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How to Sell Your Service on Your Blog (to Make Money)

If you’re wondering that how to sell your service on your blog to make money then either you have a product or service to sell—even if you didn’t figure it out yet that what you want to sell, I’m still happy that you want to sell something, because, in either case, you’ve got something.

The purpose matters. Intent should be there.

Things will come your way. See, I planned this blog post weeks back, and now I’m geared up to write this for many people out there looking to make money online.

How is this going to happen?

Probably you’ll be thinking… Ah, it’s not that easy to make money, it takes years to start making thousands of dollars online…

Take tiny steps. Money will start rolling into your pocket.

If you don’t a pocket, then get one.  

People think that there are just a few blog monetization methods to make money such as PPC, CPM or Affiliate Marketing. And, you need hundreds of visitors a day or thousands every month.

Visitors do count, but this blog post doesn’t have anything with no. of visitors to make money, because I’m going to share the exact method of earning which I’m using on my personal blog.

The next part is really important.

My point is to teach and preach you to use your content on your blog to sell a service. There might be a dozen of concerns popup in your mind, for example,

I don’t provide any service,
I don’t know anything about service providing,
I don’t know how to sell any service,
I don’t have a special set of skills to sell,
What possibly would I sell as a service?
This plan can’t work for me,
I’m not the expert of anything,

All I want to say is ‘Just Relax’…

Things will be fine, as long as you keep reading this blog post.

How to Sell Your Service

Which service are you going to sell?

It might look tricky, but trust me, it’s not. Dig in more, find out little bit about your talent, figure out what you like, what do you want to do, what can you cook when mom isn’t home, what tips you mostly give, what type of questions you always answer…

Think about it.

I know people always ask me about Domain Names and Brand Names… even I made a gig on Fiverr about hottest domain names and got an order about domain names. I don’t know how I do this, but I like to suggest names for Businesses and Blogs. Once my friend told me to start an online startup which sells a unique service of giving brand names to the startups… I said it’s not a bad idea, and then I continued writing my content.

It’s not that tough.

Anything which people say ‘wow’ when you offer them can be your next service to sell on your blog.

Maybe you like photography and want to get photography gigs in Los Angeles; you should probably be focusing on that.

Think out of the box.

What people want, but it isn’t in the market yet. Find that empty space to start selling.

[bctt tweet=”Create a service that people find it as their need!”]

For instance, there are probably millions of Facebook advertisers (advertisers who use Facebook Ads Platform) and Facebook provides pretty much detailed insights, data and statistics to manage adverts. is a unique SAAS platform which provides much more detailed stats, data and insights of your Facebook Ads Campaigns. So, they brought something out-of-the-box. I liked the concept. This is what I want to say, bring a service that others don’t offer or not providing that way.

SpoonJoy turned office lunch into a different story in Bangalore, India. This startup offers a variety of fruits, salad, snacks and meals within minutes in the city. They have launched Android app for ordering and processing.

These are pretty much successful startups being funded with venture capital… but remember every great startup comes out of an idea that pops up in the mind.

Take a look at 7 Steps that will help you to understand the concept of selling on your blog:

Step #1: Find your Hidden Talent to Offer

First thing first – Find out what to sell.

It’s up to you, you can’t copy someone. Maybe you’ll find your friend selling his Ebooks on his blog. You shouldn’t be selling the ebooks if you don’t have an interest in making the ebooks.

I removed all banner ads from my personal blog and focused on my Content Writing Service.

I observed an increase of 20% in Content Writing Inquiries after I made a slight change on my blog’s header.

All I did there was an addition of the text message with a link to my service page.

I’m not alone who is doing such kind of customer engagement.

I found out that Bilal Ahmad has done ‘Hire Me’ page experiment earlier [check this].  He also wrote a blog post about selling a service on a blog which makes my point stronger. He added some good examples of famous people in the industry who are using this strategy.

Do you know about Income Diary Blog?

It’s a famous Blogging and Money Making Guide blog. What I like about them is, they spent their time in making Income Diary successful…

Once they have built it, then they launched their Product called ‘Popup Domination’ which is an Email Marketing Newsletter Plugin to get subscriber sign-ups.

