How to Write Persuasive Content that Makes Readers Fall in Love with Your Blog

Content Matters. Businesses communicate to the Prospects and Customers through various means – From TV Commercial to Pamphlets, Online Ads to Facebook Promotion, Social Media Engagement to Email Marketing, there are unstoppable ways to communicate.

More we dig into Creative Marketing, more we find out…

Content Marketing refers to the utilization of Content in various means (particularly online) to engage the audience, deliver them the message and market your vision through it.

When it comes to any film, review writers and critics analyze each and every aspect of it – From Story to Effects, Music to Lyrics, Acting to Cast, Climax to End… All these ingredients join together to make a single end product.

What happens next is, either People like it or they don’t like it!

Similarly, Persuasive Content refers to the convincing, satisfactory and meaningful Content that helps readers to understand the scenario, to solve their problems and explore new things for them.

I’ll explain, How you can write Persuasive Content to Make your Readers fall in love with your Blog,


for Creating Persuasive Content, you need to know the synergy of Content Creation and Blogging.

Content and Blogs

Content is like a solution (and should be) because if it’s not helpful, it’s not going to pull the readers or readers won’t turn to the subscribers… If a person googles something, and reaches to a Blog, reads the whole article, and finds it interesting, he might want to stay in touch with the blog, and he might do it by following the blog on Social Media or by Subscribing to the Updates Feed of the blog.

This is how Content helps a Blog to grow!

When I say content, I mean great content. Great content is a long debate among Social Media Experts and Content Marketers – Everyone might define Great Content slight differently, but we all agree on the importance of Great Content.

Blogs get success on their basics – Sticking to the Niche, Exploring and covering all the aspects of certain niche, helping the audience, and creating best answers to their queries would be the key to success for Blogs.


If you live in the United States, it’s not actually possible that you don’t know about ‘Late Night Show with David Letterman‘ – It’s a famous late-night talk show hosted by David Letterman on CBS. I haven’t seen this TV Show regularly but managed to watch many episodes of Sportsmen and Hollywood Celebs.

Late_Show_with_David_Letterman_wikipedia_page _the_free_encyclopedia

Well, the point is, besides all legendary performances, career, and contribution of David Letterman to the American TV, What I have seen in this TV Show is, it’s famous for its Edgy, Comic and Interesting talks…

So, Somehow Content of the Show makes it a Perfect TV Show for me – Whether it’s scripted TV Show or a non-scripted Show, I don’t care, and many other fans might do the same… It’s a fact that we keep on waiting for the next comic and full of fun question from the host, and interesting answer from the guest on the show.

5 Elements of Persuasive Content

Take a look at the five elements of persuasive content:

1) – Influential Start

Did you ever like any filthy and boring long paragraph of any article? Probably Not. It’s obvious. Because readers hate long descriptions, they want short, precise and entertaining stuff. Now after the title of your Blog Post or Article, the next important thing you have to make, would be an awesome start of your content.


You won’t like long starting paragraphs either.

2) – Appealing Style

Don’t let readers walk away by turning yourself to an Expert who is just there to point out the mistakes, it might lead you to the point where your readers might feel that you’re superior, and you’re focusing on that.

I would rather try to be friendly, helpful and problem-solver than to pretend like a Boss or Superior Authority.

Your style of explaining things, your selection of words and your voice matter – All things setup your tune to communicate with the readers. I believe, all readers aren’t same, so try to settle down where all readers feel comfortable.

3) – Story Inside Message

Rough and Rusty Content doesn’t get likes and sharing on Social Media. Haven’t come across seductive and attractive stories inside Blog Posts?

People love to open the articles having some story or incident in the title – And, blog posts with Attractive titles get more click-rate than average guide and tips blog post.

See this: A Mistake I’m not Going Repeat in Affiliate Marketing

This article received more than average clicks on my blog, within 3 days of publishing – My Newsletter was having another article along with previously published articles, but that blog post got quite a high-click rate from Subscribers.

4) – Edgy Title and Sub-headings

Titles need to be sharp and teasing. They should be meaningful though – When a title of blog post starts an alarm in the readers’ mind, they kept on assuming the outcome or possible scenario in the content, and to prove them right, they want to go for a test… which is reading and checking off that Blog post.

Sub-headings do the same job somewhat – But, Content Marketers and Bloggers use Sub-headings to keep readers engaged and make some ease for the readers.

5) – Filled with Examples

Examples Rock. Whenever you add some relevant and helpful example in your content, it curates your message correctly as a whole. Always try to find attractive, common and famous incidents or real life examples.

Some Bloggers dare to make titles on examples – And, develop the readers interest in the beginning – What they do is, they try to keep the interest of readers all the way to the end. It’s not easy to do…


Content should mean something – It must be an alarming message or a savior call for the readers. You can’t help your readers with your great content if you don’t get their attraction – I tried to explain that How you can get their attention towards your Content, and rest of the thing will be done by your Content.

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