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The 500-Word Guide to Writing Ultimate Blog Post Titles

Writing the ultimate blog post titles is an art. It’s true that great blog posts have incredible blog post titles, which is why I planned to walk you through the process of creating the best blog post titles — and interestingly—I’ve tricked myself to do that in 500 words.

Everyone wants to write the best content for obvious reasons — no matter what your blog post topic is — the blog post titles are the real attention-seeker.

You have to admit this.

You often find top bloggers and content marketers making great blog post titles, and their articles rank well in the search…


It is not that simple…

They rank well in the search engines not because they make perfect blog post titles, instead, ranking higher in the search engines requires a number of things. The post topic, content quality, content size, backlinks, internal linking, social media sharing, and blog’s authority are the aspects that work simultaneously… 

Ultimate Blog Post Titles

4 Factors of Writing Ultimate Blog Post Titles

These factors might look a no-big-deal. In fact, these factors can take your blog to the next level. Once the readers start finding these fundamental elements, your blog will start getting traction which will take your blog off the ground.

Take a look at the factors that influence the blog post titles:

1. Utility

It’s what you have got. What’s in the bag?

Be ready to give your best shot. The utility is the value readers are getting out of your blog post. Every time you complete your blog post, ask yourself some questions such as:

Have you given some useful information in this blog post?

Will it change someone’s life?

Will it really help the audience?

Once you start asking yourself such questions, you’ll feel the heat of responsibility… That heat will force you to GIVE more to the audience.

2. Help

Analyze it. Is it helpful?

If your intention is to fill up the page, you won’t be focusing on the HELP factor.

The size of a blog post will not matter, even the team at YouMoz believes the same.

When you start pursuing the number of words, you miss out the HELP factor.

Remember, your blog post is successful if it is understandable and helping others.

3. Clarity

Clarity is how well you have decorated your ideas and views.

Is your message clear enough to be understood?

Have you transferred your thoughts the right way?

Content Marketing Institute published a useful article on Content Quality. They described ‘Clarity’ as one of the qualities of the content.

4. Fulfillment

One of the key elements of making a great blog post title is the fulfillment.

When you DELIVER value in your content, you feel satisfied…

And, it also shows with the feedback of your readers that you’ve done a good job.

Feel it.


Keep it short, simple, and clear.

The responsibility is bigger than you think. 

Create to Engage. Write to Deliver.

This should be your goal of blogging and writing.

Be precise with your titles.

How would you create your blog post titles now?

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Ramsay wrote a better blog post on this topic. You might want to read that one too. Here is the link

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  1. Hi! Hassaan,

    Hope your are doing fine with your blog. Even your blog post proves your hard work and shows that you are doing with your blog.

    You have written an awesome blog post about the Headlines and Titles. Titles is a first chance to attract a reader to our blog. That’s why a Title must have to be catchy and attractive in order to attract maximum visitors.

    According to a study conducted by an Authority blog, Titles with more than 2 Power words will get less shares than the Titles with 1 Powerword like Effective, Killer, Top in them.

    BTW, Thanks for Sharing this awesome blog post with us. Sharing it with my blog readers.

    ~ Umair Akram

    1. Thanks, Umair.

      I appreciate your input and especially your views about my viewpoint. The idea was to keep in short, catchy, and simple. It is easy to expand a post in order to deliver the message in a broader perspective —- but, I found it a little challenging to keep this in 500 words.

      Again, the idea was to write a 500-word note in a blog post form.

      Thanks for coming and leaving your comment.

  2. Hello Hassan,

    This is my very first time of dropping by your blog, i must say you are doing a great job here, keep it up!

    You have written an awesome 4 Factors for writing ultimate Blog Post Titles. Headlines and Titles are very crucial in attracting audience as they are the first chance for attracting a reader to our blog.

    Therefore, titles must be catchy, attractive and at a glance summarizes what the post is all about. visitors.

    – Emebu

    1. Emebu,

      Thank you so much for your visit. I appreciate the input you’ve provided. I’m so curious about blog post titles, which is why I keep on learning the art of making blog post titles.

      I don’t say that I’m good at it, but yes, working on it.

      We bloggers, work so hard to deliver something valuable in our content, you know that, but I believe all that headache and hustle should begin with a mesmerizing and fantastic blog post title.

      Thanks for the visit and keep coming back, please!

      Thanks, again!

  3. Hi, Hassaan,

    When I saw 500-Word Guide, I was definitely going to check this out…awesome post, congrats on hitting the nail on the head with this, excellent indeed!

