Are You Feeling Unmotivated? Here’s What You Should Know

We all love being motivated but let’s not deny that we often come across situations when we find ourselves unmotivated. No matter how strong and confident you are, sometimes, it happens to us that we don’t feel the same kind of energy that we experienced before.

However, it’s also true that different people take the state of being “unmotivated” differently. Every individual could have a unique mechanism of fighting through that situation.

Have you ever felt that your passion for something is dying?

Did you over-sleep someday and couldn’t feel getting up and going to work?

Let’s admit; it happens to all of us as I have told you that everybody responds to it differently. My take on feeling unmotivated is that it’s real and everybody needs to figure out their solution. I do different things to get back to the normal state whether it’s a writer’s block or the lack of motivation.

I’m not an expert at this, but I certainly don’t sit back and relax. Instead, I get off the couch and take action and so should you.

Feel unmotivated?

Here are the things that I do when I feel unmotivated:

1. Take a Break

It might sound strange, but at some point, we all need a break. Don’t feel guilty about taking a few days off from work; it’s worth it. Your brain needs to relax at some point. What I do is that I often take a week off from writing any content every three or four months. It has become a thing, and when I get back to work, I feel fresh and motivated.

Besides loving what I do, a break once in a while has always been helpful. Take notes.

2. Consume Content

One of the things I try to do is consume lots of content on the internet; I watch Netflix, YouTube, and Movies. Not only do I watch content, but I also read books and articles. Although I read books and articles on a regular basis, when I feel overwhelmed, YouTube helps the most.

3. Play with Milo

Milo is my 13-months-old yellow Labrador retriever. He loves playing fetch with me and could play all day long. He is energetic, playful, and obedient. I love him. When I spend time with him, it’s always refreshing. The point is that if you have a pet, spend quality time with him/her. In case, you don’t have a pet, play with your neighbor’s dog or cousin’s cat.

Some people don’t like pets, if you’re one of those people, ignore this point.

4. Listen to the Podcast

Podcast is becoming a vital tool of my personal and professional development. I listen to a wide range of podcasts, especially related to entrepreneurship, business development, and blogging. However, I subscribed to various self-help related podcasts too, but I prefer the other ones on a daily basis. If you’re wondering, I use Stitcher app for the podcasts.

5. Sometimes I Cook

I should say that I try to cook. I don’t know much about cooking. Sometimes, things go as planned and I end up tasting some delicious food. The fact is that the process of cooking is fun except for the peeling and chopping the onions, of course. I don’t like onions at all. If you haven’t tried to cook anything yet, go do it on the weekend, and see what happens, but please be careful.

6. I Get Social

I love being social, but it’s not something that happens every day. Even though I like attending festivals, events, and seminars where I get to meet new people, but I’m choosy with the events. Some friends from Facebook complain that I don’t show up on the events. As I said, I try to attend the best events.

On the other hand, it’s true that I don’t hang out with friends much; the reason being they’re busy, and I’m busy myself – most of my friends are professional, so we understand what it likes to be a full-time professional.

The Bottom Line

We all are different so if A works for me, B might work for you, and C could work for someone else. If I have the audacity to deal with the frustration and get over with it by doing something fun, you could do it too.

A lot of people don’t do anything about feeling unmotivated because they don’t figure out what they could do to feel better.

I know these things make me mentally strong and relaxed. I can’t give you advice on mental health, which is why I shared fundamental things that I do, and maybe, others do as well.

If you aren’t feeling motivated, then you should get off the couch and do something about it.

I only shared my methods of getting the motivation back because I want to push you to find your way of getting motivation.

Have you ever felt unmotivated? If yes, what do you do when that happens?

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  1. Hi Hassan,

    Feeling unmotivated to do any work is something I deals with regularly. But I have started making todo lists and following Pomodoro technique to get more work done.

    Today only I was able to write a 2700 words article in less than 3 hours by focusing and dividing the task in chunks.

    Thanks for sharing these additional suggestions.

    1. Hello Shafi,

      I couldn’t agree more. Dividing the tasks into small chunks and taking short breaks do wonders. I can vouch for that because I had done that in the past when the workload was overwhelming.

      I’m glad you read the blog post.


  2. Hey Hassaan,
    We all feel this every day. I usually find a good and inspirational TED talk to overcome this. Taking a break does not work for me because I take too many breaks and I’m a lazy person.

    So, I think we all have to find our own way to stay motivated.
    Thanks for sharing this excellent article.

    1. Hi Nirodha,

      TED talks helped me a lot. However, taking a break does help me because it helps me avoid frustration and lack-of-interest.

      I always come back motivated and fresh to get back to work.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

  3. It is right that everyone face this situation and the points you mentioned in your blog post will certainly help to overcome this type of situation. You can also add ‘Motivational Videos’ in your list as these can also do wonder in such condition. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Hi RajKumar,

      Yes, I do watch a wide range of YouTube videos, and that includes motivational videos and vlogs too. I’m glad you mentioned that.

      Thank you.

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