Why I Stopped Focusing on Building an Email List

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stopped email list building

I know.

It sounds weird.

Hear me out.

First off, don’t just BUILD AN EMAIL LIST because everybody says about building an email list. But rather try to get people onboard who are genuinely interested in your stuff.

Trust me, it doesn’t fascinate me when people brag about 100,000 subscribers email list.

Well… Congrats, if you have one (…and if you genuinely built it)

All I’m saying is that I’m not after that.

Something I have realized is that the email list building isn’t an issue. If you got the right recipe, you can cook it. I mean you can easily reach to hundreds of email subscribers. I’m being practical.

You know, I believe if you finish up reading this blog post because of you genuinely interested in knowing why I say to STOP FOCUSING ON EMAIL LIST BUILDING then you might feel that you can still win.

But if you’re not open to listening to my perspective, you’ll hate me and I don’t want that. Because I care about you and that’s why I’m writing this.

Even if you’re still pursuing the long list building plan, I’m still happy for you.

Because I’ve built a lot of under-500-subscribers email lists through different blogs and landing pages. I can tell you that building an email list isn’t a problem. If I could reach to 330 subscribers through a single blog post that is the only organically popular blog post on the blog then we can do a lot with three highly ranked blog posts. But that’s not the point.

The point being, what to FOCUS and what not to FOCUS!

Please remember that I said I STOPPED FOCUSING on email list building, I didn’t say that I stop BUILDING an email list.

There is a difference in both these situations.

Just clarifying it because a lot of email list chauvinists would show up and they would bash me.

Please be advised that I’m a blogger. I have done a lot of mistakes in the past and might do in the future as well. We learn every day and the process of learning goes on. Don’t take your major business decision based on my opinion whatsoever. My ideas/suggestions could be wrong. You’re welcome to disagree and refuse this. I highly recommend taking the email list building advice from an experienced marketer or an expert.

Here are the reasons why I’m not focusing on building an email list:

Because the connection matters

What would I do if I get to build an email list of 10,000 people in 2 years and I don’t know them? They never reply to me. They never talk to me. They don’t respond to me. In other words, it’s a dead list and God knows how I got those people on my list. I’d rather focus on a 1000-people email list, because they know me, respond to me, and follow me everywhere… of course, not all of them, but a lot of them would.

Because the engagement does the job

The engagement is when you send them an email newsletter with a lot of value in it. They consume it and get back to you whether on your blog or social and tell you that something you said helped them. This is what fuels up the process. The engagement whether via email reply into your inbox or the Facebook group, it does have a significant role in the process. So, what’s the point of building an email list full of people that are not being engaged? I truly have empathy for new bloggers who think ignoring the Facebook messages makes them professionals.

Because the focus is on the Aftermath

I don’t want to build an email of 110,000 people who sign up to my newsletter and never open up the email newsletter. I’d rather prefer 251 people who interact with me and always up for the meetup at a coffee shop of my choice. Because the dead crowd is worth nothing. You can’t sell the number and/or size of your email list to everyone. At some point, you might end up frustrated when only 2,300 out of 110,000 would open up your email. As I said earlier, building an email list isn’t the end result, what you do with the email list is what matters. If they don’t trust you because you don’t teach them anything or you haven’t provided any value to them then they might not show up when you offer them to buy something. That’s why I focus on the aftermath.

Because the lack of clarity kills the process

I’m a big believer in the process and staying in the game. I believe that if you don’t know what your plan is; it just begins to eat your brain. It is obvious. Isn’t it? If you aren’t clear what to do, you might end up frustrated at some point. It’s just a matter of time. I’ve learned along the way that if you aren’t sure what you want to achieve, you don’t get anything done. Because you don’t foresee it and the lack of ambition either detracts you or stops you from proceeding.

Let’s Wrap up

You know it’s just a matter of one well-ranked blog post. You’ll start to receive email newsletter subscribers even when you’ll be in bed. In fact, my friend, Ilyas Tarar, can vouch for that. When he started publishing content, his blog started attracting the email subscribers.

The purpose of my blog post was to infuse the idea of getting focused on WHAT TO DO with the email subscribers instead of keep filling up the email list with people’s email addresses.

If you think this is crap. I implore you to enlighten me on this. Because I’m not against building huge email lists. It’s just I’m not focusing on hundreds of thousands of subscribers who don’t open email newsletters and often end up clicking on the spam button when you send them emails.

I heard someone saying that ‘LESS is MORE’…

I can’t explain how strongly I believe in ‘LESS is MORE’.

Fill me in on what you think about this!

I’ll see you in the comments below.

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