The Easiest Guide to Becoming Mentally Strong in Life

You surely want to become mentally strong in life, that’s why you opened this blog post in the first place. A few years ago, I used to be a different person. I used to care a lot what people think of me so much so that a slight disagreement used to give me headaches – then one day I sat down and thought that it’s not going to work this way and I have to be mentally strong. That day, I started changing my mentality; I’m still working on it, but let’s say I take criticism very positively – and yes no more headaches now.

See, it’s human psychology; we care what others think, say, and believe.

Gary Vaynerchuk advocates the documentation of the journey (of business) because he believes that people are always interested in knowing that what’s happening in others’ lives and how they do their stuff.

In fact, Zoella, a popular British YouTuber also hinted in her vlog that she would be vlogging more in 2018 to show the daily work routine and process.

That’s a whole different debate, and let’s not carried away.

So the tendency of caring isn’t the same for everyone – I don’t say hate and anguish don’t exist; they do exist because these are the outcomes of how people utilize their tendency of caring. The ratio, however, might be different in every individual such as 99:1, 80:20, 90:10, 51:49, etc. The jealousy factor reflects the self-obsession, and it leads to hate toward others.

Let me explain: if a person is self-centered and just cares about himself, I may refer him to 99:1 ratio. Similarly, if a person is a giver, I may refer him to 25:75 ratio.

I believe that the tendency of caring is a fundamental human feeling toward others – it’s up to every individual how to use it. In fact, I’m writing this blog post because I was thinking about the taunting that I faced in the past few months – in spite of its cynical nature, I thought the other way around and sat down to think that why people want to drag others down. It doesn’t hurt me anymore, perhaps because I’ve become mentally stronger than I used to be.

So I’m going to give you four ways to become mentally strong in life. Consider these four life hacks as my personal opinions and lessons. You don’t have to apply these techniques if you don’t agree with me. If sharing these tips helps you, then I’ll be happy that I did something good.

Become Mentally Strong in Life

Here we go:

1. Acknowledge Small Achievements

One of the biggest reasons that the negativity of people doesn’t flabbergast me is that I recall, celebrate, and enjoy every small achievement of mine. If I write a good blog post and I think it’s going to help one person, it just pumps me so much – same is the case with making a video or receiving a nice comment on my blog. The thing is that you got to put yourself out there to do something constructive. Think about this for a second: when someone is keyword-bashing you, you could be helping someone out there or doing something you love. That’s what I call a winner’s mindset. So start paying attention to your small achievements. It will fuel your energy and passion, and immune you from all that negative stuff.

2. Be Empathetic to Taunters

Think this way: if someone dislikes you or hates you, you don’t have any idea what he or she has gone through lately. So hating them back is only going to accelerate the heat. The taunting behavior isn’t necessarily something people only do when they’re angry. I mean you might be hanging out with friends, enjoying, laughing, and messing around, and suddenly one of the friends might say something uncomfortable in your face – the problem is that we only see what we could see, and that’s someone is being rude to us. What we don’t see is the history of the hate, negativity, and anguish inside that person. So the best way to handle it is that be empathetic to taunters. Laugh or hug for a second and forget it. It does sound crazy, but it would normalize the situation.

3. Be Grateful for What You Have

If you want to fight through those stressful and anxious feelings, start thinking about the things you’re grateful for in life. It’s a tried-and-tested strategy – a lot of mind science experts and life coaches recommend this. Once you start to feel thankful for what you have in life, you’ll be less prone to the negativity. So being content and satisfied is something mentally strong people do. The reason is that it stops us from overthinking, which results in the elimination of negative thoughts. Make a list of things you love in life, or you’re incredibly proud of achieving.

4. Distract the Distraction

This strategy is something I’m proud of the most because it’s something I invented for myself – well, the experts might have used the approach. However, the terminology of “distracting the distraction” came into existence when I got stressed out a few years ago, and nothing was working out for me, then I thought to focus on something else, and I started making an omelet. Within a few minutes, I was excited, fresh, and calm – then I realized that if I distract myself from all those thoughts and put my mind to something fun, I could feel better. Not only did I start making a little bit of food, but I also managed to transfer my thought-process into a positive frame of mind. So if something bothers you unnecessarily, and nothing you can do about it, then start doing something you like that you don’t usually do such as writing, photography, cooking, painting, filming, etc.


I’m proud of writing this blog post. I didn’t plan this blog post. Instead, it’s one of the most random blog posts on my blog – but it’s so good that I shared something that could help someone out. I always want my blog to be a part of the solution.

Moreover, it’s off my chest that I figured out how to become mentally strong, and it could help others too – now I have put it out there for everyone.

What else would you think could make us mentally strong?

Your opinion matters to me. So please share in the comments below.

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  1. Hey Hassaan,

    You have published an excellent article after a long time (almost a month no?).

    Your third point, Be Grateful for What You Have, is the best here. I really love that because Lord Buddha says (I’m a Buddhist), If you want to understand the fundamental truth of this world and be happy, you must learn how to be grateful for what you have.

    If I have achieved even a small thing in my life, it is because I believe that. So, I’m 100% agree with you. You’ve hit the right point man. Love to see some more articles like this one from you.

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

    1. Hi Nirodha,

      I’m glad to read your comment. I so much believe in being grateful for what we have. Not only does it give us psychological satisfaction, but it also teaches us empathy.

      I would say that it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive for the best or stop hustling, we must do that, but we should also be happy and proud of how far we go every day.

  2. Hi Hassaan,

    Dead on bro. I do this stuff regularly. Good choice making omelettes too 😉

    20 minutes ago I felt flagging energy-wise. 104 degrees F it feels like in Northern Thailand now. Or 40 degrees for all non Americans 🙂 So I stopped writing and watered the garden, under the shade. Simple action but it energized me because I changed my vibe from low to high, pulling back from work. This is why I had this blog post open for like 45 minutes. I took a break because I wanted to be present while reading, did the watering, and here I am.

    Good note too on being compassionate with haters. These folks suffer. Fear-pain drives them to hate, so I do my best to realize they are having a tough time now, for 1 of many reasons.


    1. Hey Ryan,

      It makes me so happy that you did that. We have more control on our mindset than we think we have. It comes down to doing the right thing. It’s easy to get carried away and sit on the vouch for hours to scroll through Facebook and end up frustrated when nothing productive happens in the end.

      The whole point of the blog post was to do something about it; I shared four ways that have worked for me.

      It’s fascinating to see that we all go through the situation when we need a little pat on our back, but the majority of us don’t try to fix it.

      Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

  3. Hi Hassaan,

    I think the most important part of being mentally strong is being thankful for what we already have. It can be the smallest thing. When we are living life like this, we create open doors for positive energy to come into our lives.

    As for those taunters, we cannot let it get to us. My father used to tell me when I was young and got so upset by them was this: “Every knock is a boost” This means that when people knock you down they are really trying to boost themselves up. I got over this a long time ago.

    I am so glad you have written this post because these are issues that we all face and reading this can always help others.


    1. Hi Donna,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I agree with you. Being thankful eliminates a lot of negativity and provides us a chance to reflect on what we have got.

      I’m flattered to read your comment. It means a lot to me. I pay close attention to your content. Thank you for being there.

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