10 Tools to Rank Your Articles Higher than Competition

Do you want to rank your articles higher in the search engines? We all do. That’s right, but you normally don’t get high ranking against your all keywords in the searches or for all articles you publish on your blog.


Well, we aren’t alone on this planet. Others are doing their job too. And you need to respect and accept that. It doesn’t mean that you just walk away from the competition. No way, you have to work hard, plus add up some strategy with your hard work.

I’m not claiming to be an SEO expert because I’m not. I’m just a freelance content writer who is obsessed with content marketing. SEO has its role in content marketing, and I do tweaks related to SEO … but I believe Professionals (of SEO) know way better than me when it comes to SEO.

You should check out Neil Patel’s article on SEO and Content Marketing Explanation. He published that article on KISSmetrics’ blog.

But, as I said, it doesn’t mean we have to stop trying.

Garrett Moon from CoSchedule discussed the relationship of Content Marketing with SEO and I agree with him. (check this)

Brafton published an infographic explaining Why Content is Necessary for SEO, and they are right about SEO and Content Marketing.

ranking of articles higher in the searches

Learn How to Rank your Articles Higher

So cutting things down to show you some SEO Analytics, Management, and Review tools to rank your articles well in the search results, but before that, make sure you know these 5 important factors of articles ranking in the search engines:

1. Well-crafted Content

Without great and helpful content, you won’t be winning the race. Create in-depth, detailed and helpful content for the audience. Writing and adding raw text and detailed dry content might not work for you because when you want to deliver to someone out in the crowd, you have to shape it that way to let him/her find it. Make it attractive yet helpful.

2. SEO Attributes

‘SEO attributes’ is an important perspective to get your hands on if you want to rank your articles higher because without knowing and applying those SEO tricks, you can’t do this job. Make sure you know how to use h1, h2 tags, Title of Pages/Posts, Meta description and keywords addition (not blind stuffing) into the content. 

3. Utility in the tool/content

Utility means your website should be valuable and helpful for visitors if they come to use your website, no matter in what category you are in, try to make it worthy and real helpful — If you’re a blogger, you need to be understandable and effective for the audience.

4. Responsiveness

Haven’t heard about Google’s April 21, 2015 update on the mobile-friendliness of websites?

It’s been everywhere around the web. This Google Algorithm update might be hitting the websites which aren’t mobile optimized… even if your blog or website survives after this update, you need to think again, and how come you keep on hanging on that uncertainty. Make it responsive, if you’re on WordPress; try to use Plugins like WPtouch Mobile Plugin or WP Mobile Edition to make your WordPress blogs or sites responsive.

5. Shareability

Social Media sharing is a serious business. If you think you can achieve social media sharing purpose without doing much then you’re mistaken… you need to give reasons for readers to share your content. Once you create great content then provide Social media sharing options to let your readers share your content easily.

Heading to the cream…

how to rank your articles higher

Tools to Rank Your Articles Higher in the Searches

Take a look at the 10 Tools to Rank Your Articles Higher in Searches:

1. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is an industry’s recommended Keywords Ranking and Analysis tool. It provides extensive reporting, keywords analysis, domain information, link building information, and competition analysis. The alternatives to SEO PowerSuite are SEMrush, WordTracker, and HitTail.

2. Keywords.io

Keywords.io is a fantastic keywords analysis tool. When it comes to SEO Keywords analysis and ranking, the online tool rapidly emerges in experts’ mind is Keywords.io. It provides you keywords suggestions and helps you to find out where your articles stand against your certain keywords.

3. Squirrly

Squirrly is another useful tool as far as SEO on WordPress is concerned. It’s a WordPress Plugin with free and paid plans. Squirrly hints about the noticeable elements while publishing your blog post in your WordPress dashboard to add your keywords in all important areas of the post, plus, it guides you through instructions to fulfill all the requirements that help your article to rank well. Top Content Marketers like this Plugin. It’s worth a try.

4. Google Webmasters

Google Webmasters is one of the most reputable and popular online tools from Google for webmasters of all types and sizes to make their websites and blogs visible to google search engine, not only does it help you make to your site visible in the google, but it also keeps you posted about the problem regarding indexing or content that may hurt your site’s ranking. If you aren’t using it, then you should start using it today. All you need is to create your sitemap, submit to Google Webmasters Account, get your site verified in it and start using it.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is essential and the most recommended online tool for webmasters and bloggers. Website owners and bloggers use this Analytics tool from Google to find a variety of statistics and traffic reporting, for instance, it shows your real-time traffic, geographic areas, browsers information (of visitors), popular pages/posts, keywords and much more on finding the popular content of your blogs and websites. 

6. Extreme Tracking

Extreme Tracking is a web traffic and statistics reporting tool which works similar to Google Analytics, but it’s little different with Google Analytics setup. It comes with free and paid plans, which is why many bloggers and webmasters use this tool along with Google Analytics and Webmasters. It has got various detailed reporting features covering visitors’ operating systems, browser types, keywords, search engines, device types and much more.

7. WooRank

WooRank is the industry’s trusted SEO, Backlinks and Keywords Ranking tool. It’s one of the popular brands of SEO global business. Just like Moz, if someone under the WooRank hat has to point out something, it gets heard everywhere in the SEO Industry. Paid membership of WooRank comes with a lot more features and benefits than a free plan.

8. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is a free WordPress Plugin which allows you to add a custom title, meta description, and keywords for every post and page on your WordPress blog. There is a pro edition which unlocks other advanced features, but the free version of this plugin does pretty much well for any blog or WordPress based website.

9. Canva

Canva is a free image, banner and infographic maker online tool. You might be thinking, what the heck! It’s an online graphic design tool and how does it possible that it makes it to the list of SEO tools for ranking your articles. Remember, the title of this article says ‘Tools to Rank your Articles higher’ rather than ‘SEO Tools’ – So I will share what is necessary to make your blog post successful and ranked well in the search engines. When you’d create amazing images or infographic for your articles, obviously you’ll optimize the image by giving an image name, description and alt text. It would help your article to rank well in the search engines. Believe it or not!

10. Compressor.io

Compressor.io comes in when you select high-quality images, infographics or screenshots to add to your articles. Some images are extremely heavy in size, so they would rather hurt your article’s ranking than helping in the search results. Compressor.io compresses those images and decreases the sizes of the images, smartly. It has been one of the recommended and must-use tools for bloggers and webmasters. When images won’t be heavy, it would give a positive signal to the search engines, and your chances of getting your article ranked higher will increase.

So, are you going to use these tools for ranking your articles higher in the search engines?

Tell me in the comments if you know any better Ranking and SEO tool. 

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