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Try these 5 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Sell Your Product

Would you be happy if I told you some easy way to start selling your products using content marketing?

Let’s be realistic.

I’m not that kind of Content Creator who keeps showing the dreams to the readers and practically doesn’t share anything useful. I love content that delivers. So I try my best to produce that type of Content.

Selling isn’t easy.

In fact, Selling your Product is a hell of a job. Using the Content Marketing in selling might trigger some questions in your mind.

To answer those questions, I thought to make this blog post helpful and precise.

Content Marketing is a process that involves different steps, begins with ‘publishing the content‘, then it takes ‘sharing with people and engaging them with your content’ and then ultimately helping the audience in your own way…

Inside that few tiny lines, your content must be

Delivering the value must be enriched with

Resources, equipped with

Examples to let people know what exactly you want them to know.

If Content doesn’t help anyone, it has nothing to do with the success. And, ultimately, the creator shouldn’t be expecting one.

Use Content Marketing to sell online

So, I’m going to discuss Content Marketing relation to Selling… Well, the phrase ‘Content Marketing‘ is pretty much clear about the intent of the job, and someone who is keen to know more on Marketing might get closer to understand that ‘Content might be used for Marketing’…

I’ve gathered 5 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Sell the Product:


1. Publish on LinkedIn

Whether you’re active on LinkedIn or not, you should get started with LinkedIn. Invite all of your gmail and hotmail contacts to LinkedIn. Try to grow your network and publish content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows users to publish their content using Pulse Integration.

Pulse was a content aggregator and LinkedIn acquired this company few years back and integrated with its Content-sharing plan to provide Content-Publishing for LinkedIn users. Now it’s called LinkedIn Pulse.

Install your LinkedIn Pulse on your iPhone and Android device, and get access to the Content in a dozen of categories where Content Creators are publishing thousands of articles on daily basis. You can access Pulse feature through you LinkedIn Account by just opening Pulse section.

books selling on blog

I’ve seen experts mention their Ebooks, Products, and Services at the bottom of their posts – It’s a good way to deliver something to the audience, something they like to read and understand, and at the end you give them something more as your product… if the audience likes your message and content, they would surely like to try your product.


2. Use Profile description on Quora

Telling people would make them aware. Use every possible medium to tell people what you’re up to. A smartly written bio on Quora profile and link along with description can make a difference. It depends on how you perfectly set up this thing to attract your prospects.

Michael Akinlabi on quora

Check Michael Akinlabi’s Quora profile description. I came across his Quora profile while checking some answers from different experts. His profile bio shows that he is a Blogger, he has mentioned his blog name in the profile title and further he has written a brief description of his work.


3. Create Relevant Slideshare Presentation

Slideshare is a fantastic social media platform to utilize for selling. If you’re not active with your videos on YouTube and Vimeo, then you must be on Slideshare.

Some people aren’t comfortable with Videos, they are shy, they think they can’t do this. And most importantly they don’t want to spend budget at this time and want to use Videos at some other time.

So, Slideshare is the best thing to do for them.

It’s not easy, it’s not something you can do on tricks.

You actually need to be genuine, dedicated and useful (for your audience).

The plan would be similar:

Identify your audience > Create some solutions for them > Use Slideshare presentations to reach them.

Beware, Slideshare isn’t the easy way. But when it comes to the return, it has a lot more value than the other platforms… Once you start generating followership, you begin to come into the limelight, more people follow you and once your presentation gets selected as featured slide in your specific category, things will change for you.

I like Henneke Duistermaat’s Slideshare. She is a founder of Enchanting Marketing. She is really awesome when it comes to Marketing and Personal Branding.

Best Practices for Using Slideshare
  • Specify your Category to create regular slideshares on it.
  • Stick to your category for a long time.
  • Utilize the tool like Canva for creating the decks.
  • Follow relevant Slideshare users and get engaged with them.
  • Meet and Greet Influencers on Slideshare.
  • Be consistent with your deck-creation and publishing.
  • Don’t miss out the links and follow-up details at the end of your presentation.
  • Share your Slideshare decks on all major Social Media Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.
  • Share others’ Presentations on your Social Media Platforms and inform them through social media platform (for example, via John Morris on twitter, google+ and facebook)

Content Marketing is all about utilizing the maximum channels to engage the audience and deliver them useful information that they love to read and consume. Slideshare would allow a different audience to reach.

‘Marketing Consultancy’ brands and entrepreneurs share insights on certain relevant topics and at the end they use last few slides to offer their products or services…


4. Write an Ebook and Use Facebook Ads

Writing an Ebook is a versatile form of Content Marketing — When it has a chance to become successful, the threat is immense too…

How is that?

Actually either you would go viral or nothing would happen…

Well, here comes a solution.

You can push your Ebook through your Social Media Networking and Facebook Ads… That means you’re spending money (on advertising) rather than getting paid for your Ebook…

It sounds scary to many people.

But, believe me, you can’t ignore the value of people who will join you to get your Ebook for Free. The drill is simple, when you’re offering your Ebook for free, all people need is to submit their email addresses to download your Ebook.

