Why Did You Quit Blogging When You Could Try These Things?

So you quit your blogging…

Did you?


Thinking to do anytime…

Maybe it’s the right time to read this post. Sooner or later you’ll realize that you should have found something like this earlier.

I’m not trying to be self-proclaimed expert of blogging here.

I’m just trying to deliver what I learned in past 5 years of blogging.

The fact is you can’t stop learning in any professional field – We Probloggers consider Blogging as a Professional job and a responsibility…

We (Probloggers) don’t have to just open the laptop and spill the words on the text editor. It really takes energy to create something useful.

The more you get experience, the greater you feel responsibility!

Proof is, if you don’t deliver something helpful and useful. People won’t stick to your content and blog. They’ll walk away.

They might be coming to your blog because you attract them to open your blog post, and when they do, what they find, they find nothing!

When I started getting attention towards my Content and Blogging, I started feeling more responsibility that People aren’t fool – I delivered something good, that’s why they liked it, and they shared my content and started following me!

When I posted Payoneer Alternatives and 3 Prepaid Mastercards article on Androizing.com, more than 50 people signed up (for Prepaid Mastercards) from this article, and people are getting almost on daily basis…


Because it has something useful.

Because I targeted people who are facing difficulty in getting their Payoneer Cards.

And, it turned out to be a successful blog post. I spent more than 6 days in preparing and compiling that blog post. See, it went really well.

Kulwant Nagi is one of the top bloggers from India. He recently wrote a motivational blog post on Blogging and I really liked it. If you’re looking to start your blogging or thinking to quit, try to read that once. (See here)

Next part is the cream.

I’m going to tell you simple methods to get going and pump up your blogging fever – I know it’s not going to be helpful without solid methods and ways to get success.

No worries!

I’ve got this covered for you.

I know I have to give you something sizeable in order to prove my point.

quit blogging

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Methods You Should Have Tried

Maybe you tried many of the methods to make your blog successful, some of them worked and some of them didn’t… Ultimately many of you left blogging or started thinking to leave it… I just wanted to make sure that you get to read these methods to make your blog successful. Nothing turns your dead blog into a cash machine in days or weeks, it just requires consistency and time. Take a look on these methods that you should have tried:

— Choose your Niche (And Apply in Remaining Steps)

I’m saying this once and for all – Niche Selection is very important. A wrong niche selection won’t take you anywhere near success.

So, take your time, understand the niche-selection process and then make yourself comfortable with the niche idea, then finalize it.

Once you pick your niche to proceed, it will reflect in all remaining steps and procedures in your blogging. You often find me discussing and referring to blogs and bloggers in ‘Your Niche’ in this article, that’s why I said niche selection is important. So, I believe you’ve chosen your best niche for blogging…

Even if you had stopped working on your blog, maybe you made mistakes that’s why you couldn’t proceed with your blog, well, better late than never. You should read this blog post and get ready to come back on the track.

— Start Guest Posting to Create Authority

Guest posting is an important method to start making your authority in the market. Try to guest post in your niche to actually start creating an impact. When you guest post on others’ blogs, you reach to entirely new audience, when you deliver high-quality message in your guest post, you start impressing a new audience that helps you to reach new people.

Once you get consistent with your guest posting on the variety of blogs, you’ll be observing more following, more subscribers and more interaction with the people.

People think that we (bloggers) guest post for visitors…

No, we don’t!

You might get 10 to 20 visitors on the first day, and more on the same week after publishing the guest post, but then, it would be over…

The purpose of guest posting is creating the authority – If you impress three new people that turn to your followers and two of them share your content on social media, and that sharing takes your content to few hundred more people… you don’t know what kind of attention you can get by just creating your best-quality content for guest posts.

If you didn’t do guest post in the past, then it’s the time to think about it and practically start it.

No idea where to start?

Check Alltop.com – You’ll find a variety of authoritative blogs. Start reaching out to them and ask for guest posts. Find more blogs on social media communities and groups.

— Publish on LinkedIn Pulse to Make Identity

Another great way to make an impact and develop your identity is start publishing content on LinkedIn Pulse. It used to be just ‘Pulse’, a content aggregator app, then LinkedIn acquired it, and it turned to LinkedIn Pulse.

Now you’d find new and top writers sharing their content on LinkedIn Pulse. Start creating some good-quality content on LinkedIn Pulse. Publish there, read others content in your category, comment there and start interaction with people.

