6 Ways to Find the Best Content on the Internet

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Finding the best content could be challenging for anyone. An ordinary internet user would google to find out the solutions and ultimately the content he wants to read. If just Google could have done everything for us, we may not be looking for many different online solutions.

It’s true that Google has made the search easier than ever.

But, it doesn’t mean that everything happens on Google.

Why do you connect with friends on Facebook?

Why do you follow your favorite celebs on Twitter?

Why do you like to upload pictures on Instagram?

Why do you create a professional profile on LinkedIn?

So, everything has its own importance. Right?


I literally found the searching for best content little challenging.

Then I kept on looking for different ways to find the fresh and good quality content on the internet.

Luckily, I found out about 6 methods to find the best content on the internet.

Just to keep things clear, let me assure you, there could be much more ways/tools to find the best content on the internet— I’m sharing only 6 because I found these 6 more comfortable and useable for everyone around.

Ways to Find the Best Content on Internet

So here we go:

1. Facebook Search

Facebook Search might not be something you really use other than finding the old friends or looking for a facebook page to like. The last time you might have used the Facebook Search for finding the groups to join…

facebook search

But you didn’t necessarily use Facebook Search for finding the content to read.

I did.

And, I was stunned.

It’s true that Facebook shows up the results based on the content being shared on Facebook from the people associated with your account… It doesn’t actually crawl the data like search engines to find it for you. Never mind.

Facebook is probably the number one social media networking site with millions of active users.

You might find a lot of content which you just missed when you were offline and your friends or people you follow shared on Facebook.

2. Google+ Search

Google+ Search is pretty much like twitter search. It’s HASHTAG based and probably more in-depth than Facebook Search. The primary reason for that is its nature which is hashtag based.

Google Plus search platform

Once you start using the Google+ Search in your daily routine, you will find out the potential in it.

Not only does it help you to get engaged with your niche, but it also makes you find out the latest trends of content creation.

You get to know what people in your niche are doing… you figure out easily that what type of content is being published, liked, and shared!

From top Google+ hashtags to the latest published content – Google+ has a lot to offer which might help bloggers to meet the new audience using this social media platform.

CircleCount is a Google+ Analytics tool which helps brands and professionals to identify the audience and its engagement level.  It’s one of the popular Google+ Analytics and Statistics tools to use.

3. Topsy

Topsy is one of the popular twitter management tools to analyze the insights of your content to find the popularity on Twitter. It reviews your site or article to exactly tell you who shared your content on Twitter and who are the influencers among them.

topsy tool to find content shareability

It works like a social search engine which monitors the social sharing activity of the content. It allows you to search the links, videos, tweets, photos, and influencers from the search type.

This tool is available in English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, and few more. So, it’s an easy way to find out your twitter’s popularity. You will be able to see that you shared your article.

4. Nuzzel

Nuzzel is a social media tool to find out the news and happening around your social media fans. Access the Nuzzel using your Facebook or Twitter account.

nuzzel tool to find content

It helps you to find out what your friends on Twitter and Facebook are sharing – It helps a lot to keep an eye on your social network – you might have missed a lot when you were away from your social media accounts. Nuzzel helps you to keep in touch with your social media surroundings.

Your influencers might have shared something common while you were away, Nuzzel will help you to see that viral tweets and articles.

Not only does it help you to find what others are sharing, it also recommends you to follow the relevant people which might help your social media presence.

5. Pocket

Pocket is a fantastic tool to create a saved items list in your pocket cloud account from your web browser as well as over 800 apps including Twitter and Feedly. The best thing about this app is that it automatically syncs your updates and keep your data up-to-date across the platforms such as phone, tablet, and PC.

pocket tool to find content

It’s a great tool for bloggers and content marketers who are keen to read the articles – they can easily bookmark useful articles to read them later on.

It also provides you a chance to read all saved articles without an internet connection. You can simply use the search feature and find the items by title or URL.

There are two plans of Pocket, you can pick a free plan or premium plan to get started. The premium plan comes with lots of features which aren’t available in the free plan.

6. Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the favorite apps of mine. It’s a content aggregator app which gives a look at the latest content being published across the web. Flipboard has been integrated with top sites to provide the most amazing content in the magazine style to the Flipboard users.

flipboard magazine app

You can opt your favorite topics in order to get your Flipboard account in the best shape for you. After that, you will get the updated content from your categories. You might be a flip away from a bundle of latest and high-quality content across the web.

You can use your Facebook account or email address to create your Flipboard account.

It is something which must be on your Phone or tablet in order to read the latest content from top sources in the world.

Your Part

These were the 6 tools that I thought should be shared with you all. 

You know, tools are always important… you might find an inspirational article that could change your motivational level and even more. 

You should do what you have to do. Keep learning. Keep exploring. 

How do you find new, fresh and amazing content to read?

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