How to Attract Readers to Visit Your Blog in 3 Steps

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Every blogger who publishes the blog post wants readers to come over, read, comment, and share. The reading and responding to it is the latter part. The job is to attract readers to visit your blog.


If you’re thinking, it’s simple:

  • You’ll tweet
  • Share on Pinterest
  • Share on Facebook
  • Share on LinkedIn

Game over.


Well, everybody does that.

Has anyone ever told you that their blogging journey turned upside down just by doing that?

Tweeting your blog post or posting your link on Facebook isn’t going to make people click and read your blog post.

In this blog post, I’ll share that how you can use the power of psychology + practicality in order to entice people to start reacting to your content and coming over to read your blog.

Let’s get into it.

I’ll be sharing my three steps that helped me attract people to visit my blog.

Here we go:

Step #1: Add an Irresistible Promise

Have you ever come across a blog post on Facebook that you couldn’t ignore? That’s an irresistible promise. Sometimes, the offer seems so valuable to us that we don’t want to miss it. I did a personal experience with a blog post a few months back. I sat down to write 25 ways to make money on the internet, and it went viral on Facebook, so much so that my web hosting collapsed. Ouch. But I was happy. People didn’t want to miss out 25 ways to make money and they didn’t. So, make a clear and inevitable promise that people can’t afford to miss out.

Step #2: Reflect a Story in the Title to Allure Readers

Storytelling has a huge power. People like to know what happened with others. If you bought a product and you write a review; people are likely to read your blog post to find out the price, your opinion, features, and pros & cons of the product. For instance, I wrote a blog post about how I started getting comments on my blog. It depicted my personal experience in the blog post title and a lot of people stopped by just to read that how it happened. That’s the power of storytelling.

There are many ways to add stories to your blog post. You can add a personal experience, case study, example, or your review. Adding a story entices the reader’s attention. One of the perks of adding a story is that it could be highlighted into the blog post topic, which maximizes the curiosity. However, it isn’t necessary that every time the story shadows the blog post title.

Step #3: Align Your Featured Image with the Topic

Lastly, don’t screw up with your featured image. I’ve seen some bloggers who pick a great blog post title, write a helpful post, and then use a filthy featured image that kills the vibe. Use Canva or PicMonkey to make a good featured image for your blog post.

Aligning the featured image with your topic means that your featured image must be translating the meaning of the blog post topic, or maybe, adding the power to the message. It does make a difference. Check out the featured images of iconiContent, Aliventures, and Enchanting Marketing. They’re the best. What a featured image does is that it gives a slight chance to infuse the psychological acceptance into the reader’s mind when the featured image seems interesting. And, within a split second, the click happens.


The purpose of this blog post was to provide my opinion on making a blog post snippet attractive. However, the outcome may vary from blog post to blog post.

Of course, we need to reverse engineer our blog writing strategy a bit.

From blog idea to featured image, everything must be in-line.

People are likely to visit your blog if your blog post snippet triggers a sense of learning, problem-solving, or the solution. So, make sure to wrap up your blog post title with a clear, meaningful words to convince the audience to click and come over.

How do you decide to open a blog post you come across on social media?

Share your experience that what makes you open a blog post that someone tweets or shares on Facebook. ย 

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