10 Things that Decrease Bounce Rate of Your Website (& Increase Engagement)

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The success of blogs and websites is measured through different scales. It could be the conversion rate, the ratio of visitors & lead generation, or the number of sales. Besides that, early exit (of visitors), not signing up for updates, and leaving the website without any action show the lack of visitors engagement.

In simple words, you’re dealing with a high bounce rate.

You got a website. You want sales.

That’s obvious.

First things first, you need to create a reason to let visitors think to:

  • Stay on your website
  • Click further to go into the details
  • Fill up the Free Signup form
  • Try out your service for free

If you don’t do any of those things, then it’s hard to say that you’ll get through.

Just imagine, why would a cab stop for you, if you’re not on the road to get one?


Let me tell you three very basic steps I personally see (as a consumer) whenever I go for online shopping:

1. Website layout: This is something very basic. A perfectly designed website stops me from going off the website where I seem to be interested in buying something. 

2. The Offering: Offer matters. The price doesn’t attract me in the first place, but the whole package does. I analyze what’s being offered, how, and where. It always helps to figure out what you’re paying and does it worth it.

3. Sales Funnel: I always try to learn and observe that how the sales funnel is being designed to engage, convince, and convert the prospect into the paying customer.

The purpose is very clear here.

You want to reduce the bounce rate and you want to know the things that decrease bounce rate.

Visitors are coming. You’re checking your stats on a regular basis.

bounce rate analysis

Use tool like Google Analytics to find out about site’s bounce rate.

It tells pretty much everything related to your site’s bounce rate. Other recommended tools are KISSMetrics, Piwik, and Clicky.

The increase in bounce rate means the less returning visitors.

So, it means there is a problem either in the offering or design elements on your website.

The different experts use different techniques to fill that gap or even to minimize the difference.

returning visitors

Returning visitors have a liking factor in their mind – either they are waiting for something to happen, arrive or change or they are thinking and keep analyzing about the purchase.

In either case, the behaviors are normal. Customers do such things.

We can’t draw the conclusion that our strategy isn’t working as the ratio of returning visitors is far less than the ratio of new visitors.

Because what matters is the realization.

If you find out where is the gap in your strategy and what you need to do next to reduce that gap – I’m sure, that’s totally fine.

It’s been seen that bounce rate can be reduced, but it requires some changes.

It could be the change of pace or change of strategy.

Results have shown that bounce rate can be reduced.

reducing the bounce rate

Now, what it takes to reduce it, is a different story to understand.

Following are the three changes that can impact on the bounce rate of a website:

1. New Web Design

I’m not the alone who believes in the web design’s impact on the bounce rate.

Neil Patel published a fantastic infographic on the bounce rate. In that infographic, he mentioned website design and layout’s important to reduce the bounce rate, along with many other factors.

Nick Eubanks, The VP of Digital Strategy, W.L. Snook & Associates also believes in the colors and their psychology towards the visitors. He mentioned this in his article on Search Engine Watch.

2. Discount Offer

Customers love the discount.

You won’t believe that they like to visit your website if they find the discount on the service or product they want to buy.

Brands utilize this strategy everywhere. From Facebook ads to Blog Popups, brands want visitors to avail the discount and buy the products.

Take a look at the example:

discount offer on websites

GreeDeals.com sent this offer to the subscribers. They were offering 80% discount on their 1000 icons package… It would have made an impact on their visitors.

3. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best sources of communication between the site owners and readers. Visitors who want to listen from you find that subscription box on your website to sign up…

Websites and Blogs send email newsletters on the scheduled basis to share content, updates, and news.

email marketing offer for ramadan

The famous Islamic holy month Ramzan just started – And, I received an email from Dreamstime.com with an offer of 30% discount on all plans to celebrate the holy Ramzan month.

So the use of Email Marketing Channel can keep you abreast with your subscribers and customers. Email Marketing Services like MailChimp, Aweber, and Mad Mimi are popular among small businesses and brands.

The story doesn’t end here.

