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How to Create a Coming Soon Page Before Website Launch

People don’t like a dead website – What happens in some cases, you remain busy with your Website team and demo analysis of your newly designed website, which looks awesome I’m sure… but,

Guess What!

People might have started visiting your website, and they aren’t finding anything – Probably they’re looking a dead web browser page because you haven’t uploaded any Landing Page or Coming Soon Page to keep your website visitors abreast.

Practically, People aren’t fools. So, don’t try to pretend that you think they are!

If you’re thinking, you’re a new company, why I’m saying all this to you – No one is actually looking for your Company’s website. I’ve been working in Website, Blogging and Content Creation industry for more than 6 years now. So, I can tell you a bit about Consumer Psychology and Business Owners response towards things…

Okay, Did you mention your website URL on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+? Are you not in Business for months now? Don’t you have personal and professional contacts?

People always check somehow. Don’t ever think, no one is there to check your website. You don’t have to skip your website or Creation of Coming Soon Page of your website, just because you don’t know someone who might visit your website.

No one will ever call you first to ask for the permission to visit your website. You always have to be ready for the visitors.

Search Engines traffic, Content Marketing, and Company’s Blog – It’s another debate that your Company Website needs a Blog… But, before that you have to offer something out of nothing. It’s about giving no space for any prospect to walk away.

I don’t want that. I don’t want you to miss potential customer – Business needs links, contacts, and leads…

Do you know I always had a strategy of meeting people – Because, I think, talks lead to opportunities, somehow, you might come across a new customer waiting for you…


Educester Coming Soon Page


Educester is a new entrant in the Web and IT Services. Placing a coming soon page is far better than no page. Landing Pages templates help companies to avoid losing prospects and leads. Many Companies use Landing Page with Contact forms which certainly have more response rate than just placing a coming soon page.

Sophie Lizard’s Coming Soon Page

Sophie Lizard is an awesome Blogger and Content Creator – Actually, I read her Newsletter and recommend to starters as well – I joined her newsletter through her guest post on another blog (don’t remember exactly, which blog)…

Before launching her Awesome Blog, she started capturing the Newsletter sign ups through a Landing Page, and I was one of the lucky subscribers probably years back… Now She has an amazing blog, and she writes content on Freelancing tips and techniques…

I was quite stunned and surprised with her strategy at that time, as I wasn’t aware of Landing Page and Email Marketing Strategy…

How to Create a Coming Soon Page?

Setting up the Coming Soon Page on your website before launching your actual website won’t be a rocket science – Now if you have purchased your website hosting, I believe you opted the Best Web hosting for your website, as I recommend to use top web hosting to all bloggers and companies – Because companies might not want disturbance in their emailing and bloggers don’t want to see their blogs with downtime…

The concept of a coming soon page of the website is a kind of readers and clients engagement strategy – What if you don’t have a ready website, and you still engage your customers, your customers visit your website, get your phone number and email address to contact you… it shows how you can keep in touch with your customers and prospects even when your website isn’t ready.

Some of the Coming Soon Page Templates You might like


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Last Words

Before wrapping up the post, I would like to say to all Companies, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Startups and Businesses that do whatever you can do to make new customers ready to listen to you – Small things create a chance… So Start building something

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