How I Get Back to Blogging After Burnout

The last time I wrote any content was ten days ago. I took three days off from work for Eid holidays, but couldn’t get back to writing afterward. I don’t blame myself for that because I didn’t plan much about writing all these days, but it doesn’t mean I wasted a lot of time. I didn’t because I did stuff such as reading blogs, vlogging, spending time with friends, and consuming YouTube content – interestingly, I didn’t watch Netflix at all.

Being a blogger, what I do to recover from burnout isn’t entirely different from things I do when I feel unmotivated. Besides, there is a specific thing that I do when the blogging exhaustion hits me.


Here it is:

I write a short and exciting blog post

I find writing a brief blog post cathartic when I’m burned out. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m burned out at this moment.

Let me explain more about writing a short and exciting blog post: it’s not something I made up right now; you could check some previous blog posts on my blog as well. I occasionally wrote comparatively shorter blog posts than my regular blog posts, and this procedure kept me going.

Now, this blog post is the perfect opportunity for me to get back to blogging. In fact, I could feel it that words and ideas have already started pouring.


I’m not worried that it’s a short blog post to publish on my blog. I know that the long-form content does well, but when you need something to get started with it, a short blog post isn’t a bad deal.

I leave you with this idea so that you can also get back to blogging after burnout.

If you have a different solution for yourself, put it out for others in the comments section. Maybe, you’ll end up building a new relationship with someone you don’t know.

So, how do you get back to blogging after burnout?

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