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6 Ways to Make Your Landing Page of WordPress Blog More Useful

Landing Pages are like Human faces – You don’t suddenly see the wrist brand of someone you meet, you don’t look a Smartphone brand of your new friend & and you certainly don’t ask for the favorite color in the next second you meet a person…

It’s the face you want to read and see at first sight… It might be the Security office at Airport, Manager at local Super Store you often visit… Whoever he/she is, the point is, human communication starts with faces…

Similarly, in websites and blogs, faces are their Landing Pages. Visitors ran away from boring Landing Pages, People hate long and lengthy Content details, once you make them attracted they might agree to read your 3000 words piece of content!

They say, Content is King!

I say Okay!

What If People don’t even think about reaching to your Content, don’t give any attention to your Email Newsletter and forget about Social Media Sharing

Looks horrible?

Yeah! It is…

But, I have got something for you.

You need to create a brand’s image – When It comes to creating a brand, Landing Pages would be the most important Strategy in the bag… And, I’ll use it right away.

Landing Pages and Company Websites

On websites, it’s more important to have some outstanding, eye catching and stunning Landing Pages. ‘Design’ would be the Biggest Secret of Successful Landing Pages – If you out there, just completed an amazing Landing page, then the next thing would be the “Message’…

Companies want to keep in touch with prospects, they want to make existing customers satisfied, and they keep an eye on the trends and norms that attract customers… Getting a latest style and updated Landing Page of your Company’s website might increase 5 to 10% attention of the website visitors…

Landing Pages and WordPress Blogs

When it comes to WordPress, things get relaxed. As a WordPress Believer and User, I start thinking whenever it comes to any specific thing to do on websites and blogs that somewhere, somehow, I’ll find a free or Premium WordPress Plugin to do that job… Pretty Awesomely.

Using a Static Page option for your Landing Page rather than posts on the WordPress Main Page is a default option to utilize for opting any WordPress Page as Landing Page.

What is the Best Way to Make a Landing Page?

Well, Make it Awesome.

Secondly, What I prefer for my website and blog is to have a separate Landing Page from WordPress installation – Like a Static Page. Similarly is having a normal static page rather than a WordPress Page.

Although, I linked my WordPress Blog with my landing page to keep visitors aware about the link (address) of my Blog.

Now, more important things are those elements which you have to keep in mind while making a Landing Page. To be honest, I’ll make some integral changes on my landing page soon… Design might be the key… Haven’t heard of A/B Split testing… It might be the case if I go for Mission Landing Page.


Cream is here:

6 Ways to Make Your Landing Page of WordPress Blog More Useful


1) – Use an Optin Popup

The point is how you make the most out of it. Optin popup will be necessary to make a successful landing page if there is nothing else in place as far as landing page is concerned. If you use an optin popup option, you might be able to configure Facebook Page or Twitter Follow snippet to get more followers.

2) – Offer the Awesomeness

There is a plenty of options to use – Offering something on your landing page would directly get the focus of the customers. Be patient, be Consistent and never get disappointed. Make sure you’re offering the right offer to the right audience. Bloggers, who are landing on the Blogging tips Content, might not notice Cell Phone Accessories at that time.

3) – Teasing Wording of Message

It doesn’t mean you have to hurt someone with your teasing message. In Marketing teasing message is like an amazing offer – A favor no one can ignore, a deal everyone would love to grab and a product all readers would love to use…

Teasing Message on your Landing Page should attract the readers – Once reader completes reading your whole message, he/she has to say… wow!

4) – Right Audience to Target

Make sure you’re in the right space. Don’t expect results if you’re targeting wrong or irrelevant product.

Once I got more than 300 referrals on a Web Hosting Affiliate Ad on a Cricket Updates Blog, and none of them turned to a paying customer.

But, interestingly, I have seen conversion of a Niche Blog, when a WordPress Niche Blog recorded 28 referrals in a specific time period, and one of them turned to a paying customer – That’s the difference, when you take care of the Niche and Target Audience.

5) – Eye Catching Design

Whatever strategy you adopted for your Landing Page, one of the ways to make it attractive, useful and successful would be making it eye catching for the audience. Boring and unattractive landing page would only frustrate the readers and first timers.

6) – Use Landing Page Template

Customer Landing Pages is another attractive option to use. There are many ways to setup attractive and useful Landing Page. You can also use a separate Landing Page for your WordPress Blog to achieve your goals of creating a Landing page which turns out to be helpful and profitable for you.

Check: Landing Pages here


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