    Love the fact that you “tricked yourself” into doing it in 500 words. 🙂

    Absolutely love the inclusion of clarity and help; although seemingly simple, I’m surprised at the bloggers who don’t include these factors in their published content.

    I am a bit surprised to see the word utility used for value, and had to stretch my head a bit to understand, but it’s all good!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend. Spreading the word…

    Carol Amato

    1. Hi, Carol!
      Thank you so much for the comment. Your comments are always helpful. I’m glad you liked the idea. I wanted to do something different and it just came into my mind like a 500-word guide….Normally when we talk about a guide, it makes us think about 1,500 to 3,000 words article…

      But I planned to keep it short, precise, and to the point.

      And, yes, I don’t know why I used utility instead of value…maybe, it was something random that came out.

      Thanks for the valuable comment.

  4. Hey Hassaan,

    You make some quality points. I am working on my titles right now. Putting a bit of time on them each day. Because you are so right when you say, “your blog post title is the first sign which shows either you can or can’t”. Also I know this to be true because I am drawn to posts by there title (I wonder how many wonderful posts I have missed because of this).

    I am also guided by particular people and I try and change who stands out to me each week, in order to grow.

    My question before I hit the publish button (because I take passing over of or sharing information – very seriously), I may joke and be the fool, I may come across as whatever, but sharing information I take very seriously. It is an honour and pleasure for someone to read my work. But back to it, before I hit the publish key – I ask myself – would I want to read your own work.

    Thanks for the post.


    1. Hi, Rachel!

      I’m so glad you liked my post. You know, I remember back in 2010-11, I used to create a list of titles for at least next two months… Besides writing my posts, I keep on updating my next blog post titles (list)…

      It was just an exercise to come up with the better blog post topics (titles actually)…

      You’re right, everyone should think once before hitting the publish button… I try to do this, and literally try to add relevant tools, related articles, and images (where necessary) just to make sure that my content should help someone.

      Thank you for your valuable comments.

  5. Hi Hassan,

    Good to be back, and over at your blog after my break 🙂

    Interesting indeed, as to how you managed to write all of this down within 500 words! I must learn this art, as my comments in itself go beyond this much of a word count, so when I read your title it sure pulled us here, which just goes to prove your post – an effective title.

    However, as you mentioned, it’s not only an eye pulling title that works, though it will bring readers from the search engines if your post ranks good there. But it makes readers stay to read till the end and turn them to return visitors, only if it gives them meaningful content, which they would love coming back to, isn’t it?

    Additionally, keeping it short, simple and effective is the key, and if we can do that, alongside providing value through our content, we are on the right path

    Thanks for sharing – have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Ma’am,

      Thank you so much for the precious comment on my article. I’m extremely happy that my post title convinced you to open the article. I’m actually learning this art, I observe titles, I create, of course — Just trying to get better at this.

      Even though, I’m focusing on the storytelling as well, but yes, blog post title is something that pulls the reader.

      The purpose was clear. Use the power and traction of blog post titles.

      You’re absolutely right, a title might get you visitors, but those visitors need to be converted into subscribers or happy readers (who share content on social media)… And that is only possible with ‘helpful’ and ‘meaningful’ content. I added the HELP and UTILITY subheadings in the factors and your input guarantees that these factors are quite essential for making the content worth reading.

      Thanks again, and I’m hopeful you will visit my blog again.

  6. Hi Hassaan!

    Some nice tips you put together here. You should honestly never underestimate the importance of a headline. I also had to learn how to write good headlines and i still struggle from time to time. I used to go ‘too smart’ with my headlines. You are right that simple and clear with a benefit is best.

    Thanks, Ilka

    1. Ilka,
      Thank you so much for reading this blog post. I believe storytelling, drama, and excitement begin from a catchy headlines.

      No matter how valuable and interesting you content is, if you’re not using a great headline, you are certainly making a mistake.

      Thanks for adding your point of view.

  7. Hi Hassan,

    Very important topic you discuss here today and is one that certainly determine the success of any copy.

    If an article headline sucks, that’s it! The rest of the body content doesn’t get read at all, or at most only two out of possible ten visitors will consider taking a look at the body.

    I like your four elements to a successful content headline, they are right on to it.

    Thanks for sharing, and besides seems my first visit to your blog.

    1. Hello, Shamsudeen!

      Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate you’ve given your time to my article. I thought to share something from the bottom of my heart… in fact, I thought to deliver one of the important things about writing a copy in a short span of time.

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