Step #2: Mold and Tune-up the Idea

An idea needs to be perfect.

Even you get inspired by someone’s idea, take a look, make slight adjustments and shape up a new one.

Keeping the same as someone else’s one won’t work for you.

Because there must be someone who has already made authority in the space or maybe known for that thing.

For instance, ‘Hire Me Page’ turned out to be a famous trend on the blogs.

Bloggers started adding their Offers through ‘Hire Me’ Pages…

So, when I displayed my hire me page, I changed its text to something else.

 hire me page

And, it worked.

As I said, I observed an increase in the Content Writing Inquiries.

Even I had to refuse some offers because I had a bucket full on my side.

Step #3: Select the Target Audience

Target audience selection is an identification process – You get to realize who you actually need. It helps you save time, energy and money. Have you ever heard Online Marketers saying that 10 targeted and high-quality leads are better than 100 irrelevant leads?

Well, it’s kind of true.

Because, why to waste energy on 100 people who aren’t looking for your product or service. Maybe you will be able to convince 5 out of 100, but it would be hardly 5% success rate, whereas relevant leads of 10 prospects could take your success rate 30 to 50%…

There are three important factors of Target Audience:

1. Audience Type

Recognize your audience type. Once you know who to target and why, things will be easier to proceed. If you’re selling men’s jeans, you would be targeting male buyers probably from age 15 to 60, so that is your target audience.

2. Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords selection is a search engine optimization technique in which long-sized keywords are preferred to use rather than short ones. Long-tail keywords are likely to appear with low-competition. Keywords Tool in Google Analytics tells you about the competition-type for the keywords. Use SEO tools like SEO PowerSuite, HitTail or Long-tail Pro for finding the keywords information.

3. Platforms to Use

Every possible platform should be utilized. Use social media to engage the audience, blog to publish relevant and informative content to attract people etc. Use Buffer to leverage your Social Media Sharing as this service allows sharing of content to multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn easily.

When I started using TweetDeck, I observed an increase of 14% in my twitter followers.

Buffer and TweetDeck are two great tools of my Content Marketing Arsenal.

When you want to sell your product successfully, you have to promise to keep no stone unturned to achieve great results. Social Media would be an essential area to cover, so keep digging out new tools, keep on testing them, and drawing the conclusions about those social media tools.

Step #4: Make a Content Strategy

Selling your service won’t be successful if you don’t utilize your maximum capacity to market yourself. Make your Content Strategy to reach the target audience. Content Strategy defines your target audience, content marketing plan and SEO strategy.

Use Content as a perk to make your SEO easy for your blog or website to reach the audience.  

How to Make a Content Strategy

You’re selling something.

You know this.

Then, it’s simple to draw the sketch of your selling funnel. That funnel would be called Content Strategy, because content will be used as a major tool to sell.

Content Marketing Institute published an article on development of content strategy which explained thoroughly that why a brand needs a content strategy.

MarketingLand published an article revealing the stats of B2B Marketers survey which showed the 35% of brands agreed that they have made their Content Strategy and it’s documented, whereas 48% said they’ve made one, but it isn’t documented yet, 14% said No, and 3% of the brands said they are not sure on this.

content strategy for b2b  

When the purpose is selling (with the delivery of utility in the mind) then Content Strategy revolves around the identification of the benefits of your product/service, so write that up to reach people who actually need your product or service.

Write Persuasive Content that counts.

Step #5: Make Your Offer Count

At this step, when you’ve already figured out your talent to sell, then it’s tuned-up, you’ve selected your target audience and developed the content strategy to proceed, then the next important thing for you would be ‘an offer that counts’…

Without an attractive offer, you won’t be able to pull the audience towards you.

 popup-box on the blog for signup

I liked Jane Sheeba’s popup on her blog ProbloggingSuccess. She has written an offer to engage the audience; not only it attracts visitors, but also helps visitors to learn about online business for free.

When we talk about offer making, we have to make sure that we are talking to the right audience and offering them something they want.

When I placed a Web hosting Affiliate ad on a sports blog just for 2 weeks without any specific mission, I got more than 200 clicks, it means I drove traffic to the web hosting company, but none of them converted to actual sales. I wasn’t disappointed because I knew those people who were visiting a sports related blog were not supposed to buy a web hosting account.   