Use Aweber or MailChimp Email Marketing Service for setting Auto-responder for Ebook downloading upon sign up.

noah kagan's okdork

I remember Noah Kagan’s Facebook Ads Campaign when he collected thousands of Emails through Facebook Ads for his blog OkDork and he actually collected over 700,000 emails (subscribers). His blog is about Marketing techniques and science.

Why don’t you do this? 

You can provide your next Ebook for free using your Facebook Ads Campaign.

Must Check: 7 Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising Campaign’s Performance


5. Guest Post on Relevant Blogs

Guest Post has always been a curiosity among Bloggers, Webmasters and Content Marketers… Some of the believers of Guest Posting think that it’s one of the best ways to meet the entirely new audience…

Some experts think it’s not that effective since some Google Search and Algorithm Updates landed…

But I think, I believe in quality work, so I vote for high-quality, effective and useful guest posting work…

If you believe that your guest post is going to rock and, more importantly, it is going to be real helpful for that audience, then you should go for it…

When you publish on irrelevant blogs where the audience has nothing to do with your ideas or your blog post is totally useless to them, I’m 100% sure that you’re going to waste your time and energy…

Guest Posting isn’t for Selling the Products… I want to make it clear.

Guest Posting is for reaching to the new audience and creating the authority as a Contributor and Professional.

Bloggers get scared when they hear about Guest Posting. Many bloggers stopped accepting guest posts. In fact, many top blogging influencers still believe that Guest Posting is a great way to create impact — because it helps you to reach out the entirely new audience.

One of the success elements of Guest Posting is you have to deliver the highest-quality content in order to get accepted… Make sure when you pitch your idea to the blog you want to guest post, the article must be perfect for the audience for that blog and hasn’t been covered earlier… Otherwise, it won’t be important for that blog.

When I wrote my Guest Post on SEMRush regarding Psychology and Search Behaviors of Users, it was highly appreciated by SEMRush and I got a huge impact on my blogging career… I got freelance content writing inquiries and reached by a local Web Services firm to join them as a Content Creator…


Science of Selling

James Clear perfectly represented my thoughts on Consumer Behaviors and Selling Psychology in a recent article he posted on his blog.

He actually described the whole catch-up of items being sold in a grocery store or supermarket, and some candies are being offered at the cash counter as a quick add-on to the shopper’s bag…

He described the psychology that most of the smart shopkeepers or supermarket owners play with the consumers and it almost goes pretty well… (Read that Post)

The lesson for Selling your Product using Content Marketing is quite similar.

How would you create an impact, if you’re not attracting the possible customers?


The Impact of Content Marketing

Selling is important. We all know. Now I’ve shared 5 Ways to use Content Marketing to practically start selling your product.

Look, I’m not a type of Blogger and Content Marketer who just writes and tries to walk away – When I write I try to deliver something…

Now when I explained 5 Ways to Utilize Content Marketing, it doesn’t mean when you spend 7 days that way, and your 8th day would be entirely different…

Engagement takes time.

Consistency matters.  

You can’t just quit because you’re not getting success, but you can quit because you don’t want to be a hard working professional.

When you use Social Media, you can’t turn yourself into a Social Media Ninja within weeks, it takes years to establish authority, make real friends and a loyal following, all because you give devotion to your friends and followers…

As far as Content Marketing is concerned, when you make content that helps people, make readers life and work easier, they get back to you and always try to follow you…

Neil Patel recently posted an article on his success, and he emphasized on taking care of his readership and followers, and he said that he works so hard to help people, that’s why people follow him… He is absolutely right, I learn from him, that’s why I follow him. (read his article)

Examples of Sellers Using Content Marketing

– Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes’s blog is a perfect example to analyze how a brand needs to utilize Content Marketing to guide, entertain and help out the prospective customers. ‘Elegant themes’ has got some high-quality content creators and WordPress Experts who guide people mostly on WordPress Content Management System.

It’s clear that WordPress is a dominating platform on the web. So, Elegant Themes is a premium WordPress themes store, and they have nothing to write except WordPress Guides to engage WordPress Users and Audience… And they’re doing it pretty well.

– Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most famous Shared Webhosting Companies in the world. Nowadays Web hosting companies tend to focus a lot on WordPress Hosting as their key products to dominate, as per 2014 estimates, WordPress was empowering more than 22% of overall Websites in the world.

You’d often find Bluehost Blog publishing Content on WordPress Tutorials and Guides… This is how they engage WordPress Users and WordPress information seekers.

See this: How to Migrate Your WordPress site to a New Domain

– Coschedule

Coschedule is another useful WordPress based Social Media Scheduling system which allows you to share your content without leaving your WordPress Dashboard. It’s an editorial calendar scheduling system that takes just drag and drop to get you started with Social Media Management.

Coschedule’s blog continues to guide people on WordPress usage, Content Creation and WordPress Management… And they are pretty good at this.

Your Part

Now you have to tell me about your views on using Content Marketing to sell the products!

Would you think these 5 Ways and a bunch of tools would play any role in your Selling?

What else you think should be done?

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