There are some top notch methods and things to decrease the bounce rate of websites which are needed to be shared with you at this point. Find out the most convenient, easiest, and applicable ways to reduce the bounce rate on your websites:

Things that Decrease Bounce Rate

1. Popup Opt-in Box

Popup opt-in boxes might be annoying if bombard on the visitors – Use it politely… It will be fine. Although overuse of anything could be dangerous and give negative effect, similarly, popup opt-in box strategy shouldn’t be annoying.

Try to make just a single popup opt-in box per visitor (each day). These changes might be possible from your popup box plugin settings. Find ‘behaviors’ or ‘appearance’ tabs in your plugin settings.

When I used popup opt-in box using Wishpond tool, I found it incredibly useful on my personal blog – as far as conversion rate was concerned, it started showing up higher than all other campaigns within a week.

popup optin box conversion rate

So, I realized that this is the reason why influencers and top marketers focus a lot on popup boxes.

Loz James of ContentChampion also uses the popup opt-in box strategy to engage the audience through collecting their email addresses.

content champion email newsletter

You might like to use some awesome popup opt-in box plugins like Optin Ninja, Chimpy, List Fusion or Layered Popups to start utilizing the popup feature on your WordPress website.

2. Sidebar Newsletter Signup form

Sidebar sign-up form is another important opt-in box for marketers and bloggers in order to collect the emails. Sidebars are important. Readers always look at the sidebar, because it’s a bit psychological. Blogs have sidebars, and bloggers use them.

Although, I removed my personal blog’s opt-in box from the sidebar – I just wanted to make my page loading speed better… You might notice in the previous screenshot in point #1 that campaign ‘HK Blog Sideb’ which depicts my sidebar opt-in form performance, didn’t do very well. So, that was also a reason to remove it.

I might bring it back with a better design or tool – I believe in A/B testing…

You always have to keep testing different models and strategies in order to find the best one. This concept is known as A/B testing. Top bloggers and Content Marketers recommend doing that. And, I agree with them.

Brian Dean of Backlinko has a decent sidebar opt-in form which is attractive, colorful, and engaging. It just attracts you when you visit his blog.

backlinko sidebar

SurveyMonkey also uses sidebar box on their Help Desk Area for sign up purpose to engage the websites visitors, which shows how important is to have a sidebar engagement tool.

 surveymonkey sidebar

3. Chat Box for Support

When the purpose is to decrease the bounce rate which can only be achieved with the visitors engagement – Anything which stops visitors to leave the websites and makes them involved on the site terms as an engagement tool.

The chat box is a similar strategy. The top SAAS companies and online businesses use chat boxes to engage the visitors. MAXCDN utilizes live chat feature to start talking to the website visitors in order to convert the visitors into the leads.

live chat tool

Olark, Zopim, and BoldChat are the famous online chat tools to use on the websites and blogs in order to assist the visitors and prospects.

4. Call-to-Action Button

Call-to-Action button is an essential part of the marketing tool for any marketer, blogger, or entrepreneur. The call-to-action button actually intrigues the visitors to proceed further by clicking on it.

From the involvement of psychology of colors to the selection of right text on the button – everything counts together in order to shape up a perfect call-to-action button.

ContentVerve explained it perfectly about the effect of the slight changes in the call-to-action buttons with changes in the result.

A/B testing becomes essential in this situation when you have to test different models and patterns on the same area to find out which one works best in that situation.






Different cases mentioned by CententVerve to explain what percentage of increase was seen in the conversion rate after making those slight changes in the call-to-action buttons.

Most of the times it is text, somewhere you’d find a slight design change in the button’s style whereas there can be a difference in conversion rate due to the change in the color as well.

5. Ebook or Free Resources Download

One of the ways to stop the readers from leaving your blog or visitors to leave the website is by offering them a free E-book or free resources in order to attract them (visitors).

This isn’t something new. Many top companies and bloggers use this strategy to engage the audience.

