The Most Useful Online Tools for Bloggers

best online tools for bloggers

If you’re a blogger, you must have some online useful tools that you rely on. Ever since I started off blogging back in 2008, I have been able to come across different tools. The interesting part is that if an online tool doesn’t help, you ultimately replace it with a better one and the process goes on.

A lot of tools that we use go away and the new ones come in. In other words, the process goes on.

I thought I should sit down and share some of my favorite online tools that I have been using for quite some time. You don’t have to use all of them. In fact, I don’t use all of them at once or every single day but I’m glad that I have a bunch of resources that help me make my work easier. I’m sure that if you’re a blogger, then these online tools will surely help you as well.

Please note that there might be a few affiliate links in the blog post. It means I would get a small piece of commission if you buy those products but you won’t be paying any extra money if you purchase through my link. I like to keep things transparent with my readers. I’m going to share the best tools that I have found over the course of time. You can disagree if you use the alternative tools and I’ll respect your opinion.

Let’s take a look at the most useful online tools for bloggers:


Ever since I came across the pocket platform I’m in love with this tool. It’s an online bookmarking tool that allows you to bookmark any article, video, or site link to your pocket account, which is synced and accessible through various devices. It does have a tagging system that allows you to tag content with the certain tags to categorize it. I personally bookmark a lot of articles to read later on. It does have an extension for the browser as well as a mobile app to remotely access the account.

WPS Office

It’s my go-to word processing software. I’ve become a huge fan of the WPS Office software. Not only does it offer a free version, but it also has many other benefits. The reason I upgraded to the paid edition of the WPS Office is that it provides cloud storage to the users, which means your files remain safe on the cloud.


I’ve used a few email marketing softwares and I ended up disappointed at some point. MailChimp is one of the finest discoveries so far when it comes to email marketing softwares. It is smooth, easy-to-use, and offers a lot. The paid plan, however, does extraordinarily well in this regard. But you can, of course, begin with a free plan.


Social media sharing hasn’t been that easier. I used to share content separately on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Now, I don’t have to. I just use Buffer to share content on all three platforms. I have only used the free plan yet and it works great. Scheduling social media posts is one of the best features of Buffer. It offers a mobile app, which means you can share or schedule your social media posts through your smartphone.


Honestly, I was totally fine with Outlook but I wasn’t the biggest fan. Ever since I found out about Thunderbird, probably 4 years back or so, I literally never used any other email management software. Thunderbird is fast, reliable, and easy-to-run.


Filmora is my video editing software. It’s a premium software. I used to edit my videos and vlogs in Movie Maker. Everybody knows that Movie Maker is far behind the awesomeness, although, it’s a great help if you’re a beginner and you just have to edit your cat videos. But if you’re taking video making seriously in 2017 (which you should), then you got to have a good video editing software like Filmora. (Read full review)


Merriam-Webster is an internationally recognized English dictionary. Now, they have introduced their dictionary on multiple platforms. I have personally installed the Merriam-webster dictionary on my smartphone and it works great. Not only does it have useful features like voice search and pronunciation but it also tells you a word of the day which helps you improve your vocabulary.


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud services along with Google Drive and OneDrive. It’s fast, secure, and easy-to-manage. The synchronization works quite well. You can access your account through any device like PC, laptop, or mobile phone. The bloggers always need to move files, screenshots, and images for their blogs. Dropbox could be a huge help.


Nimbus is one of my favorite online tools. It’s a browser extension that I use on my Chrome. It helps me take the screenshots while browsing. In fact, it does have the screen recording feature as well. I started using Nimbus almost a year back and I’m kind of loving this tool.


Grammarly is a popular grammar checker that website owners and bloggers use. I’ve used both free and paid versions of Grammarly. I have tested a couple of more similar online tools, but Grammarly does sound best of all.


I don’t use this tool often; but once I need to, then this becomes the go-to tool. It’s a duplicate content checker. You can test out the content you receive from the guest posters or other contributors. What it does is that it checks the content on the web and if the content is copied from somewhere else, it just displays the references after the search. It’s quite handy if you receive a lot of guest posts for publishing on your blog.

