Starting a Blog: 4 Things You Need to Know

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starting a blog

Are you starting a blog?

You must be excited.

You should be. Because you’re probably going to make one of the most important decisions of your life. If you make it right, you’ll set an example, and if you don’t, you’ll learn a lesson. Either way, you must be happy.

I’ve told this over and over again that I did mistakes in my blogging but I learned many lessons.

So, I’m happy to share 4 essential things you must know before starting a blog.

Because there is no point of being concerned about this if I’m not helping you.

If you occasionally visit my blog or you’ve subscribed to my email list, then I should be delivering you the best I can, which I why I decided to repurpose a video that I posted on YouTube.

In that video, I talked about four very important things that every blogger should know in order to get his or her blog off the ground.

Let’s find out:

1) – Ask yourself WHY you need to start a blog

Find your WHY.

Whether you want to make money off of your blogging or you just want to have fun.

Trust me, these two bloggers’ categories do exist.

You’re free to do whatever you want to do.

I’m just trying to help the bloggers who want to become pro-bloggers and make money off of their blogging.

They should know that they must have a ‘WHY’…

It does lead to finding a niche and pursuing it.

For instance, if you’re good at Web optimization, then you must be blogging on this topic. You should be helping the audience around website optimization rather than covering a whole heap of different topics.

It’s far better to become an authority at one thing than ending up an average at several things.


2) – Who you want to reach out

That’s something we call ‘TARGET AUDIENCE’…

If you know your target audience specifically, it’ll be a whole lot easier to go ahead.

Because you won’t be babbling and trying to figure out.

You would be crystal clear with your mindset.

Moreover, you’ll be finding the people who need your help.

For instance, if you’re based in the UAE and want to start an e-store for women clothing just to sell in the UAE. You would have to find out the local freight charges, the fabric cost, and then stitching & designing cost.

Plus, you’d exactly know that what women like to wear in that part of the world. Additionally, you could go deep down to target just the South Asian women community as well.

When it comes to starting a blog, this is something you should figure out before jumping into this. Once you know, you’re good to make a start.

3) – What you have

Another important thing you must consider analyzing before starting a blog is that what you have got.

This part is about going either for a PASSION or TALENT.

I meant that it’s up to you.

Some of you might be good at something, for example, graphic designing or crafts making.

If you have such a talent. Make sure you must use that in your blogging.

I like Tim‘s blog WaitButWhy. He has a specific style of drawing the sketches for his blog posts that immensely help him in telling the stories. It caught my attention and I absolutely loved his blog.

I’m not sure whether or not Tim loves drawing but one thing is sure that he is consistent with adding those drawings into the blog posts, which makes me believe that he likes it.

Similarly, your PASSION must reflect in your blogging niche selection as well as content strategy.

My point is that you should never start a blog based on someone else’s passion or talent.

Arthur Ashe said, “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”

I believe in this quotation because it tells you to emphasize on making a start and believing in yourself.

If you got a talent or a passion, you better use that in your blogging.

4) – How to move forward

In this part, I tried to explain that what a blogger needs to do besides publishing the content.

Moving forward means what to be done after start publishing the content.

Well, I can tell that you should be doing the following things:

  • Choose your social media platforms – (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – Just choose one or two)
  • Start building relations on social
  • Guest post on others’ blog
  • Harbor a community to help guide them

Don’t just write content to publish but rather to solve the problems.


In the end, I just want to add that many newbie bloggers might think that blogging is about posting the blog posts on the frequent basis and sharing them on Facebook.

In fact, writing and sharing are two small chunks of the whole process.

Ask yourself a question…

Why are you publishing the content in the first place?

The answer might be: To help the readers.

Now analyze that answer!

I wanted to make sure through this blog post that how we can help others who are taking time out to read our content.

What if they end up finding nothing special in our content?

What if they think they wasted their time?

I thought I could add something to the cause in order to make your blog a better place for your readers.

I genuinely believe in these four steps when it comes to starting a blog.

What would you recommend to someone who is starting a blog?


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