How to Survive without Google Adsense

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Survive without Google Adsense

Note: Some of the links mentioned below could be affiliate links. It means I might get a commission on the sales of a few items and it won’t cost you anything extra.

If you’re wondering how to survive without a Google Adsense account, then let me tell you something. The Google Adsense program is a go-to platform for both newbie bloggers and pro-bloggers.

Do you know the reason why I’m writing this guide?


Google Adsense is probably the second most discussed topic after money making online that I come across. So, I knew I can put some ideas down there and make it public on my personal blog.


Everything seems cool here.

Do you know how tough it is for bloggers who don’t get Google Adsense?


Do you have any idea what bloggers go through if their Google Adsense account gets blocked?

I talk to them. I know about the heat.


If you’re reading this because you’ve lost your Adsense account, then let me tell you something…

Grab a cup of coffee or something!

This is going to be an interesting talk!


You opened your inbox and you see the notification of your Adsense account suspension…

Do you know what happens in the next second?

Here are some thoughts:

  • This is the end
  • I’m literally done
  • I’m going to stop now
  • I will quit blogging now
  • There is no future now
  • I didn’t imagine this
  • I can’t make money online now
  • There is no alternative to Adsense

Well, hold on.

You start to hallucinating things.

You’re worried.

Do you know what’s the worst part?

The brain plays a trick on you…

I’m serious. It does play…

This is exactly what Alison Ledgerwood told in her TEDx Talk that you get stuck in the negatives…

Do you remember The Vampire Diaries?

In season 04, when Silas appears and he starts to getting into Klaus’ head…

And eventually, makes him see things that don’t exist in reality…

This is what I’m talking about…

Let’s come to the solution.

Always remember that these four things will make you successful in blogging. I’m not saying ‘could make you’, instead, I’m saying ‘will make you’… Because I’m pretty sure about that.

1) – Believe in your success

If you don’t believe in yourself. You can’t get through. How on earth would you succeed when you’re not sure about it? Just work like it’s impossible to do and only thing can make it happen is the hustle. You know that you can win this.

2) – Passion for something

If you have a passion for blogging, no matter what happens, you’ll survive. Not only will you survive, but I can promise that at some point, you’ll thrive. Because, it kind of universal reality, you succeed if you’re being persistent and passionate to achieve it. If you’re a passionate blogger, don’t panic, just keep learning and keep moving forward.

 3) – Building the Connections

Adding a number of new Facebook friends every week is not going to cut it. It’s not like that. The connection building means help out others, talk to relevant people, discuss things, and connect with like-minded people. You have to build a strong relationship with your social media following, internet-friends, and subscribers.

4) – Learning it every single day

If you’d ask me to give a quick piece of blogging advice to get along, I’d say, don’t stop learning ever. Because it’s the only way you’d proceed, get better, and evolve.


Now I feel a little satisfied because I have a feeling that I have given away some important ingredients to the recipe of blogging success.

Let’s come to the main part…

How to Survive without your Google Adsense Account

You think it sucks that you don’t have a Google Adsense account.

Well, maybe, but I think otherwise.

It doesn’t suck.

Because if that wouldn’t have happened, you would probably leave Google Adsense at some point anyway. Obviously, that’s what pro-bloggers have to do at some point. It’s a bit complicated. I’m sure Google Adsense is a great program to monetize your blog but it does come with a set of regulations and rules to follow and if your blog isn’t following a chunk of rules then it could be critical to getting along with them anyway. For instance, you can read a beginner’s guide to Google Adsense and if something happens against those terms, you site may not be monetized through Google Adsense or in some cases your Adsense could be blocked.

Many pro-bloggers move on at some point in their blogging journey. Because when their blogs start to grow, they see more partnership opportunities and those things open up their eyes. For instance, read this thread about Google Adsense and third-party ads on the same page. It suggests that make sure other ads seem to be different than the Google Ads.  Plus, the situation seems skeptical because when you’re using three Google Adsense ads already and you plan on adding a few more ads from other advertising company, it would directly affect your blog’s user experience and page loading speed.

There are four ways to get back to the track, in case, you have lost your Google Adsense account or you haven’t been able to get it in the first place. Take a look at those four ways:

1) – Try Alternative Ads (Recommended for high-traffic sites only)

Well, the next thing you might do or have done earlier in the career is trying alternative ads companies. I’d say that you could try this if you have a high volume of traffic and it’s increasing every month. You would probably know the CPM networks are quite popular. Try UberCPM, Adsterra, or Propeller Ads. There are dozens of other CPM networks out there. If you consider your blog in that high-traffic league, you’re good to check out those networks. There isn’t a specific formula of blog monetization success. Once I asked Darren Rowse during his Facebook Live Stream about choosing a single affiliate or trying multiple affiliate products, and he came up with the reply saying that you should test one by one and see what works for you.

