Book Review: Give and Take

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Give and Take by Adam Grant

One of the best decisions I made so far is “books reading,” and I’m so proud of myself. The reason for this is that I never imagined that I would be reading books, let alone reviewing books. Even though this is my first ever book review, and I know that I perhaps did a terrible job, but I do stuff and move on.

I have been there many times — I know that the process makes you what you want to become. When I talk about the process, it means I’m speaking from personal experience.

I started off blogging back in 2018 when I had no idea what to do; I became a freelance writer in 2012 when nobody wants to hire me — but I kept on going, and things changed.

I get a little carried away and emotional when I talk about the process because I wouldn’t have been here if I didn’t believe in the process.

Anyways, I made my first book review on YouTube. The book’s name is Give and Take, and the author is Adam Grant. Please watch the video and leave your feedback in the comments section.

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