How I Increased Blogging Productivity in Just 2 Months

Blogging Productivity

Productivity, for me, is a state of mind in which I feel accomplished by tweaking the schedule, making a little more effort, and getting things done. I wasn’t thinking about being productive until two months back. One day I realized that I don’t feel fulfilled at the end of the day.

For the majority of you who perhaps don’t know that I’m a freelance writer who helps brands in content writing. One of the essential goals of every single day is to write a piece of content for clients. It’s been three years now. I feel blessed, satisfied, and content about being busy. It’s just that I thought that I wasn’t doing enough.

To ease off, I tried to tackle the situation by taking a few small steps that I’m going to share with you. I don’t promise that it will help you achieve productivity, but I can assure you that these things helped me within just two months:

1. Writing for Personal Blog Before Clients

I heard a lot about doing your favorite things first. I thought to give it a try. I started off writing my blog posts before clients’. To make that happen, I needed to figure out what to write the next morning. I feel good if I know what the topic is. This way, I wake up with a fresh mind, and after the breakfast, I start off writing. It isn’t about writing a full-fledged blog post. Instead, it’s about putting some effort into it.

2. Number of Words Replaced by Minutes

I stopped looking at the number of words I was writing each day. Usually, I was writing 1,000 to 1,500 words. What happening was that whenever I used to reach the 1,500-word mark, I used to feel dizzy and tired because the mind was programmed to believe that I have done enough. I figured it out. Then I changed the strategy. I stopped calculating the number of words I was writing each day. Instead, I started calculating the minutes I’m writing. I used the stopwatch on my smartphone to record the each lap of writing. It means that I was noting down the number of minutes I’m spending on writing content, thanks to the stopwatch feature on my Android phone. Not only did it increase my efficiency, but I also discovered that I could do a lot more than I was expecting.

3. Writing Small Blog Posts (Again)

You might have heard about the long-form content and how in-depth articles perform better than the average-sized articles. Well, I took it pretty seriously. In the pursuit of writing long-form blog posts, I couldn’t write much, let alone it decreased my content publishing. But I realized that I have had small blog posts ranked on the first page of Google in the past. In the end, I decided to publish more blog posts even the smaller ones.

4. Editing the Blog Posts Right Away

I have to tell you that one of the biggest reasons for my procrastination or not being able to publish blog posts is blog post editing. I recently started blog post editing while writing it. You can disagree with me on this. Because a lot of bloggers write a rough draft, then it goes through a couple of editing phases. I know this because I have been doing this for a very long time until two months ago. But now this new blog post editing style has been helpful for me. Meaning, my productivity has increased lately.

It’s Your Turn

I have shared four secrets that increased my productivity as a blogger.

I’m feeling better now because I shared something I learned. I can guarantee you that these productivity tips would help, at least, two of you.

Have you gotten any productivity hack that you would like to share with us?

Look, it’s your chance to grab the attention of tons of bloggers and business owners who would read this blog post. I know a lot of my readers are website owners, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs who would have more productivity tips to share with everyone else.

Let’s talk in the comments section.

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