The Best SEO Strategy to Follow in 2016

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The best SEO strategy for 2016 would be something that will stay a little longer. We’ve been seeing SEO experts and digital marketers for a long time, and they are preaching their methods and sharing search engine marketing tactics.

Who to follow, what to do, what to adopt, and what to leave behind?

For me, I think Brian Clark is the best Internet marketer who uses the best SEO strategies. I also look up to guys like Neil Patel, Dharmesh Shah, Darren Rowse, and Rand Fishkin.


It’s because they practice what they preach!

These guys are smart marketers. They’ve been in the game for over a decade. They built up businesses that stood the test of time.

That’s why they are good at what they do. That’s why people respect them. That’s why you see their names pop up everywhere. And that’s why their online ventures continue to flourish against the constant changes Google makes to its search algorithm. These guys must be using the best SEO strategy.

Do you want to know the SEO strategy that’s helping these guys make millions of dollars per year?

You’ll find it right in this article.


In this article, I will share with you the best SEO strategy you should be using right now!

Are you just a blogger and focusing on building an audience?

Are you a small business owner?

Are you a freelancer?

Let’s admit it.

We all need to know about SEO.


We have to take our companies and personal brands to the next level.

How Content Marketing Will Help You Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business

Permit me to ask you this question:

Why are you searching for the best SEO strategy?

Isn’t it because you want to promote your business, your blog, or your e-commerce site?

Okay. Fine.

Yes, you can do that. The best SEO strategy is to fully embrace content marketing. The content marketing is the secret of successful marketers. As you might have heard a dozen times “content is king”.

Many marketers have done it. They started small, kept on grow, and one day they discovered that they are millionaires. They embraced content marketing. And it didn’t disappoint them.

Content marketing is what helped Copyblogger acquire over 100,000 customers. It’s what turned Moz into a multi-million dollar business. Content marketing is what turned Hubspot into a billion-dollar business, now listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It’s what I’m doing right now.

Embrace content marketing and it will help you build the trust with your customers. Content will continue to bring people back to your website. Content will help you build a strong and active presence on the social media. It will tell people that you’re an expert in your niche, and in what you do.

Content marketing provides both short-term and long-term benefits. It is the best SEO right now. It has been the best marketing strategy right from the beginning of the web. It’s still the best today. And it will continue to be the best in the years ahead.

Now, the question is how can you fully embrace content marketing? What should you do if you want to become a multi-million marketer?

Best SEO Strategy to Follow in 2016

Content Marketing Starts with Research – A Crucial Step

Today, we live in a marketing world where content marketing is no longer an option but a necessity for whoever wants to succeed in selling online. Now, it’s harder to succeed because almost everyone in your niche is doing it. You need to stand out.

How do you stand out in the world full of contents?

There’s one thing you have to do, it’s called research.

You need high-quality content to stand out and stay on top of your competitors. But there’s no way you’ll create a high-quality content without embarking on a painstaking research.

The first thing you must do is understand your objectives:

Why are you creating this content?

What are the problems you want to solve with this content?

What do you want to accomplish with this content?

The right answers to these questions will help you stay on track on your journey to building a million dollar business.

For example, your purpose of writing content might be to get more people to see your products. The problems you want to solve with your content might be to help your audience understand the difference between Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 10. Your goal might be to sell anti-virus software that helps their computers run faster and shield them against web trojans.

[bctt tweet=”Research is the key to succeeding in content marketing” via=”no”]

What it does is, it helps you to create the best content on a given topic.

When you research, you’ll discover that your competitors had created similar content you have in mind. What you should do next is, look at their pages and analyze things you can improve, remove, and add to make your content better. Your goal is to create the best content that your target audience can’t find elsewhere.

Search engines are looking for the best content to show their users who are your target customers. So when you create the best content, you are sure that you’ll get the better search visibility than your competitors.

Employ Agile Marketing

Content marketing may look like just the creation of content, later on, you wait and relax for people to come in, but content marketing is more than that. You have to be agile if you want to succeed in content marketing.

Publishing high-quality content is not enough to help you succeed.

You have to go out there and promote your content too.

