How to Make Email Subjects that Engage the Audience [Personal Experience]

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Messages don’t make a difference until there is something that tickles in your mind.

Something which makes you curious. Something which might help you. Something which is really beneficial for you or alarming for you…

When it arrives, You wake up a bit, you might want to put your cup of coffee on the table for a second, your eyebrows show the intensity. You want to know what is it…

Is it something scary?

Is it something good?

Would it be something helpful?

The delightful thoughts in the mind to procure something positive out of it. Mind starts working within seconds – Expectations, Calculations and Imaginations all over the place.

You want to read it, You want to check it.

Whether it’s an Email or Text Message, curiosity to open and check it out remains the same. Email might get the edge as Subject line shows the epic glance of the matter inside it…

People receive email, next thing they want to make sure what’s inside it… And

who is the sender?

why did he send this email?

what he wants?

So, One thing is pretty sure, if you want to increase your email click-through rate, then you have to come with stunning subject lines in your emails.

Sending Business Proposals? Want to Pitch Some Ideas? Inviting People to Sign up the trials? Even if you want to upsell your new products to the existing customers, you need to convince customers that you’re talking in their favor.

People don’t trust if you don’t prove to them – So don’t begin to prove yourself at once,


Let me tell you in 4 Steps to Make People Convinced (to Open Your Email)


4 steps to make people convince to open email

Step 1: Idealize the Audience

Step 2: Create Useful Offer

Step 3: Find the Benefits for Customers

Step 4: Give Reasons to Buy



Let me show you an example of a text message from a University which reveals the Fall 2014 Course Selection begins and now Students of Master and BS will be rewarded degrees on CGPA 2.0, with comparatively easy grading system…

make your email subjects attractive and clear

One of the my friend and blog subscriber shared this news with me and I managed to receive the screenshot as well…

The point is, University actually attracted hundreds of students to keep going in the next semesters and who aren’t enrolled yet for the Fall 2014…

It’s about decision that needs to be made.

Someone who planned this text was really smart. He described the University’s relaxation-policy on CGPA along with bracketed message … which was ‘Easy’… I’m sure many of the students will keep on going with their Master and BS Programs, and many of the new students who will come to know about this new grading scheme, will rush to that university.

The purpose of sharing the example was how to build the attraction in your message – Your Email Newsletter won’t be successful if it doesn’t sound useful, attractive and helpful for readers.

So, next time you want to send a proposal to any customer, make sure your Email Subject line shouldn’t be saying a greedy message which suddenly makes your receiver annoyed…

In your first attempt show how it can be helpful for the him (receiver)… If it doesn’t generate any utility or benefit to the receiver, then try to create curiosity and attraction in the email subject line which makes receiver convinced to open it.

Beware, don’t deceive the receiver. Be honest, be straight and be clear about your intention.

Your Part

Tell me how do you write your email subject lines if you have to pitch some ideas to the clients. Do you think email subjects matter? If you liked this post, please share on Google+ and Facebook. It’ll help me. I’ll smile, and produce more useful content for all readers of mine.

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