One of the benefits of publishing content on LinkedIn Pulse is, you never know which post of yours gets viral or featured on LinkedIn Pulse, and you get thousands of views on your post.

You can certainly make a huge difference for your identity-making using LinkedIn Pulse.

Consistency matters.

It’s not just about 5 to 10 posts, I’ve seen people who have published more than 300 posts, then their posts get featured on LinkedIn Pulse, and they get thousands of views on their posts within hours.

— Answer Relevant Questions on Quora

One of the important things you should’ve done earlier which you probably didn’t do is using Quora.

Quora is one of the famous social media websites – It’s a questioning and answering website and extremely popular among professionals, experts, webmasters, bloggers, influencers and online marketers.

On Quora you ask questions using your credits and get credits (points) when you answer to people’s questions.

The key remains the same. Find your niche. Engage people in your niche (even on Quora).

The best way to do is, follow your specific category (or categories)…

For example, if you blog about ‘Blogging tips’ you might be following Quora topics like ‘Blogging, Web hosting, Content Management System’ etc.

On Quora, categories are known as ‘Topics’…

You follow your favorite topics and engage people through asking questions and answering people’s questions in your space.

So if you didn’t use Quora earlier, you have to do it now.

— Join Communities on Social Media and Interact

Google+ Communities and Facebook Groups will play a role for you. All you need is ‘sense’ to go where and why.

Google+ Communities is one of the biggest platforms to meet relevant people who are sharing thoughts, reviews, point of views, suggestions and content. Find your relevant and specific fields to get involved with the global community of your interest, and start building relationships.

You don’t have to quit blogging, if you have passion for your blog and writing. Just find out a great niche, brainstorm on what to deliver, share what you’ve got. And you’ll feel the difference!

Content Writers: Pakistan

For example, I’m a Blogger & Content Creator, from Pakistan. I joined ‘Content Writers: Pakistan’ last year. It’s a Facebook group where freelance writers interact and meet with employers. Companies post their job openings to hire freelance and full time content writers from Pakistan.

As I’m a Content Creator, so I had to get involved in the community, and joined this FB group and started contributing to the group through different sharing, discussions and sometimes responding to the companies…

Q&A Website: Quora

It really went good when I got attention, companies approached me and people started knowing me as a Content Creator.

Strategies You Should have Adopted

Some strategies are meant to be changed with the passage of time and some are made for a long-run. The strategies which are mentioned below should be kept alive forever. Take a look on the strategies you should adopt:

— Link Others’ Blogs in your Content

I don’t hesitate to link other’s content in my articles if it makes perfect sense for the topic. More importantly, if it helps the cause, I always do it.

One of the good reasons of linking others’ articles into your content is you get a reason to reach them and invite them to check your content…

You get two benefits of this activity:

1)      You get attention

2)      You favor others

In the result, you might get a subscriber, you get a reshare or maybe you increase your blog’s recognition… Everything is in your favor.

But, make sure the linking must be helpful for readers; it shouldn’t be just to link up and reach the influencers. It can either be a perfect example or great reference to your point-of-view.

— Follow Top Bloggers and Comment

Without following and reading the top bloggers, you won’t be able to grow in this field. You have to follow the top bloggers. It’s not about whatever they say or sell; it’s about your picking. Use your intelligence and sharpness to find out what you should pick out of it.

How they create, how they promote, how they sell, how they engage…

Learn whatever you can learn!

When you follow top bloggers, you come to know about great experiences they have done and whatever they share is worth to check. I follow Neil Patel, James Clear and Darren Rowse.

— Take Screenshots of Relevant Examples to Use

One of the simple strategy I’ve been using for a while now is taking screenshots of good and useful things to share with the blog readers – It’s not necessary that I take these screenshots while writing the blog posts, but as I come across anything interested, and I think I might use it somewhere in my content, I take the screenshot to share with the readers…

I use Nimbus Chrome Addon for taking the screenshots. You should do the same. It makes your content useful and provides you a chance to describe things more clearly.

— Aware Brands and Influencers after linking them up

Whenever you mention any of the top blogs or companies, make sure after a certain time you just hint to them via email or social media message to let them know that you mentioned them in your content. It gives you attention and they might feel privileged. It’s always good to develop relations.

Your Part

Now it’s your turn to tell me something. Did you find that how important is to stay in Blogging field?  

Do you have any idea how lucky you’re that you know blogging, you know about SEO, you know about keywords ranking and Content Creation…

Even if you’ve left blogging in the past, you should start over. Recall your mistakes, do the right things this time.

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So, would you start over?  

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