What I Learned from My Father’s Answer He Gave 30 Years Ago

Every day I meet people, they ask me about Blogging — I feel really proud, not because they consider me as a blogging expert, but they associate me with Blogging and I’m known as a Professional Blogger. That’s what I want because that’s what I do…

In Blogging, people inspire you, you take a lesson from everyone, you can use the tips given by anyone if that’s for your blog and readers betterment.

This is kind of interesting post which I planned weeks ago, but could not write it – My father inspired me a lot. His life is full of hard work, patience, and struggle… And, I learn from his life. I couldn’t be here writing all this, enjoying a healthy, satisfactory and happy life, if he would not have done all that stuff.

So, I thank him for whatever he did for me and family!

Let’s come back to the topic!

Almost 35 Years ago, when my father started his clinic as a General Physician & Medical Practitioner, people used to ask him that “why do you have such a strict hours schedule at the clinic?”

He had always been questioned by friends, relatives and other people in surrounding that why you make rules and follow them…

He has had only one answer

“People Need Me”

So He struggled. And succeed.

What I learned from my Father’s Answer

Actually, I can’t explain the whole thing in one blog post, but I’ll surely try my best to do it. “People Need Me” it sounds like giving your input, making an investment, helping the people, solving their problems and showing the courage…

It taught me to struggle, work hard, give your best without keeping eyes on the success meter, and pouring your abilities into the funnel…

People Need Me” sounds like the audience is there, who might reach you, you don’t know when, but you have to make sure that you remain there for them, and you don’t give up… you wait for them, and finally, meet them…

Consistency, Self-belief, and Hard work play a role of a bridge that you have to cross, which is full of shakiness and hurdles… Once you cross it, you’ll get through…

The bridge might be a tough situation, it might be a few years time span, it might be an accident, it might be your entrepreneurial effort… Whatever it is, I’m sure such a motivation and hard work will make you successful.

Always remember, people need you, so be there, try to help them out.

Then see the results.

What do you think about solving problems and doing something good for others?

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