Have you seen my popup for newsletter signup?

 popup for email newsletter

It doesn’t ask you signup to get my blog posts in your email – Well, honestly, you won’t receive my blog posts in my email newsletter on regular basis, I share what I say in actual…

I share useful tools and websites with my subscribers every week… sometimes after 2 weeks!

The point is about making an offer.

Samar Owais of FreelanceFlyer does the same.


She is extremely good with her blogging and freelance content writing. I liked her idea of placing a big signup box in the header. She explains well that what a subscriber will get after the signup. She guides the audience related to freelance writing.

Step #6: Engage the Audience

Who said selling is easy?

It’s not.

But the steps you take to sell make you smarter than others. When you keep on testing the ways and polishing your strategies, you get to reach somewhere near the success.

And, of course experience drives you to the success.

Audience Engagement is a key step to take. You have to engage the audience no matter what. Give your stuff for free or offer them 24 hours free help.

Make an offer they can’t refuse.

You have to do something better, because there are millions of people out there doing the something to grab the customers, if you do the same, you’ll be standing in the line of millions…

All I’m saying is just stand out from the crowd.

I used Wishpond to make my landing page on, because I had to add a signup box and a message for everyone who doesn’t know that my blog is on another directory (…

Wishpond helped me to setup my landing page, although, it’s a complete marketing toolkit to create popup boxes, sidebar and footer signup boxes, landing pages etc.

Selling doesn’t begin immediately; instead, you need to harvest the audience first.

Use an Email Marketing service like MailChimp, Aweber or MadMimi to start collecting your leads – In fact, gathering the interested people from the crowd who want to listen to you is a great step forward.  

Use OptIn Ninja, Chimpy, List Fusion or Layered Popups to start collecting emails using these optin signup plugins along with your email marketing service.

Shareability of your content is one of the most important elements of your blog’s success. Firstly, create content that gets shared. Once you start doing that, you’ll be able to reach more and more people. People won’t share your content unless you offer them great value in your message.

Use WordPress Plugins like Share This Image, Share Locker, Easy Social Share, and Social Share to let readers share your content on social media.

Step #7: Create Relevant Content

This is the most important one.

Without creating the relevant content, you won’t be able to attract the relevant audience.

For instance, if you’re selling an SEO Service, your content must revolve around the SEO. You would need to keep teaching and preaching your readers about the SEO to finally find some leads and convert them to paying customers.

It’s not just me, Clayton Lainsbury, the CEO of CrowdContent believes the same. He wrote a blog post about using a blog to sell 3 years ago – And, I agree with him. He mentioned some of the valuable points to demonstrate why a blog is necessary to boost your business.

Bob Phibbs emphasized on providing top-notch quality in your products or services in order to achieve customer retention. His ideas to market the product are worth a read.


Your selling won’t work unless you make a start. Once you do start something, add a value into your service which becomes a need of people you know or even you don’t know…

Your content would be worthwhile to support your business idea, when your content would help the readers, and it would only be possible when you’re creating regular content and applying all the tweaks to make it useful and helpful.

So, gear up to select a relevant and suitable service to offer to the audience and start creating content to attract the similar audience which would love to buy your service after reading your content.

Selling isn’t that tough, if you have patience, time and readers engagement strategy.

Would you try to use Content to start selling your service?

Do you want to receive whatever I send out to my subscribers?

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  1. Lots of solid content here Hassan. The only thing I would add is that any blogger needs to build trust before even trying to sell anything. Most bloggers build trust by giving stuff away. It might seem illogical to give stuff away that you could be selling, but the reality is that very few visitors will buy from a site or blogger they do not know.
    It takes time, and you cannot rush things.

  2. Phil,

    Thank you so much for stopping by. You’re right that building trust is very important. It’s about engagement as I discussed in step#6, it depends on how do you engage your audience which helps you to build the trust.