Well, again I would say. You don’t have to limit yourself to the ad networks.

The whole purpose of this article is to help you out in getting through this situation.

People sometimes get so much frustrated that they fed up so much in this situation and they start thinking about quitting their blogging.

I don’t want that, which is why I designed this whole post.

The idea is to help you get through this.

And, trust me, you’ll get through, in case, you’ve lost your Google Adsense account, I’m sure you’ve fixed the blog and submitted the reconsideration application.

In case, you didn’t get it back. Please don’t think that it’s the end of the world.

Because it doesn’t end this way. It can’t end here.

Read further, you’ll find more options to survive without Google Adsense.

2) – Start Affiliate Marketing

Many of you might know about affiliate marketing. If you’re a blogger, you would definitely know. I reckon, if you’re trying to survive without Google Adsense, you’re probably looking at some options to consider, then I would say start your research on Affiliate Marketing.

The affiliate marketing is a blog monetization strategy in which the blogger earns a commission when a referral buys the product/service through the provided link.

If you haven’t been able to experience affiliate marketing, then let me tell you something about it in a few steps:

I. Try the paid products that help in blogging

II. Experiment with a few

III. Gather experience and data

IV.  Write product reviews

V.  Create content that helps readers

VI.  Get engaged with the audience

VII.  Build social connections around your blog

VIII.  Prefer helping others through your blog

IX. Stop being salesy

X. Improvise and evolve

It looks easy to say, hey, start affiliate marketing!

I know that.

I’m not leaving you behind. I’ll share what I learned along the way.

So, here is the thing…

Follow these simple steps of succeeding in affiliate marketing:

Step #1: Choose the products according to the niche

This is something many of us don’t exercise properly and that’s exactly where the problem lies. We don’t align our niche and affiliate marketing strategy, that’s why the conversion rate doesn’t improve the way we expected it to be. So, choosing the products according to the niche is incredibly important. If your blog talks about interior design, you better have a plan of using the affiliate products related to the home and décor, DIY decoration, fashion, and beauty. Maybe, you could join the certain networks or online stores to promote their interior design stuff. Try Etsy.

Step #2: Add personal experience to the game

Affiliate marketing isn’t just about choosing the products and writing the reviews. It’s certainly more than that. Adding your personal experience makes the picture vivid and allows you to showcase how your experience has been with the product you’re promoting. It all starts with buying the very same product, using it for some time, and if you find trustworthy and reliable to use, then you can come up with a promotion plan for it. For instance, I purchased Filmora back in march of this year and after using it for a few months, I wrote a full review on this software and published at My first-hand experience gave me so much confidence while reviewing the software and sharing what I’ve found in it. This phenomenon takes your affiliate marketing to the next level.

Step #3: Promote the best ones

You can’t just win at this if you’re pursuing the money and not taking care of your readers. Always remember that your trust and loyalty with your readers is something that makes you stand-out from the crowd. So, never let your readers and subscribers down by referring them products that you’re not sure of. Always consider promoting the best products in your affiliate marketing.

That being said.

Don’t ever consider affiliate marketing as joining an affiliate network and choosing a product to promote — and that’s it.

It’s more than that.

I always email the companies before even considering them for promoting their products. I check up on following things:

–  How quickly they reply
–  How they deal with the people
–  How they payout to the affiliates
–  How gentle or rude they are

You can find a number of affiliate networks to join. Try:

Commission Junction

Again, don’t limit yourself to these networks. The affiliate marketing doesn’t mean these networks. You have to find the right products. Go to the search engine and start hunting for the right products, once you find the products that would really help you and your blog, try it for free and if that’s not possible, go buy it and then start using it for analysis. Make sure the product you’re buying for promotion as part of your affiliate marketing plan, they must be offering an affiliate marketing program.

3) – Sell Your Service or Product

This could be even better.

In this strategy, you don’t rely on any third-party for the money. It’s you and your clients. In fact, you can take your business to the next level by selling your service/product online because you’re free in this. You got your product to sell and all you need is to engage the prospects and convert them into paying customers.

Considering the situation where you don’t have a Google Adsense account anymore. It seems discouraging at times when you’re failed to get one or you lose it somehow.

This blog post is about positivity. This is about getting back to work.

If you don’t feel comfortable in affiliate marketing and find it hard to convert the reader into a convinced referral who goes on and purchases the product, then you can minimize the target audience span even more and harbor your certain audience that could buy your product or service.

How would you do that?

Let me tell you how…

There are a few things to be done in this regard…

a) – Identify your passion

What is exactly that makes you different? If you find nothing and say you don’t have one, I’m sorry I won’t agree with you on this. Because we all have something and not finding that doesn’t mean we don’t have it. If you’re really struggling in finding your passion, start with what makes you happy or what you’re good at, for instance:

Are you good at artwork?
Do you like to fix electric gadgets?
Do you love graphic designing?
Do you feel comfortable while writing?
Are you passionate about photography?

