6 Writing Tips Every Blogger Should Follow

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This is a guest post from Umair Akram.

The writing tips that every blogger should follow, learn, and adapt could be a turning point in a blogger’s career. The content writing has been an important part of the blogging, in fact, the most important part.

If you’re new in blogging, you might face a problem while writing your blog.

Trust me, you are not alone, most of the newbie bloggers find writing content a difficult thing…

In fact, they face a number of problems such as:

  • Procrastination
  • Writer’s Block
  • Lack of value-driven Ideas
  • Grammar Mistakes
  • Content-Length
  • Storytelling
  • Readers Engagement

John Rampton wrote an article on Entrepreneur.com.

He also discussed the procrastination. He believes that successful writers don’t do this.

You might be thinking that how they (top bloggers) survive!


Sometimes it becomes too easy and sometimes it looks so difficult!

Isn’t it?

When your mind is fresh, you create productive and effective content.

When you’re happy, you get the ability to create storytelling content (because you brain looks fresh).

There is always a time when you feel distracted while working, and it is one of those time when you are unable to create content…

James Clear also shared the daily routines of successful writers.

How to Achieve the Productivity in Content Creation

Have you heard the term “Growth Hacking”?

It’s a management growth and productivity improvement terminology being used where the importance of ‘productivity and growth’ of a brand needs to be discussed.

You might have heard it.

But, have you heard about “Brain Hacking”?

Would you believe that you can control the productivity of your brain by taking a control on the certain situation?

It’s actually a process of improving brain’s performance, productivity, and approach.

Today, I am going to tell you 5 hard-earned tips – you can use to get the maximum level of performance with your brain. You can use these tips while writing content for your blog in order to stay super productive. These tips prevent your brain from getting tired.

Who doesn’t want to be fresh?

Who doesn’t like to be efficient?

These tips are not only for bloggers, in fact, they can be helpful everyone no matter what.

writing tips to follow

So let’s start exploring those hacks:

1. Don’t work in a disturbing environment

When you are writing content for your blog, always try to work in an environment which suits you and in which you feel relaxed. You should never work in an uncomfortable environment.

Because, a small thing could distract you when you see that you’re not being productive, it will derail your passion to continue the work.

The writing is one of those things which can’t be done in a gathering. So, don’t do this.

Being a content creator or a blogger, you have to consider a number of things such as readers’ engagement, delivery of value in the content, SEO factors, and much more things…

Even though, small problems around you could be devastating.

Is your chair comfortable enough?

Are lights okay in your room?

Does traffic noise bother you at your office?

Is your room a bit exposed?

Your keyboard should be on an appropriate height so that you get tired while working at home or office.

2. Don’t write when you are tired

Always be sure that you are fresh while writing…

Your blog is your property and you can’t take it for granted. Don’t write content on your blog if you are tired.


A tired brain can’t do the same level of work which a fresh brain does.

There could be three disadvantages of writing your blog while you’re tired:

  1. Grammar Mistakes
  2. Awkward Sentence Making
  3. Meaningless Content

These things could hurt your blog’s reputation as well as blog’s SEO ranking.

If you’re not comfortable with writing at some point, go for a break. You can eat some snacks, take a bath, or try to get some sleep… even a cup of coffee might work.

The experts say that you should not work when you’re not feeling well… probably because the brain gets so much pressure while the body’s ability to work is not the same.

When it comes to writing, it just soaks the brain.

Sleep well. If your sleeping routine is disturbed, it can make you anxious and you won’t be able to perform well while writing your blog.

3. Take short breaks regularly

Many fitness experts & doctors recommend to taking some short breaks during your working hours. This can help you to be calm and to keep your mind more productive. You should definitely take breaks while writing your content.

Beware that taking too many breaks or long breaks could be distracting…

You can forget about what you were writing, what ideas were in your mind…

One of the solutions is to make an outline of the whole article or blog post before leaving the desk so that you don’t miss out any point even after a couple of breaks. You can write them in a notepad file or on a paper — the purpose is to make a note…it’s something you don’t want to forget.  

Breaks are important for writers, so are for any other professional.

4. Don’t work late night

Some of you might not agree with this.

The writers tend to move along with their own schedules.

They set up their routine as they feel comfortable.

This is one of the most honest tips ever that I am going to share with you guys from my personal experience. If you are writing content for your blog, you should never write it late night.


Working at night means you might get sleepy at time…

This makes you think about to quit your work as soon as possible and go to bed for sleep.


You might not be able to concentrate very well.

Of course, it would stop you from focusing on your content quality. You might end up with a low-quality content. It’s better to write the next day than forcing your brain to finish it at any cost.

Many Probloggers recommend working in the day time. Maybe, it is because we are more active and productive at day time as compared to the night.

5. Keep distractions away

One of the important things of being productive as a writer is work on a distraction-free mode. Make sure you get rid of all type of things that can distract you from writing your blog. This includes e-mail notifications, social media notifications, and other PC sounds, even for a short span of time.

I personally recommend you to close all the unwanted tabs in your browser window. Don’t keep following websites and softwares opened while writing your blog:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Skype
  • Hangout
  • Outlook/Thunderbird

If you want to be super-productive during the writing hours, you should take some time off of these softwares and websites… You might feel a difference in your writing.

I agree on the importance of Social Media

Being a blogger, you have to be helpful, social, and available for others, but your writing is your precious art and your best help for others.

6. Don’t forget to revise your content

Things are not always the perfect first time. Therefore, same is the case with your blog posts… If you’re a blogger then you know this that proofreading is extremely important… this applies for both blogging and content writing. When you have finished writing a blog post for your blog, it’s not over yet.

Before publishing it on your blog, you must have to review it.

A reader won’t like to read a blog post full of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Use Grammarly tool to improve your grammar. It’s a great online tool which helps bloggers and writers in detecting their grammar mistakes.

Try to make sentences and paragraphs shorter to make it easy for the readers.

I personally recommend doing at least 2 to 3 revisions of your blog post. So you get the perfect content ready to be published on your blog.

The Last Part

These writing tips are not just for reading… It has been seen that successful writers have different rituals and habits which make them successful.

The success hack for writers in this post is that they should learn and adopt from the successful writers.

You don’t have to write 5000 words each time as a successful writer or blogger.

All you have to do is write with the passion and mission.

If you’re a blogger, it doesn’t mean that your focus is just writing. There are many other things that could play a role in improving your writing… maybe, go for playing tennis as well.

Do whatever it takes to make your mind fresh and clear.

Use tools like Flipboard or Feedly to read latest content from world’s top websites and blogs.

Use Stitcher app to listen to the podcasts.

These writing tips are simple, maybe, very simple… but it might start making a small difference in your work.

My ideas may be a little crazy, but, believe me; these crazy things helped me in improving my blogging.

What would you change in your blogging career to make it better?

Tell me, please.

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