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10 Benefits Your Blog Can Give You (And You Don’t Know)

Do you know any Blogger? Do you know how Blogging works? Do you always think writing a blog means you have to write a blog on Technology, Health, Business, Insurance, Finance and Entertainment?

If you think you’re not a Blogging Expert or You don’t even know how to Start a Blog, so you can’t write a blog… Let me tell you one thing, Blogging Expert is something different then Starting a blog.

You don’t need a course or degree to Start a Blog – You just need to give your ‘time and focus’ a way forward to Make Handsome Money on your Blog…


Are you surprised?

Now you might start thinking about the people who met you somewhere – A friend’s cousin at the wedding who makes money online, your old friend facebook who sells something on the Internet…

You heard a lot about Money on the internet… Who might have asked someone How people make money on the internet?

Somebody might have replied you… “Actually, Money Making Internet Schemes are Scam” …

And you never asked again…

Well, If someone says this to me, I’ll reply… Maybe, but I don’t follow Schemes and Scams…

And, he would suddenly ask me, then how you make money…

Then, I’ll give him this article’s print out or URL to read this blog post…

Do you have any idea How a Blog can help you? I’ll give you 10 Reasons to think and Start thinking again about Blogging

Don’t you know how to blog? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how simple is to blog,

Don’t you know how to launch a blog? Don’t worry, I’ll guide you.

You still unclear how would you setup a blog? Don’t worry, I’ll do it for you…


I always write and tell people, don’t quit on blogging because you can’t launch a blog – Some People get scared that how they will manage a blog, they think we don’t have time…. And rest of them think, How will we write a blog…

The truth is, If you start making money on your Blog, You’ll definitely get a time out of your tough schedule for your Blogging… But, if you don’t believe in yourself, then you can’t even do shopping alone…


10 Benefits Your Blog Can Give You & You Don’t Know

Here is the list of Benefits a Blog can give you and you might find Blogging a really Simple and Interesting thing to do after reading the list of benefits:


1) – An Online Identity

Nobody hates to be popular. Glamorous and Viral fame has nothing to do with popularity – If you want to be a virally famous, go into your street, and climb up to the next poll and pretend to suicide, you’ll be on News Channels within an hour, and on Facebook with mobile videos as well…But, I don’t recommend that.

Being Popular means you have a point of view or you know something, it’s your talent to showcase your views on something which helps readers of such kind. It can be politics, it can be economics, it can be business, it can be mobile phone tricks or even home-repairing tips… it’s not the blog which will actually give you an online identity, it’s your talent… The blog is just a channel. Like a TV Channel.

2) – Professional Exposure

When you’ll be writing a Blog on your favorite thing – You might be seen by some like-minded people or even industry experts… Don’t you know people share interesting videos and newspaper reports on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter?

Why don’t you create something useful and interesting that people start sharing on Social Media? You share something interesting because you like it, and you think your friends might like it too… then why don’t a blog post which attracts people… Why don’t you write a blog that gives people some solutions, and people start sharing it on Facebook… Think about it.

3) – Launchpad to Interests/Hobbies

If you always regret at times that your Job doesn’t allow you to spend time on things you miss, then why don’t you start a blog related to that Hobby or Interest. You might feel relaxed after your Office timing at home, then you search and write things related to your hobbies… Trust me, if you do things related to your interests even for 1 hour at evening or night, you’ll be relaxed and satisfied. It’s because a relaxed mind Psychologically helps you to feel good.

4) – An Expert Voice

There are always things we know and we can guide someone on those areas – What’s your expert area? A Blog can be your platform to start pitching your ideas through your expert voice.

5) – Online Resume

Employees look for better job opportunities, when they get one, they resign or wait for their contracts to end to join a better workplace. Your personal blog can be Resume for you – Do you know Some Web Developers use their Blogs to get Freelancing jobs online by just keeping their Resumes on their Blogs?

6) – A Marketing Channel

Did you get the product or service to sell? If yes, then use a Blog to start engaging people about your product. Suppose you are good with craft making, you always make crafts when you’re free, then start a blog, take pictures of your crafts, and place online to sell those masterpieces you have made. Don’t have any idea how to setup online payments and e-commerce store? Forget that, just place your email, skype ID and Phone no. to let customers contact you. Don’t forget to share your blog on Social Media.

7) – Social Contacts and Public Relations

Even, if you don’t have any product to sell, you are not much into hobbies, and you don’t have some specific topic (niche) in your mind, then the worst you can do it, you can write your opinions and observations on your personal blog… that won’t be less than good… The point is, by doing so, you’ll polish your writing skills, you’ll get awareness of Blog Publishing and Blogging Platform like WordPress.

8) – Access and Communication

Businesses need communication. Companies are always want to access people because communication and access begin the process of engagement. If companies don’t talk to the customers, how will come to know that what customers want?

Did you see any famous company’s website? There is always a section of Blog, Press Release or Knowledge Base… Because a company wants its prospects and customers to remain engaged and aware about the company they are in contact with.

9) – Online Working Platform

Make Money Online’ might be the phrase you heard on Facebook or Google, but never ever thought to find more details about it. Actually, there are many ways to make money online. People work for freelance and make money, people run their websites and serve ads to make money, people make blogs and promote relevant products/services to make a commission on sales, and it’s called Affiliate Marketing.

Actually, there are few more ways related to selling the services, products and but they aren’t for starters… mostly related to investors and multinational firms… But the point is, Affiliate Marketing is a way for you and Bloggers to pick to make money online.


If you’re crazy about Garments, and you make a blog on Fashion and Men’s Wear – So to make money from Affiliate Marketing, you would have to join an affiliate program of an online store which sells garments and offers an Affiliate Marketing program…

10) – Extra Income

One of the most important benefits a blog can give you is ‘Extra Income‘ – If you take your blog seriously, you understand the value of useful content, you get the concept of Affiliate Marketing properly, then very soon, you’ll be able to earn money on your blog. Actually, people start blogs, they join Affiliate Marketing program, and they suddenly expect money, it doesn’t come so early, because every website and blog take time to develop its worth and reputation to get a good amount of traffic from search engines.

Last Part

Starting a Blog doesn’t mean you quit your job and start working on your blog – You might be reading this as a fresh starter or you haven’t studied Blogging in this way… Believe in one thing, it’s a Professional Job to do, more you take it seriously, more you get benefit out of it. Whether you’re a job person or a Business owner, it can be helpful for you – Because Blog creates an identity, it engages people… So don’t miss the chance to set up your blog before 2015…

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  1. You’ve provided some great points, especially for the new, or relatively new blogger. I’ve printed this off so I can take the time to read it again.

  2. Hello Hassan

    These are very nice tips for new bloggers and as you have written about becoming virally famous , it really made me smile. It is nice that you have provided tips in a very light way.


    1. Hi Andleeb,

      I always try to bring something useful. In fact, I learned something from my university lecturer, he told me that Communication doesn’t mean you start impressing the audience with your Language skills, effective communication is, how well you convey the message, and listener loves it.

  3. Great solid points you raise there to help someone scared to start a blog. This goes a long way in clearing the mystery and myths about blogging.

  4. I loved this post. Reading about the benefits of blogging always energises me. I write my blog because I love writing and design. I’ve also attached my writing portfolio to it. So, it’s my own brand and I love having an identity online. I just love creating content!

    Penned by Jenny

    1. Hey Jenny,

      Thank you reading and liking my blog post. It’s always good when bloggers learn together, grow together and make money together as a global community. Best of luck for your blog.

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