What I Have Done in 2017 That Will Make 2018 Better

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It’s not a clickbait.

I’m going to shed some light on the steps that I have taken in 2017, and I’ll share that how these steps will help me in 2018. Besides, the reason for sharing these things with you all is that something might resonate with you, or you could find something motivational out of it. If any of the steps that I took could help you, then I couldn’t be happier.

Video Making

I’m so proud of myself that I took some action and stepped out of my comfort zone and started videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Not only did I start making videos, but I also started vlogging. I make both Urdu and English videos on Facebook and YouTube. Take a look: Vlog Channel, Urdu Channel, English Channel, and Facebook Page.

Books Reading

One of the best things I started focusing on in 2017 was book reading. I was thinking to start reading books back in 2016 but procrastinated a bit back then, but I’m glad that I took books reading seriously in 2017 – even though I didn’t finish a pile of books and only read a few books, but I’m still happy. The reason is I know that it will get better in 2018. I read: Give and Take, Crush It, and Unlimited Power. I have also read a couple of eBooks.

eBook Launching

I have been thinking to write eBooks since 2016 but couldn’t do it – I always prioritized freelance writing projects over eBook writing. Deep down, I wasn’t confident enough to compile a useful piece of content in the form of an eBook. Then, in November last year, I finally got out of my comfort zone and thought to put out my first eBook. It’s called “How to Start Freelancing When You Have Zero Experience,” and it’s available in PDF and Kindle formats. I’m so proud that I did it. It gave me so much confidence for 2018. I’m looking forward to writing more eBooks in 2018.

Events Attending

So I was kind of a person who doesn’t have any problem with meeting people whether it’s a business meeting or a casual friendly gathering—it’s just that I never felt warmth for the social events like seminars, meetups, and other events—until 2016 when I attended a WordPress meetup in Lahore. I realized that events are a great learning source. Not only do you learn, but you also get to meet like-minded people. In 2017, I attended many events in Lahore and Islamabad. In fact, you can watch my TEDx Islamabad 2017 vlog as well. I’ll be attending more events in 2018.

Niche Blogging

Let’s say that the last time I wrote on my favorite blogging niche, which is blogging tips, back in 2014 – I have been so busy lately that I couldn’t write on the blogging tips. Back in 2017, I decided to get back to my favorite niche and start something up. So I launched StartedBlogging.com. I’m very excited to work on this new blog in 2018.

Final Words

“A wise man makes his own decisions; an ignorant man follows the public opinion.”  -Grantland Rice

If you feel motivated after reading this blog post, do let me know what you’re going to do this year in the comments below.

I’m happy to share some important things with you all. I hope this blog post would give a head start to one or two of you.

It looks like that I have done so much in 2017, but in reality, I haven’t started yet.

And, I’m so pumped up for 2018 and hope that you’re excited too.

Enough with the pep talk!

Let’s work!

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