to your self-constructed online business. When I say that it builds your personal brand, I mean that it reflects your name, face, and work altogether.

2. Channel your strengths

The second reason why I think you should launch a personal blog is that you could channel your strengths through that. You might be wondering that how a blog could allow you to channel your strengths. So let me answer this for you: suppose you’re good at astrology, meaning, you’re one of those geeks who keep an eye on NASA and to get every little development on asteroids, commits, and planetary movements; you could write a blog as an astrology fan to let the world know what you know. You don’t have to start a fitness blog instead. So this is called channeling your strengths. Got it? If you’re still confused, email me with the subject “what do you mean by ‘channel your strengths’ in your blog post?”

3. Market yourself

Similarly, a personal blog allows you to showcase your ability. I built my freelance writing business through my personal blog; I explained all that in my Kindle eBook. I wanted to sell my freelance writing service, so what I did was blog writing. Your personal blog will provide a chance to put out content that matters to you. The content you write would drive traffic to your blog; if your content plan matches your strength or skill, you could land monetization opportunities afterward. People might say promote yourself through Facebook ads or make YouTube videos if you want to market yourself, all these things are amazing, but remember that personal blog did it for me (for free). Your blog gives you the liberty to choose the direction of it and you’re on the driver’s seat.

4. Become an Internet celebrity

If your blog starts to get some attention through organic search and social media, and you know how to present your personal brand, you could end up becoming an internet celebrity. An internet celebrity means someone who is known for his/her online presence. People also call them internet sensation; normally the phrase “internet sensation” is used for Snapchat and Instagram influencers, but if you have raving blog readers, you could be the one at a certain level.

5. For Self-awareness

People reach out to me all the time asking that what they should do online. Many of them are confused about what they should offer as a freelancer or what niche they should pick to start a blog. One of the reasons for launching a blog could be the self-awareness. If you aren’t sure whether or not you like something, start writing a blog about that. You’ll end up finding the answer because you can’t continue writing on something you don’t like. Being a blogger, I know for sure that we could only continue writing content on a topic that we passionately love and follow. So starting a blog will help you understand whether or not that’s your interest.


The reason I’m an advocate of a personal blog is perhaps that it did help me understand the power of personal branding. I landed clients over the course of time by writing my blog. My blog provided me with an avenue to express my views on blogging, content marketing, and personal branding. These were the topics I was covering, and I still am interested in and always try to cash in on my interests.

So always make sure that you’re going in the right direction; you can’t build your personal brand about graphics designing if you like software programming more than graphics designing.

What’s stopping you from launching your personal blog?

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  1. Hy Hassaan,
    Excellent article as always. You have given very good in-depth information which I am sure will be very helpful.
    I want to say that your writing skills are amazing, Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for sharing this helpful article with us.
    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Hassaan,
    There are indeed many, many reasons why you should start a personal blog. The points in this article are great. But yet, people need to know that blogging is a great way to improve your writing skills and make a full time income. It also helps you in terms of personal development.

    1. Hi Moss,

      I agree with you that a blog helps you with personal development. The reason is that when you write a blog, you do research and look out for examples to mention. During that process, you learn a lot from others.

  3. Hey Hassan,
    I have started my freelancing career with the Upwork as a VA and Social Media Marketer. Then I realized that stick with only one platform is not good. Anything can happen. So, I started my personal blog. That was one of the best decisions I have ever taken through my freelancing career.
    The other primary intention was, I knew my writing is terrible. So, I wanna improve my writing skills.
    However, than you very much for elaborate every possible reason for starting the personal blog. Even if I couldn’t write much for my blog or I couldn’t earn even a single $, I’m really enjoying the blogging.
    I thought you guys would like to know what an absolute beginner think about blogging. That is why I write my genuine feelings here.

    1. Hi Nirodha,

      I can vouch for that decision.

      People are missing out a lot on by not having a personal brand. In fact, a blog does the job too. If someone couldn’t figure out the passion for building a personal brand yet, then, I think, a blog around his/her skill or favorite niche would be a good idea.

      What do you say?

  4. Hassaan,

    There are several splendid reasons to have a personal blog. Matthew Woodward, Neil Patel, etc. are good inspirations. Yours too. Indeed, there is no hard rule that one should not make money out of personal blogs. Great inputs!

    1. Hi Sathish,

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      I genuinely believe that “personal branding” is still very much underrated.

      Not only did I build my personal brand, but I also tried to convey the importance of it through my content.

      I’m glad you found this blog post worth leaving a comment.

      Thanks so much.

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