RankJane uses an ebook on SEO for collecting emails of website visitors.

ebook offer

Similarly, ContentVerve also uses an ebook strategy to get more email newsletter sign-ups on their website.

contentverve ebook download

It shows that industry’s top players are using this strategy for their audience to notice their offers.

What happens in such offerings is that when a reader signs up to download the ebook or white paper being offered, the subscriber gets into the email list of the company or blogger, and he/she receives the ebook or free resources via email.

6. Clarity of Menus

Pauline Cabrera did it perfectly. Her website’s menu and sidebar are doing pretty much the same job, which is engaging the audience and telling the visitors about the job and her business. Anyone who lands on her website can easily proceed further through the menus mentioned on the header and top right corner of the site.



7. Amazing Web design

The website design matters and a great website works awesome.

Make sure that you have an incredible website design to motivate the visitors to get in touch with you or send an inquiry.

Sanjay Khemlani knows this secret which is why he designed his website creatively. He is a graphic & website designer. He portrayed pretty much clearly through his own website that what caliber he has got.

awesome website design 

8. Discount Offers to Make Readers Interested

We all like discounts. Right?

Who doesn’t like discounts?

The discount offering is one of the strategies to keep the visitors active on the site and avoid them going off the website. In this strategy, the offer really matters… Offer does matter in every strategy we discussed to decrease the bounce rate, but it should really be amazing for this one.

Because, if a visitor doesn’t like the discount or doesn’t take it seriously, then he/she would immediately leave the site.

Make an offer that a visitor can’t refuse.

From Apparels to Electronics, Jewelry to Computers, discounts work everywhere.

This Online Apparel Store offered a discount on men’s apparels and the image shows it clearly in a blog post they wrote:


Discount coupons increase sales not only on the occasions but throughout the season, thanks to some coupons websites that keep posting the discount coupons for buyers.


Check RetailMeNot and DontPayFull.

9. Blog Posts Appearance on Main page

You might be loving your new website design.

You probably got an engaging website layout – a great call-to-action button is helping you to get leads every week – everything looks great.


Do you have blog posts showing up somewhere on your main website?

If not!

Then, you’re missing some readers engagement chances.

Because, blog posts always answer the queries of the readers.

Who knows which visitor might be looking to get some answers which are there in your recently posted articles on your company’s blog – but, there is no way other than a small ‘Blog’ link to get there…

What if someone doesn’t notice that blog link?

It means you will miss some of the readers who would like to go further… maybe, they would have loved your content and subscribed to your updates.

Amy Porterfield knows the importance of this showing blog posts on the main site. She has a sidebar on the main site to display recent blog posts published on her blog.

 blog post display

10. An Engaging and Meaningful Message

Who would disagree on writing a strong message is worth a try on the website?

But, what if a message doesn’t sound interesting?

Then nothing would happen.

In my experience, I’ve seen great messages on the website headers, sidebars, and topbars.

Hellobar, Addthis, and manycontacts are the popular options to place a topbar on the websites and blogs to engage the visitors and turn them into the subscribers.

It’s not about just a topbar where message means a lot.

You’ve got the right tool to use.  It might be a popup opt-in box where you have to write a meaningful message or a sidebar opt-in form to attract the first time visitors.

The content of message counts here.

Neil Patel did it amazingly. His message on the blog is quite different from other influencers.


The unique and attractive message stops the action of the visitor – and gives him/her a reason to stick around for a while and keep digging it further.

What’s your strategy?

Now, It’s your turn.

Tell me what do you think about decreasing the bounce rate on your blog or website.

Look, at the end, right before leaving this page.

There is something I want to tell in two lines:

Use something that helps your readers and helps you to earn the trust of the visitors. When you successfully do that, you get a subscriber or a successful lead who fills up the form to contact you.

Nothing else does matter when you’re clear on how to help your audience.

Engagement strategies are just the ways to express the reasons that you have some utility to deliver (to the visitors)…

Be ready to show them.

What else would you do to decrease the bounce rate of your website?


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