How I Turned My Profitable Business into a Personal Brand – Part 3

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It’s 2016.

I’ve reduced my freelance writing commitments.

Yes. It sounds horrible.

You might be thinking that I’m crazy.

Have you heard about the greater good?

If yes, that’s exactly what is happening here…

Now, if my clients read this article before I try to explain them a bit — they’ll be SURPRISED.

In fact, I didn’t touch the freelance work in December and told them that I’m cutting off the freelance clients and see what happens…

I know I can’t leave them right away… Obviously, they depend on my content creation.

But, at some point, I have to stop this… 

I’ll discuss that very soon.

The next part is cool.

This 3-post series explained my blogging and freelance writing career journey. I hope part-3 will help you understand what exactly is going to happen next.

I want to tell you something very honestly!

I’m not sure it’s going to work or not, but I don’t want to hesitate.

Told you, I’m a DECISION MAKER…

Personal branding secrets

Things I Will Do Now

These are certain things I may focus from now on as I’ve decided to build my profitable personal brand:

1. Publishing Content

The continuous content publishing is a must-do thing in content marketing. When it comes to personal branding, you brands should keep pumping USEFUL CONTENT and VALUE to the prospects and target audience. Not only will I publish content on my personal blog, but also on the other platforms such as LinkedIn Pulse and Medium.

2. Guest Posting

In addition to that, I’ve decided to write a few guest posts as well. It helps you build your audience when you publish content on someone else’s blog. It works because you step out of your platform and go to someone else’s site to write for other’s blog. It introduces you to the new people. So, I will try to get 2 to 3 guest posts published every month. I won’t guest post for link building or a backlink. People normally provide a dofollow backlink. I don’t want that. I want my NAME and FACE under my written content on others’ blogs.

3. Selling Sponsorships

This is something special. In order to pay the bills, I have to make money off of my blog. So, I will try to sell adverts (banners) on my blog. A single banner ad with a single sponsor for a month might be a good proposition. There is nothing decided yet. I don’t want to put banner ads on my blog which is why I have to put barely one banner ad on my blog… but, as I said, nothing is decided yet. It might be a 250x250px banner. Let’s see what happens with that thing.

4. Consultancy

This is really a cool idea, and will be one of the top priorities. I continuously engage startups and brands. I advise them about content marketing and they appreciate my words. I meet them through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Anyone can do that, do it when you’ve already figured out what to SAY to them. Be a GIVER. Give them a free advice. Help them succeed with your IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS, and CONTENT. When they’ll start noticing you, some of them might talk to you and ask for further consultancy. Who knows what happens after that!

Just be sure that you have a clear idea about your expertise.

If you’re a graphic designer, you have to engage the brands related to art, design, and graphics in order to engage them with your value proposition. If you’re a software engineer, you have to engage the software development companies. The RELEVANCY is the huge key…

What You Can Learn

If you analyze my blogging, adaptability, and journey, you’ll find out that I kept on going. I didn’t stop and I found out that at the end of the day what matters is the CONSISTENCY because it keeps you on the track. In fact, there are certain things you should take away from this 3-post series on my blog:

Continuous Learning 

I’m a learner. I don’t stop learning. This is my key to get better and better. I believe that learning doesn’t stop ever. So, I try to learn things every single day.

Delivery of Value 

One of the biggest lessons you should learn from my business model is the delivery of value. I try to help as many people as I can. I’m building my email list where subscribers get exclusive content, tips, suggestions, and products for free. I help them build their online presence.

Personal Branding

It begins from your domain name, personal site, and establishing a business around your personal name. The opportunities are massive out there. Once you figure out what’s your domain (of work) is, you can surely dig in further.

Target Audience

I figured out that my target audience is individuals who want to build their personal brands. They might need a web hosting service, a web themes seller, a bunch of online tools, a page builder, an email marketing service, an email automation tool, and a landing page service. Such services help people in starting and establishing their personal brands.

Customer Engagement

I use BLOGGING and SOCIAL MEDIA for customer engagement. I’ve had a number of customers in the pocket who started engagement through my blog writing and social media discussions. I should have done this sort of engagement three years back, but I learned the hard way.


I’ve explained that what my personal brand is, what I am going to do, and how I want to make money now. Money is the byproduct of SUCCESS.

[bctt tweet=”The success is, people value your opinions and companies want you to use their products. #entrepreneurship #success”]

When your TALKS and CONTENT start CHANGING LIVES, that is SUCCESS.

I’m glad things are going that way…

I don’t want to stop. People are signing up to my newsletter. They want to hear from me. I love this. I can’t wait to help them build their profitable personal brands. I share my story and experiences all the time because storytelling brings LESSONS, and that is something which helps.

You can build your personal brand. It’s easy.

Just find out what you know very well or what you can do that can help others.

Polish your expertise. Start delivering value to the audience (even for FREE)…

I will teach you that how you can make a ton of money off of your personal brand, but before that you have to FIND YOUR PERSONAL BRAND out of your personality.

What’s your passion which can help you develop your personal brand?

— — —

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