Sticky Notes

It’s a notes app that you can install to create sticky notes as reminders. It brings a lot of value when your desktop has a note of the to-do list. The reminder just helps us in programming the mind to get it done. I don’t use this app now but I have definitely used it in the past and it was quite good.

Wrapping up

So these were some of the favorite online tools that I found very useful along the way.

I’m sure you’re going to try a few of them or you may already know some of these online tools.

In fact, I’d love to know your favorite online tools that you personally use every day.

Let’s chat in the comments.

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  1. This article really helped me since I am going to start writing blogs. Best of luck, Hassaan Khan.

    1. Ahmad,
      It’s good to know that you’re going to start writing a blog. All the best!

      Feel free to ask anything!

  2. Hello, Hassaan bhai!

    I am grateful for having some of the tools in my use.

    And they are:

    – MailChimp
    – Buffer (sometimes)
    – Grammarly (my survivor tool)

    DupliChecker is something I will ponder upon as I get the guest posts often. 🙂

    Thanks for the great one!

    ~ Adeel

    1. Hello, Adeel sir!

      I’m grateful you stopped by.

      All of these tools are amazing.

      Are you using Grammarly’s paid version or free one?

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. Hello, Hassaan bhai!

        I am actually with the free version for now. 🙂

  3. Great post Hassaan Bhai,
    I highly appreciate it as I come to know about a few new tools like Buffer and Pocket which will be useful for me.
    My favorite tool from above list is Grammarly premium which is best for grammar.

    1. Awesome, Fahad!

      I’m glad it helped.

      Share this post with your friends!

  4. Hi Hassaan,

    I read this post yesterday. So nice of you to share your personal experience with these tools, most of which are new to me.

    I love grammarly. I’ve been using it for a while and it always gives me nice stats about my English writing abilities. I’ve actually used Grammarly suggestions/corrections to improve my grammar and writing skills.

    Thanks a lot for the post and the tools.



    1. Hello, Ilyas!
      Thank you so much for stopping by.

      I’m glad you found out about some of the amazing tools that I have been using for a while.

      All the best, dear!

  5. Hi, Hassaan!

    YOU have got an amazing collection of a “Useful Tools for Blogging, and it is soo much helpful for every blogger. I use Buffer and Dropbox every single day. They’re both excellent tools.

    Another tool I use every single day is Grammarly, to write grammatical error free articles for my blog.

    1. Hi, Saurabh!

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s impossible on grow online without having a handful of great tools and resources.

      I’m glad you liked the blog post.

  6. The TITLE was engaging, plus the content like always. Some tools really help!

  7. Hi Hassan,
    Happy to be here again after a bit gap.
    Very informative post, except few I am using most of the tools mentioned in this post.
    Will surely try the new one mentioned.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a great week ahead
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

    1. Hello, Sir Philip!

      I’m happy you came over and found some new tools.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Salam Alaykum Hassaan!

    The idea of starting a blog has been lurking in my head for years now. I think I will start blogging in the summer!

    Do you think finding freelance work before launching a blog is a better approach? Would it help me discover my niche?

    1. Walaikum Asalam, Usama!
      You should definitely go ahead if you’re passionate about blogging, otherwise, find out what fascinates you. I found out about blogging in 2008 and I kept on figuring out till 2010. Finally, in 2010, I knew it that it’s my passion. Ever since I’m learning it and probably doing it every day.

      Moreover, Seth Godin posts a blog post every single day. He believes that everyone should write a blog. He also said in his book that “we’re wasting the chance of a lifetime.”

  9. Hi,

    Well pocket and dropbox are my favorite tolls among these and I must say these are indeed very useful yet important to make things more productive.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Pocket and Dropbox are certainly amazing.

  10. Hi Hassaan,

    I am already using some of these tools. Pocket, Nimbus and Grammarly are my favorites among them. I never heard about DupliChecker which seems to be promising. will try it.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hello, Manoj!

      That’s great. I’m glad you’re using a few of them. Sure, do check out duplichecker. Although, I don’t use it regularly but it is worth bookmarking.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

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