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best blogging niche

Choosing the best blogging niche could be an obstacle in your blogging journey, which is why I have sat down to write a brief blog post about the niche selection. It’s a pretty basic topic to discuss, but it doesn’t mean everyone has figured it out. People are still fighting through this problem.

The reason I’m writing this blog post is that a few months back, a regular reader of my blog asked me to write about the niche selection.


So, here I am ready to start the spiel.

But before that let’s not forget that niche selection is one of the fundamental aspects of blogging — if you make it right at this point, things are likely to go in your favor. Let me use this opportunity to take the first-timers along, by explaining the blog niche to them—because I know a lot of them would be reading this—and I want them to be on the same page.

What’s a blog niche?

A blog niche is the category of the blog that describes what this blog is about and what type of content it publishes. For example, there are different blog niches such as technology, sports, business, money making online, health & fitness, and pets. Furthermore, bloggers tend to choose the sub-niches to be more specific and authoritative.

How to Choose it

Let’s get into the main stuff. Now, I’m going to share a few tips for choosing the best blogging niche. It may not be helpful for everyone out there. If you think it’s not for you, just ignore these tips.

Let’s take a look:

Tip 1: Find Your Strength

You got to be very careful with this. Your strength may be something you have never thought about it for a very long time. Have you done something successfully in the past? Think about what you’re good at. If you’re a bookworm, you may want to start a blog on books or even on any specific books genre i.e. fiction, romance, or personal development. Let me give you my personal example, if I were to choose a niche, I’d go with the blogging tips in a split second. Because I love to talk about blogging tips. So, what’s that thing that you’re crazy about? Maybe, that’s your strength. Find it.

Tip 2: Envision the Target Audience

You may not want to write a blog for toddlers. Right? So, visualize who you want to reach out through your blog. It has to be a sizeable audience with lots of traits in them. For instance, they should be adults, they must have the purchasing power, they must have the decision-making ability etc. so that when you write content for them to help solve their problems, as a result, they could have the access as well as the ability to find your content. You might get excited for a specific audience that interests you, but you would have to look at the challenges that would come down the road. Normally, the age-group between 18-55 is the safest bracket to work on as far as the audience age is concerned. Furthermore, there should be more characteristics of your target audience that you should foresee and work on them, not only to reach out to them but also to solve their problems.

Tip 3: Analyze the Monetization Opportunities

 Imagine, you’ve chosen a blog niche, and you’re pretty excited about start writing content for your new blog. Then, 4 to 6 weeks later, you come to realize that there are very limited monetization opportunities available. It might be devastating to find out. It’s better to do some due diligence before jumping into a dry, less-popular blogging niche. It would be unfair to miss out the platforms like ShareASale and ClickBank, where hundreds of thousands of companies meet bloggers and online marketers. These two are quite popular affiliate networks where you can find the right type of product to promote. In case, you don’t find one, just keep looking. The best way to find the affiliates programs is to look at the products that interest you. Once you see those products/services, look out for their affiliate programs, prices, packages, and everything. If things look good, go ahead, purchase it, try out, and join their affiliate program to promote it.

Tip 4: Build Relationship in Your Niche

No matter how great your content is, you need to build the relations with other brands, bloggers, and small businesses. The reality is that you can’t grow alone. You got to help out others, solve audience problems, and help others grow. One of the perks of helping others is that you get a chance to build relations with others. Try to find out the blogs in your niche. Do search on Twitter, Facebook, and Buzzsumo. Once you find a bunch of blogs in your niche, don’t take them as competitors, but rather befriend with them by sharing their content, helping them grow, and mentioning their content in yours. Blogging is a community-based thing. The stronger the connection with the community, the better the results.


The niche selection is crucial to your blog success. I tried to share things I learned over the course of years. The purpose was to make you realize that a good niche does help in blogging.

Although, I didn’t dig into the keywords, competition, and ranking side of the topic. The reason is that this blog post is for beginners. I don’t want them to trap into those mind-boggling things right away.

Once they get there, they’ll find out, anyway.

What would you suggest to the newbie bloggers who want to choose the best blogging niche?

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  1. Hassaan, I think that defining your target audience (ideal blog visitor persona) is closely linked to selecting and envisioning your niche. It is best if the new bloggers do this step as well along with defining their niche.

    They go side by side. Make sure that whichever niche you are going to write about in your blogging career has a target audience and more importantly, you know about that target audience. Try not to deviate from this target audience. The more focused you are, the more loyal and deep your relationship will be with your blog visitors.

    Then always keep this target audience in your mind when you write.

    And again, and again.

    1. Thank you so much for checking this out. I agree that there must a target audience to reach out. Otherwise, a lot of emphases would go into finding the right niche the blogger wants to pick, instead of looking at the niche ability to scale.

      THANKS, again!

  2. You are right !!! Selecting & Planning will give us the great success. First we need to decided & Chose the correct platform by depending on our strengths. Then success will come on it’s way.

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