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6 Ordinary Things on Social Media Can Change Your Life

Changing your social media presence and standing out in the crowd would certainly make a lot of difference for any professional or individual.

I realized a few social media changes which can create significant impacts on our careers and ultimately lives. Sometimes, we see anything regularly, and it gets vanished from our mind and vision.

That’s why we probably don’t change a few things.

We all strive to be better. We help each other on social media, we try to be useful with Facebook friends and Twitter followers, we help people in our Google+ circle, and we answer people on Quora, that’s how we improve our social media presence.


If I tell you that there are a few more things on our end which can be improved?

We can’t sit back and wait for miracles to happen. All we need is to keep trying our best to make things happen. Keeping that in mind, a few days back, I realized to improve my social media profiles and update my details (and then, I did that).

social media tips to change your life

Make these changes on your Social Media Profiles and try to observe the difference in your social media presence after a few days:

1. Facebook Profile details

Do you know what people see right after seeing your display picture? It’s your biodata which consists of information on what you do, where are you from, how many people follow you, etc.

facebook profile detail

This user info is available on the top-left side underneath the display picture. You should have a properly written professional information there.

You probably don’t know who comes to your profile, maybe your next client or employer who manages to find your profile after you commented on a familiar friend’s facebook post. Think about it.

2. Twitter Profile bio

Just like Facebook Personal details, make sure you do have a correctly written bio on your twitter profile too. Twitter is one of the top social media websites. A suitable, well-written, and to-the-point user bio helps you in attracting the relevant people around the world. Utilize all the possibilities to impress people.

twitter bio of users

3. LinkedIn’s Profile designation

You might have come across many top social media tools so far. After Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn might be an essential social media site to use, especially for professionals. It’s a professional networking site for professionals, brands, and employees around the globe to meet new companies and people globally.

linkedin profile designation

The designation of your LinkedIn shows up beside your profile picture on your LinkedIn. According to my personal experience, I always check three things initially whenever I visit anyone’s LinkedIn profile, and those are Picture, Name & Designation, and the Country.

Example: You probably can’t believe how many queries I got from different companies when I added the ‘Content Creator‘ to my designation along with the ‘Blogger‘…

4. Facebook Cover

One of the ordinary things we can change to improve our Social Media Presence is Facebook Cover. Facebook cover of any profile is probably the first thing people look at while visiting anyone’s profile. It matters a lot.

fb cover

Make an attractive, decent, and professional Facebook cover using the Canva tool. Canva is a fantastic tool to create Facebook covers, Twitter covers, Google+ covers, banners, infographics, and much more related to these things.

5. Twitter hashtag

The hashtag is Social Media’s important element. Twitter is highly dependent on the hashtags. It’s the way to participate or contribute to a certain discussion which is being done by people across the globe. People normally follow certain hashtags to meet, talk, and attract people with those interests.

twitter hashtag

Identifying & using the right hashtags can lead you to success. Social Media isn’t about early success, in fact, it’s the opposite… It’s about building relationships and developing contacts.

6. Youtube Featured Video

Have you used your Youtube Account properly? Youtube Channel has the featured video option. Create your Youtube Channel and make a featured video. It can be played when someone lands on your Channel’s page… It attracts people when a video plays and you say in that video

“Hey Listen, Thank you so much for opening my Youtube Channel. Do you know I recently made a 30-day Video Course that is available right underneath this video? You might want to check it”

I like Derek Halpern’s Youtube Videos. He covers the psychological aspects of marketing and tells people how to effectively reach the audience. I love this guy and his skills.

youtube featured video for marketers and bloggers

Many of the things are in our hand, all we need is to take a look at them.

Your Part

It’s your time to tell me something about your social media experience. Do you think these six things can play a role in changing your social media presence? If you liked this article, please share it with your friends, you might be helping your good friends.

What else do you think should be added to this list?

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  1. ➤ Hi, Hassaan,

    I realize this is not new, but an excellent article, thanks so much for putting this together!

    I do value my social media connections and you’ve given some valuable tips on how to take advantage, that’s for sure. Growing in ways to meet more people, connect on a deeper level, I can see how these tips will help me achieve this.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Spreading the word…

    Carol Amato ????

    1. Hi, Carol!
      So good to see you here. Yes, it’s an old one. But, something that came out just for helping the readers.

      I’m so glad to see you here, again. I learn things from your blog.

      I’m sure you’ll keep on checking up this blog. There is a lot to come in the next two weeks.

      Thank you so much!

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