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How to Setup a Perfect Landing Page for Your Website

Impact works everywhere. We dress up the best for job interview to show the best impression. Landing Page does the same with any Website of Brand, Company or Organization. A Perfect Landing Page should make visitors stunned with its amazing design philosophy.

Companies keep on doing Marketing and Promotion on TV, Radio and Outdoor hoardings – Why?


They want to create a brand position in customers and prospects mind – It works in Marketing. Your buying process has an indirect relation with the image which has been developed in your sub-conscious mind after seeing a lot of advertisement and promotion of a certain brand or product.

You might want to try or imagine it as a worth-to-try brand… after watching TV Commercials of that product/brand so many times.

That’s why Landing Pages are important – Normally Landing Page Optimization includes overall appearance improvement which directs the prospects to understand the message and helps the company to convert him to a paying customer.


3 Essential Elements of a Landing Page


1) – Attractive Layout

Whatever strategies you adopt to bring visitors on your Blog or Website, make sure you have something sensational as a host of visitors – I mean your website must be pleasing and attractive to grab visitors’ attention and focus. Web Layout ingredients like Menu bar, Header, Slider and Footer must be designed by professionals to keep the integrity of awesomeness intact.

2) – Appealing Colors

Colors talk. Psychology Experts believe that Colors are all about Personality types and Mind behaviors. Marketers use colors to attract their certain targeted demographically chosen audience. Your Landing Page should be having some fantastic color combination along with symmetry of your brand’s color. Pick colors wisely. People judge people with color choices.

3) – Opt-in form or Button

An opt-in form plays a vital role in the readers’ engagement. Make sure you have figured out some Email Marketing opt-in form for collecting visitors email in your record. Opt-in forms actually attract readers and help websites and blogs to take the communication between visitor and site to another level.

Similarly, buttons like ‘Try for Free, Download, Get Access and Get Started’ tend visitors to click on them to proceed or try the service. This strategy is widely used today in Internet Marketing and Content Marketing fields.

Example 1


Zapier is a Web tool which integrates almost all major web and social media tools under single umbrella to drive a better Social Media & Communicative strategy for Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers and Experts who use various tool to extend their customer reach, readers engagement, delivery of information and access to the resources.

Look at the Landing Page of Zapier which tends visitors and customers to take a try by signing up to the Zapier. Experience shows that Websites and SaaS Companies with such attractive, communicative and colorful appearance get more engagement and conversion as compared to sleek and clean layout websites.

Example 2


Strikingly is a famous Web Publishing and Online Website Building tool to help you to Start your Personal or Company within minutes. Strikingly’s landing page does the same – It excites people to sign up and give it a try even before thinking about buying the premium edition.


How to Setup a Perfect Landing Page?

There isn’t any specific solution to create a Perfect Landing Page for your website. Even, WordPress gives you option to make a landing page. Create a page, add necessary items you want to use on it, and go the Reading Settings, and Select your favorite ‘Front Page display’ – It’s up to you whether you choose latest posts to display on main page or any specific post or page.

If you aren’t on WordPress, there are simple ways to create your Landing Page, but you need to hire a specialist to do the job. If you have HTML and Web development skills, you might want to do this thing on your own.

Must-have Things on a Landing Page


– Intro

Don’t miss out yours or your company’s brief introduction on your Landing Page. Whether you’re optimizing your Blog’s layout or getting a Landing Page template to use, write brief information about you with a link to proceed further. (See at my footer, I have my brief intro with profile page link)

– Contact details

Contact detail or link is good for letting people know that you have given them an opportunity to talk to you – They (visitors) feel good when you give them an option to reach.

– Opt-in form

Creating a Sign up form for Newsletter or just a contact form to send email would always show professionalism.

Landing Page is a widely used and acceptable web element. There are ready-made Landing Pages available now in the market. Most of these Landing Pages are designed on various frameworks and platforms like Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3.

Take a look on few of the Landing Pages (Themes) which can be purchased:

EOS Responsive Landing Page – Buy

Alfat Super Flat Landing Page – Buy

Signup Landing Page – Buy

Condo Real Estate Landing Page – Buy

Oscar Responsive Landing Page – Buy

Ray Landing Page – Buy

 [bha size=’620×203′ variation=’03’ align=’none’]


Landing Page isn’t just about using a specific one or two page template – Landing Page can be any website or blog’s home page or other page which welcomes any visitor upon landing – And, it is designed and defined to engage the visitor to achieve Blog or Website owner’s goal.

Tell me in the comments what you think about Landing Pages. Would you consider to tune up your Landing Page? Please share this article on Facebook and Google+.

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