How to Stop Writing Boring Content in 3 Steps

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stop writing boring content

No one wants to write boring content. Neither do I.

No offense, if you’re just writing and pushing hard, things may get a little off track.

Do you know what I do when I feel that I’m writing boring content?

I take three steps to ensure that the charm of writing useful, entertaining, and enticing content comes back.

Step One: I Step Back for a While

I stop writing. I often go on a two or three days break. It mostly happens with the clients’ content, though. I always try to give my best and if I feel that itโ€™s not up to the mark; I donโ€™t panic but rather try to give myself some space to cope with the situation.

The benefit of stepping back and going off the hook is that it freshens up your mind. Secondly, the chances of burnout washout because you stop right there without letting yourself slip off of the edge.

Step Two: I Consume Lots of Content

I often start with YouTube. From cat videos, vlogs, TEDx Talks to videos on entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and business, I go through a wide variety of content. Not only does it give me a fresh vibe, but it also provides me with a bundle of new things to strengthen my perspectives on things.

Secondly, I catch up on my favorite Netflix shows. I watch food documentaries, drama, sci-fi, and romantic TV series. I prefer Netflix Original Series because they are shorter than the TV shows and the seasons usually end within 10 to 13 episodes.

Thirdly, I go to the Stitcher app and download the latest episodes of the podcasts I’ve subscribed to. I listen to the marketing, entrepreneurship, blogging, and business development related podcasts.

Step Three: I Read Blogs and Books

At step three, I grab the book I started off reading and continue to read it for a while. In fact, I keep the book in my backpack. On the other hand, I start to read blog posts that I bookmarked in my Pocket account over the past few days.

Reading books and blogs have not only improved my writing but also opened up mind. I can’t recommend a certain type of book. However, I can say that always read what you like. I personally like books on personal development, business development, and entrepreneurship.

As far as blogs are concerned, I follow blogs related to blogging, marketing, entrepreneurship, and social media. It helps me stumble upon a wide variety of content to consume.

Fun Fact: When I’m away from writing, not only do I mentally relax, but I also learn new things.

Please be advised. I shared three steps that work for me. It doesn’t necessarily mean that those steps would work for you too. Don’t consider my opinion/recommendation as an expert advice. Do your research, consult with friends, and read other bloggers’ take on this as well.  

My Recommendations

The purpose of writing this blog post is to help you cope with the writing challenges.

I shared my 3-step process of fighting through the boring content problem. Whenever I do this, within 3 to 4 days, I genuinely want to rush back to writing.

Here are my 3 recommendations for you:

1. Stop Staring at Your Screen – if you’re not feeling the vibe, just take a break. Don’t wait minutes and minutes to start off the first paragraph. The words pour all over the page when you really have something insanely interesting to say.

2. Brush Off the Work Anxiety – just relax for a day or two. Make yourself comfortable. Watch Netflix. Hang out with friends. Order Pizza. Spend some quality time with family. Once you start to feel better, go to the third recommendation.

3. Learn, Explore, and Get Better – once things look to start better at your end, catch up on your go-to resources like blogs, books, YouTube, or whatever you’ve figured it out on your own. Just refill the energy, knowledge, and passion.

Do you know one of the reasons for writing boring content could be the lack of quality information on the topic?

And, when you keep pushing that over a period of time, your writing start to look less interesting, and in some cases, boring.

It could still happen if you’re passionate about your niche. If that’s the case, then my three steps come into the play. Try them out.

Have you ever felt at some point that your content seems less enticing?

Share your experience with us and help us out.

I’ll see you all in the comments section.


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