    Audience engagement is extremely important for a blogger. It might take you to offer a heavy discount or giveaway something really useful…

  3. Nice and informative post here Hassaan!

    I especially agree on number 3 – it’s super important to specify your target audience! I would even take it a step further and say that you need to specify a target person; knowing exactly who you’re selling to (age, gender, social status etc.) is imperative to creating the best product for him!

    Nice write-up!

    1. Mathias,

      Thanks for the compliment. Target audience is something really important. It’s necessary for every business entity to understand the type of audience it should reach and why to reach.

  4. Hi Hassan,

    Earning money without having any product and service is great and you showed the way how you done it, I liked WHOA! Need a Content Writer link in the navigation page.

    These are really cool tips which are helpful to bloggers, thank you very much for sharing the information.

  5. Hey Hassan,
    I am here from ABC community.I have read the post and I am thinking to do same as you.Because i think it is a best way to sell your service.Thanks for sharing.Keep it up.

    1. Deep,

      Thank you for the comment. I’m happy that my post is going to help people. Keep visiting and giving your feedback, maybe next time I’ll come with the much better piece to share with you all…


  6. Hey Hassaan,

    Really good post here. I like what you did with step 2. It really makes it stand out and become a focal point. I don’t have a service yet, but I’m working on it. And when I get one, I plan on making it a focal point as well.

    This entire post is awesome. Great stuff.

    – Andrew

  7. Nice post Hassaan. It’s a really exciting to be able to make money from blogging. In some way, I do so right now but I’m looking to expand my reach.
    Thanks for the tips in this post.

    1. Hey David,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m happy you liked my article. You always need to find new ways. I promise you when I’ll feel accomplished, the next day I’m going to do is try out something new.

    1. Thanks, Jaco!

      You should try TweetDeck. It’s a great tool. The best thing is, it helps you to schedule your tweets, plus it gives you a chance to operate multiple twitter functions on the same screen.

  8. nicely done your work. amazing ideas to promote our business on our blog. I like your article and request you to make more articles to promote our business

    1. Wahab,

      Thanks for liking my article. I’m sure it will help you. I promise you that I’ll keep on making blog posts related to business promotion, even you will feel that my next posts will be more on freelancing promotion and empowering bloggers to earn on their blogs through different ways.

  9. Hi Hassan

    Making money on one’s blog is so cool which is why I love the your list on selling a service on your blog most especially using the hire me page.

    Thanks for sharing. A must read for all bloggers.

    1. Gohar bhai,

      Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked my post. Before recommending to others, I did it myself, that made my point even stronger than ever.

  10. Hello Hassan bhai,

    Indeed an informative post! I, undoubtedly, agree with every single thing that you mentioned!

    Without the audience and the right audience, we are just trying to sell something in the crowded market where buyers have no interest. They just look at you and flee away.

    And everyone is doing the same thing with the same tools. Once you develop the will to reach differently, you gotta have to do the things differently. The same approach and the usage are not going to help you.

    It is so right that treat the right audience because it gives you much higher conversions than targeting non-serious and off topic audiences.

    With even proper content stratgy, it takes hell lot of a time to start seeing results. So, key sign is to become persistent and preach what you do and what you love.

    Once again, great content! I picked up some great resources like WishPond! 🙂

    See me often!

    ~ Adeel Sami

    1. Thanks, Adeel Sb,

      I’m grateful, you always encourage me. I’m happy that you have given some time to check my article.

      I try to share and deliver the maximum in every piece of content and tools are essential parts of the useful content.

      Thanks again!

  11. Hi Hassan,
    What a joy to meet yet another wonderful blogger from Pak.
    I am glad that i found this post today at ABC Community and happy to land here. You have a great space here with a lot of quality content. Though I am a bit late here, i am happy that i found you.
    Nice to see my bros. Adeel and Ikechi too here.

    Though i am a part time blogger and planning to go for a full time activity in blogging this post and this place is a suitable and timely one for me.

    I am planning to start a content translation service in which i will be converting very useful posts into the Malayalam Language (one of the most popular language in India) for an affordable rate.
    Keep sharing
    Keep informed.

    1. Hello Philip Sir,

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing your views. I’m honored to have you on my blog.

      I’m glad you have taken blogging seriously. Please, stay connected, advise me wherever you feel something can be improved on my blog.


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