You have to put your content in front of the right audience.

You have to put your content in front of influencers and make them share it so that it can reach more people.

Simply creating content and folding your hands won’t help you at all.

So what’s agile marketing?

Below is my simple layman definition:

[bctt tweet=”Agile marketing is the process of taking advantage of real-time events to achieve the higher visibility.” via=”no”]

That’s a simple, sexy, and short definition.

Below is a perfect example of agile marketing in action copied from E-consultancy.


Screenshot source:

Back in 2013, Nokia tweeted about Apple’s plan on iPhone models in the different colors. It got attention. Nokia used the hashtag #Apple.

Now, I believe you know how agile marketing works. It’s a powerful strategy for driving attention to your website, brand or store.

Agile marketing doesn’t only work on Twitter; in fact, it also works on Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest too. It’s so effective that it can drive a flood of traffic to your blog as well.

Create Content that Converts

The purpose of SEO is to drive visitors to your website. And like I said above content marketing does that best. It’s a powerful SEO strategy.

But you have a BIG problem if your content is not converting those visitors into the customers or subscribers of your blog.

Search engines hate to see people leave your blog and return to their search results so quickly. It tells them that their users didn’t like your blog page. They may want to down-rank your blog because of this.

Search engines are happy when they send someone to your blog and that person spends 30 minutes or 1 hour reading your blog post. It tells them that the user is happy and will want to come back to them.

The goal of your content shouldn’t be to just provide information to the user – it should do more. It should send the search user to other interesting content on your blog. It should refer the user to other nice contents on the web. It should make the user buy your product. That’s the goal of a good content.

To stay ahead in the SEO game, you need to ensure that people who visit your site are happy with what they see.

How do you do that?

Your content needs to breathe some emotions in order to motivate people.

For example, if a mother stumbles upon your page, your content should make her feel like a good mother. Your content should make her feel like a proud mother. Your content should motivate her. So, motivating her make her stay glued to your blog.

There are many emotions you can use to motivate people. You can use joy, fear, trust, pity, pride, and courage – think about an emotion a mother could have and use that in your content.

Another effective tactic for making people stay longer on your pages is adopting the “urgency” strategy. You want people to perform a specific action like subscribe to your newsletter or download your free ebook. You will have to create a form of urgency that will make people want to do what you want them to do.

For example, if it’s an ebook, you can say that your ebook is only free for the first 100 people. Any person who sees that will want to download it before you start charging a price for your ebook.

You’re doing this to ensure that anyone who lands on your blog doesn’t go back (at least not quickly). If you can keep people on your blog for long, then your site will rank high on search engines.

Promote Your Content

Content promotion is critical to your success. If you really want to be successful online, you have to invest 80% of your time into the content promotion. This is where many people get it wrong and fail as a result.

You need to promote your content like a boss.

How do you promote your content like a boss?

A simple strategy I’ve often seen in use is asking influencers for a quote you can put into your content. You will then reach out to them when the content is published.

What you do is ask them to tweet your content link on Twitter or share it with their fans on Facebook. This strategy works like a magic. It can drive massive traffic to your blog because the followers of that influencer will want to read your blog post.

Another effective strategy is contacting people who have shared similar content before and asking them to share your content too. You can use a tool like Topsy to get the twitter handles of people who had tweeted similar posts before. Some people leave their blog address on their Twitter profile. So all you do is visit their blog and contact them directly. Tell them about the amazing content you just published and ask them to share it with their followers. It’s normal if all of them don’t share your content, but I’m sure some will certainly be happy to share your content. It’s a numbers game.

The more social shares you get, the more visitors you’ll receive, and the higher your content will rank in the search engines.

You should also share your content on communities like Triberr, Blog Engage, and These sites will help your content get more eyeballs.

I’ve just shared the best SEO strategy with you. The best SEO strategy doesn’t involve chasing the links or writing in-depth content all for the sake of SEO.

Good SEO is all about providing value to the real people. It means delivering superb content on a regular basis. That’s the kind of SEO strategy that will help you build a multi-million dollar online business.

So, tell me…

What type of SEO Strategy would you adopt for 2016?

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