How to Get Hired as a Freelancer – [6 Ways]

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Get Hired as a Freelancer

Every freelancer wants to get hired by the best clients ever. If you’re a freelancer, you might know that customers reach out to the freelancers and sometimes the freelancers contact them to offer their services.

If you’re a freelancer, you must know how to reach out, especially in today’s crowded social media world.


If haven’t had a chance to know about freelancing and just landed here, no problem at all, just read this, and you’ll understand what freelancing is.


If you already know what freelancing is, just take a look at this blog post to find out 10 ways to sell your freelance service.

Because I’m going to go deeper in this blog post.

Trust me, I’m not going to fluff here and say something like getting active on social media, guest post, etc.

But please be advised. I’m a blogger. I’m going through a learning process myself. These tips might not help everyone. So don’t make your decisions based on my point of view. I won’t be responsible for it. Always try to do your research and listen to the experienced experts.

Are you ready?


#1 – Shape your social media profile

By shaping the social media profile, I mean that you have a lot of opportunities to grab the attention of the audience. For instance, cover image, bio, status, URL. If you start off with filling all these places properly, you immediately cover some loopholes.

Yes. I call them loopholes.

Imagine, a friend’s friend on Facebook visits your profile and still don’t get the idea of what you do for a living then it would be a shame.

If you’re worried about using the Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop because they’re expensive, let alone you have no idea how to use these amazing tools, then just try out Canva. I use it almost every day for creating blog featured images, social media posts, and YouTube thumbnails.

#2 – Don’t ask for a freelance job

A lot of you might have heard that you have to ask for it to get it. Trust me, that’s a whole different narrative. It is actually right, for example, you can always ask people to SUBSCRIBE to your YouTube channel at the end of the video or to comment underneath your blog post. It’s totally fine.

We’re talking about asking for work. That’s a no-go.

The reason is that you might not want to give an impression of being a jobless at the moment. Asking for work means you don’t have clients to work for. It makes the situation a little skeptical, if not for every client, but a few could think that way.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have to offer to prospective clients. Sure, you must offer them.

Look, there is a difference in the following approaches.

A) – Hey, I just read your recent blog post; and I’m glad that you’ve tried to help a lot of people through that specific topic. I was wondering if you could add a few blog post images alongside text, it would have been a lot better. Trust me, I’m an SEO and I know how important the images are. If you need further information about using the images in the blog posts, feel free to reach out to me.

B) – Hello, my name is John. I’m a freelance writer. The purpose of my message is to let you know that I’m available for hire. If you ever need a freelance writer; please feel free to contact me.

See, both the cases reveal what they do for a living, but in the case A, the person doesn’t ask for a job. Instead, helps out the other person and gives away some value with a slight information about his profession.

On the flip side, John, in the case B, asking for a job. It shows that he doesn’t have one. In fact, he is not sure whether or not he is going to be hired in the near future.

Look, the purpose of explaining this point is that you have to make your freelancing strategy psychologically right. If you play the right way, you’re going to win.

#3 – Connect to give away

People are likely to get impressed by someone who genuinely likes to help out others without asking for anything in return. You don’t have to go aggressive on the connecting part. There is always a balance in adding people on Facebook or LinkedIn. Sometimes, people go crazy on adding people just to connect with more people. It’s a wrong approach.

Connecting doesn’t always mean to add people to your friends’ list. You can connect to your friend’s friends in the comments section of your friend’s post or on someone else’s post in a Facebook group.

It doesn’t matter where you’re interacting, the goal is to interact positively and deliver value without asking something in return.

It could be sharing your past experience or a useful tool with the audience.

So, start connecting with people to give away something that helps them. It brings attention to your personal brand which would eventually get you some eyeballs around.

#4 – Share others’ content on social media

One of the best things about sharing others’ content on social media is that you get the attention of the brands and influencers. Plus, there is an upside of sharing others’ content; it’s that you get a chance to continuously feed your followers with some quality content. Because it’s almost impossible for any content creator to create content on a regular basis for a very long period of time.

We’re specifically talking about blogging and content marketing, sharing others’ blog posts help us feed our followers with some quality content and it just fills up the gap.

So, having no fresh content at times or during the burn out periods, we can cope with the challenges by doing this.

In fact, our end goal is to attract some prospective eyeballs and attention of the new audience, which is likely to happen with the content sharing.

#5 – Create a hire me page

After the meteor shower of different strategies when people are actually landing on your website or blog, there has to be something that attracts them to take some further action. Let’s say, your content is amazing and the readers loved it.

What’s next?

Do you want them to leave right away?

Obviously, not!

So, create a call-to-action button.

Something like ‘HIRE ME’ or anything else.

And link it to a proper page where all the detail of your freelance service is written.

Take a look at my hire me page. Although, I changed the text of the CTA but it serves the same purpose.

 #6 – Link to the useful resources

 If you ask some inbound marketer, he or she might be able to explain it to you on a whole different level but I’m confident that I will make my point clear.

So, in order to get hired as a freelancer, one of the ways is linking to the useful resources.

You can do it in two ways:

1. Link to the Online Tools: In this way, you’d grab the attention of the brands/online tools. Hence, you’ll develop the relationship with them. It will eventually help you grow.

2. Link to Others’ Content: Linking to others’ content would attract them to notice you. It doesn’t mean everyone out there would be using a backlink analysis softwares. However, the WordPress notifies you in your dashboard when another WordPress site links back to you.

You must be looking forward to helping your readers in the first place, whether you link to some useful tools or someone’s blog posts.

You never know what pops up out of that.

I often get emails from different online tool makers. They thank me for mentioning their tools as well as offer to try out the products for free.

Wrapping up

So, these were my 6 ways to get the attention and get hired as a freelancer.

All of these methods won’t work for you or maybe none of them would work for you.

It depends.

But the purpose of sharing these ways with you was to open up some of the possibilities.

Once you’re exposed to these options, you may opt one of them and no one knows what you bump into in the long run.

What’s your best strategy to get hired as a freelancer?

Share it in the comments section to help out my readers.

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