Find that thing that people appreciates you on or ask for your help in getting it done. That might be your passion, my friend.

b) – Build a community

Once you’ve identified your passion, go out and start building the relationship. From Facebook to college, you must be an active person. Ask people to check out your creation. Talk to people you think could inspire you or help advise you on something. In fact, more importantly, start helping out others and try to inspire them. That would be the best way to build a community. In that community building process, never ever forget to highlight what you do. I started a Facebook group called ‘Bloggers‘ and every week new people come in and request to join the group. See, 99% of them are always bloggers who find it on Facebook and ask to join the community. So, try to build a community somewhere.

c) – Engage people and solve problems

The best way to attract people towards you is solving their problems and they will start following you, and that would ultimately lead you to build a community. In fact, it’s more than just building a community. When you help someone out, they remember you with a positive gesture in their mind and they become a sort of future prospect. The purpose of engagement and solving problems is the continuity of the process. You have to be active in this. Keep building relations and stay connected with people. Not only should your content solve the problem, but you should also try to help people in the Facebook groups and Twitter chats. That would be the true essence of engagement.

d) – Offer them paid services

Once in a while, remind people about your paid service. This is what you do for a living. In fact, create a ‘Hire Me‘ page on your personal website or blog. You can link to it in your blog post to let people know about it. Don’t keep on sharing that ‘hire me’ page on social media. Always remember, that ‘hire me’ page isn’t the value, but rather a communication medium. The value is what you publish and tell people that solve their problems.

Also check this: How to Start Selling Your Personal Brand

The topic comes down to selling, which means I need to shed some light on the transactional side of the topic. The topic is wide enough to be specifically discussed but I’ll try to keep it simple and short.

Do you know Darren Rowse of sells his e-books through e-junkie?

You can do it too.

If you don’t have resources like Muhammad Gohar Shafique who created Eccountant, Ivoke, and, then don’t worry about it because you’ll get there someday…

Think about today…

Take some inspiration from Marcie Hill and Lori Hil.

Both are freelance writers. They have their websites and doing incredibly well out there.

Start with something. Start with anything.

Always remember this quote:

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” -Arthur Ashe

4) – Sell Direct Ads on your Blog

This is becoming interesting.

One of the ways of surviving without a Google Adsense account is by selling direct ads on your blog.

This seems really interesting to me.

I’d definitely try this one at some point in my blogging career.

The idea is simple. You and your advertiser (client) come together and decide the terms and conditions via email or skype to place a banner ad for a specific time period on your blog. This would be of any size depending upon the blog design and offering. Most of the times, I’ve seen the direct ads in two sizes:

1) – 125×125
2) – 250×250

It’s totally up to you what you offer.

Now come down to the tools that we can utilize in this. OIO Publisher, ADS PRO, and WP Pro Advertising are few of the popular tools that we could use in this process. However, you can do it the other way around as well. If you want to manage it otherwise by just placing a jpeg image with a hyperlink to the advertiser’s site, that’s fine with me. Those tools actually make the process easier and efficient, that’s all.

If you haven’t been able to come across BuySellAds or PublicityClerks, you could try them as well. These are pretty much direct ad networks and you’ll meet potential advertisers there once your blog is approved on these networks.

As I said, you got to have some traffic and momentum going on, then the options are wide enough.

Tip: Build your email list because it’s your community of loyal readers.

Once you put money behind the back and get your head straight into the blogging process — you’d definitely figure out something about your blog monetization. There are many ways to make money off of a blog.

All you need is to know:

– Who to target
– How to reach out
– What to say
– How to engage
– How to inspire

Because people survive anyway…

Some of them learn a life-changing lesson while others take more time in doing that. Either way, they get through at some point. That’s good to find out actually.

How to get it done

The best way to get it done properly is by starting out creating an advertising page on your blog, and then choose what tool you want to use for banner ads placement. The tools that I’ve mentioned are quite popular… (I haven’t tested them personally…but I reckon they’re good because they are popular)

Once you set up all this. Make sure you have a properly verified account for your payment system so that your payment transactions come without any hassle.

Your Part

Now it’s your turn to respond.

I’ve tried to boost your morale.

I want you to keep going.

We all face hurdles and pitfalls.

The purpose of this post is to help you realize that nothing can stop you…

You still got this and you can definitely fight back and make a living through your blog.

So tell me something…

How would you survive without a Google Adsense account?

Do you want to receive whatever I send out to my subscribers?

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Disclaimer: Some of the links in the blog post might be affiliate links. If you click through and buy the product, I get a small commission, but it won't cost you any extra money. Read the disclosure section before making any decision.


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