The Psychology of Great Blog Post Titles in Content Marketing

Experts say Content is King’ – I say okay, I agree, but what if Great Content sits behind the fizzy, unattractive, and unclear title – No one would care to open that blog post…

At least, I won’t… And probably you too!

Result: Great Content Fails…

It hurts me. When you got great skills, you got an amazing grip on your Niche, and you got everything which makes your content awesome, but your Blog Post title crashes the party…

Your content, your blog, and your reputation deserve a lot – I know how bloggers and content marketers strive to create great content for Clients or Readers…

One of the things I Learned after writing 400+ Posts on Bloggingmatters (before selling) that Content matters at step two – Title makes people curious to check the spices inside.

Content Marketing Scenario

In Content Marketing, you need to create useful, helpful and relevant content in your niche to assist your audience. As per my understanding, the purpose of Content Marketing is to generate the value to deliver it to the audience looking to eat that…

When Professional Content Marketers are hired for Content Marketing and Strategy development, they begin with understanding the following things:

  • Product/Service of the Client
  • Audience type
  • Audience Geolocation
  • Marketing tools
  • Client’s Budgeting
  • Goals to Achieve
  • And few more things

Once a Content Marketer knows above-mentioned inputs, he/she exactly knows what the client wants to do – It means he/she knows:

  • Who to target
  • Why target them
  • How to target

Your Content Marketer would know your particular case more accurately – But, Content Marketers need to Create Content on the blog/website to make a company’s website stronger and more relevant towards the offerings (Products/Services) in the online world and webspace.

Social Media Presence, Email Marketing, Online Advertising and Communication with Audience (Online) would be the essential elements of Content Marketing…

So, that was a brief Content Marketing portion.

All I want to convey is that ‘titles’ work. And, great titles rock.


HubSpot is a famous Web Analytics and Online Marketing management company. Their blog is famous for publishing some authoritative and high-quality work in the industry – You might find some articles in various categories having attractive titles.

Take a look at this article title:


It tells the number of words in the definition – So, it somehow excites readers to check it out – Although, it would be a complete article and might be the detailed one, the certain definition would be a short one as described in the title.

3 Elements that Make Blog Post Titles Attractive

The elements which are extremely powerful in the making of blog post titles are:

1 – Clarity of Sound

Content Shouts. Content talks. Content Communicates so well.

Make your Blog Post title loud and clear – I have seen blog post titles with some typical style and nature. Make titles that attract people. People should get curious and excited to open it and check what is inside it. The most important thing which comes to my mind after making the attractive title is, I work my level best to meet the standard which I have defined while writing the title.

So, it’s about giving a check on your quality as well as restricting people to detach with your Blog.

2 – Problem Solving

Your Blog Post title should be depicting the rightful purpose of the post/article. Uncertainty kills. Don’t let your readers think about multiple possibilities about your blog post. An awesome blog post title tells softly and gently about the content inside.

Curiosity is something different. Don’t mix Curiosity and Uncertainty while understanding the concept of making a great blog post title. Curiosity factor pulls the readers to check the blog post.

Craft your titles to solve problems – Not very typically. Random and regular blog post styles are already being used everywhere.


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5 Tips to Start Your WordPress Blog

You might find a chunk of the population doing the same kind of work – Don’t be there. Make your presence felt somewhere else.

3 – Energetic Message

People want something good. Obviously… So, Why you think ordinary titles will work?

After making Clear and Problem Solving titles, make sure you have got enough energy in your Blog Post title if that’s not coming – Try to work on that. Titles are like Supermarkets, people might not want to try unless they don’t get attracted…

Give a sparkling touch in your titles. Whether you’re going to make a funny blog post title or you’re giving a detailed and ultimate guide on something. Make it catchy.

Psychology Behind the Titles

Human beings think a lot. They read things. Their brains read things. So there is always an input procedure involves with us. We predict we analyze, we understand, we study, we decide, we plan, we adopt, we refuse, we solve… hence, we do lots of things after thinking…

Blog Post titles Psychology starts when a Content Writer/Author creates the title he thinks that it will create a bang in the market, and the audience will rush to click to check that out…

And, after that what level of Success he gets, depends on the number of people like that blog post, give positive remarks and share on Social Media…

But, the contest states as

Blog Post title vs. Minds (of the audience)


Elegant Themes is a famous WordPress theme seller. Their Content Marketing Strategy is quite impressive. You’ll always find something cool, useful and edgy in their Blog Posts. I’m sure they have a strong Content Creation team.



In content marketing, you can’t win if you don’t focus on your Blog Post titles. Don’t keep your great content linked with irrelevant, unattractive and useless blog post titles. Blog Post titles should break the ice. It must work like a ringing bell which can only be stopped by opening that blog post.

It always happens…

Sometimes friends share an article or youtube video on Facebook, and you think ‘Should I check it or not?’ – ‘Does it worth it or not’?

You know what – Great blog post titles don’t let readers walk away without opening the blog posts.

Make such titles.

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