Brick by Brick: How to Build Authority When You’re a Beginner

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Brick by Brick

You must be thinking right now: I hope this blog post gives me something.

Trust me; I want to give you something.

One of the lessons I learned in the past seven years or so is that if you want to succeed even if you’re not good enough at something, you got to keep doing it.

You might have heard Michael Jordan’s quote, “I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”

Casey Neistat once said in a video, “You might not be the most successful person in the room, but you can always be the hardest working person in that room.”

The purpose isn’t to share inspirational quotes to motivate you, but instead, the idea is to share that what has helped me to get to this point where I don’t spend a moment to send cold emails to get hired.

Building an authority means you go one step up or you can also say that your hustle starts to pay off. However, I’m not against reaching out to the people; you got to try and work your way up to the level where you don’t need to do that. So do it.

I’m glad to share that being a blogger; you have to navigate through the hurdles, which I have been doing for a long time. I’d like to share with you all so that you could take something out of it and prepare yourself to win. What I primarily want to convey is that following are the things I have been doing for a very long time:

Writing Blogs

I have been writing blogs for last nine years. Although, the beginning wasn’t great as I had no idea what to write and where to begin from – so I ended up switching from one blog to another. The best part was that I found something I instantly fell in love with, which was blogging.

Guest Posting

I started off writing blogs in 2009, but I had no idea about guest posting until 2013. Later on, I figured out the importance of writing on someone else’s blog, and I ended up writing blog posts for others’ blogs too. I have never been a very active guest poster, though, but it’s something I have occasionally done over the past few years.

Building Relationships

I have been building relationships with bloggers and companies around the world since 2013. Nobody taught me this; I learned it on my own that you have to build a network of like-minded people who like to write or read blogs. Fast forward to 2018; now I understand that it’s a huge growth hacking technique and I preach that bloggers must build relationships online and offline.

Publishing Helpful Comments

I do regret that I didn’t know the importance of publishing healthy, positive, and useful comments in the first few years of my blogging career – I started paying attention to the commenting in 2016. Now, I try to read more blog posts and leave useful comments that could genuinely help someone.

Engaging with Others on Social Media

Just like comments, it’s something I should have started paying attention to a long time ago – but I have been very active on social media whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or YouTube. I try to put out content as well as consume others’ content. It often breaks the silence, and the discussion begins. In other words, I have been paying close attention to social media engagement for quite some time now.

Trying Out New Stuff Now and then

I have never sat back and relaxed as long as I remember: I have continuously been working on something new for a long time. I keep on testing new stuff because that’s how you learn and make things happen. I have published articles on LinkedIn and Medium; I upload videos on YouTube; I also post on Instagram. What I have learned so far is that you got to try out new stuff and find what you enjoy.

What’s the Point?

So the point is that I kept on going. I never thought that I’m wasting my time – perhaps I knew all along that consistency pays off, and it indeed did — meaning, I landed freelance writing clients throughout the years.

Also, I want to say that if I left a comment on Facebook or replied to someone else’s tweet, I gave my best answer, always.

If you want to build authority, I bet you need to be consistent, and besides a winning mindset, you have to be passionate about the thing you’re pursuing.

If you aren’t crazy about e-commerce, don’t start an e-store, but instead, try to figure out what you like.

I see a lot of bloggers who start off blogs without due diligence and end up quitting the whole blogging thing.

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The truth is that if you want to become an authority, you better start loving your thing and put in the work and don’t expect quick results – that’s how I’m building authority.

Trust me.

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