8 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting More Affiliate Sales

Are you tired of your hectic routine? Does it make you feel a little low when you come home from your job and start working on your blog?

And nothing much happens on your blog…

So probably you’re worried about your Blog’s Affiliate Sales… Right?

Well, you should be!

Because if you’re not worried about it, then you can’t fix it…


So that’s for sure that you can fix it…

Let me tell you, it can be fixed – Even, it can turn out to be the most amazing thing in your life – A blogger likes nothing better than a high conversion blog which he or she owns…

I’m damn sure you can improve your Affiliate Marketing leads, conversion and sales if you stop making the mistakes that many starters do…(and did in the past including me)

Still Worried?

See, I didn’t even start telling you the real deal – trust me I have it, don’t scroll down the page, because if you do and directly jump to the middle part, you are going to miss this…

Stop worrying about your blog’s slow progress, if you aren’t happy with your blog, you can’t convince your readers on what you believe in and what you’re saying to them… So flare up!

Be ready to show some magic, firstly you need to identify what’s going wrong on your side, trust me, if you finally make improvements in your overall strategy (blog, content, layout, social media appearance, social interaction, and working patterns), you’ll see your blog will start progressing and giving the affiliate sales.

So, I’m going to tell you 8 reasons why you are not getting affiliate sales:

1 – Diversified audience

Is that your case? Uggg…

How can you improve your blog’s conversion when you already started mini blogs inside your one blog? Never distribute your organic traffic into chunks. It’s kind of less focused content strategy that makes you unaware, after all.

Sometimes it looks great, when you post a random (different niche) post on your blog, you get likes on Facebook and a few retweets … and you feel good…

But, you shouldn’t be getting attention out of your niche – you might be serving some audience but not the right audience or your audience to be specific — so it’s not an ideal thing to do.

When freelancers, content creators, and bloggers work so hard, and create value for the certain audience then they deserve appreciation… So it’s like you’re working hard, helping a different kind of readers and completely fine without getting appreciation.

Helping a variety of readers isn’t a problem but rather a waste of energy into something that you never promised for.

2 – Unclear targets to achieve

How on earth would you run a business when you don’t know who to sell?

Can you handle that?

Obviously, you aren’t a superman. People never hesitate to call Blogging and Content Marketing a Business – Recently, Samar Owais, a well-known freelance expert wrote a guest post on Copyblogger on Freelancing, and She emphasized on calling the freelancing a business – And I agree with her.

You can’t earn it if you don’t want it…

Make specific targets with your content and blogging as well – buckle up and pinpoint the specific audience you’re going to help.

3 – You are not leading them into the right direction. 

Don’t take it personally…

Admit it, you’re not helping them. 

I’m working my tail off to make my readers happy, I work late night, I do research, I read a lot to produce great content…

How can you say I’m not helping my readers?


Calm down, please!

No collar-thing here, okay… Calm down!

I’m just saying you’re not helping them to reach somewhere they feel significantly satisfied and you earn money along with respect…

What’s wrong with that?

I don’t doubt your Content Creation abilities – I know you can produce high-quality content to make your readers happy, but think of yourself as well, I’m not saying compromise on the quality or decrease the quality just to make money…nope!

Do the same, even better.

Do it more to produce quality content and help your readers – just tune up your strategy to make your work pay off well.

If you’re promoting a software of PC management and utility (which actually repairs user’s computer, maximize the performance, removes the cache and makes the computer fast and refreshed), all you need to do is, keep on telling your readership about the benefit of a healthy computer – You always have to tell about the Windows or operating system management – You always have to discuss the anti-virus softwares.

4 – Lack of demanding topics

You agree or not, you might be missing out some hot topics in your arena (niche) that is really costing you – meaning, not getting affiliate sales

If you think your content strategy doesn’t need a shift, then just think about it again…

I know that you know your niche very well, all you just looking to get the real momentum on your blog – What I’m saying is to get focused on your audience and try to create the both variety and quantity for them…

Have you ever felt a competitor is getting more traffic on his blog? Despite the fact, you are being praised for the quality of your content, and you also believe your quality of content is comparatively higher than him…

Despite the fact that you are being praised for the quality of your content, and you also believe your quality of content is comparatively better than him?

He might be getting more involved with the audience on Facebook and Twitter – He might be hitting the hottest topics, he might be thinking rapidly to make content, and his audience might think that he wants to help them…

See, a list of possibilities that you might not deny about your competitor – maybe, any of them or a few of them are missing in your blogging strategy, that’s why you aren’t getting that much affiliate sales…

5 – Psychologically self-centered

I’m not blaming you – I just want to make sure you get my point clearly, because I’m more than on your side, and want to deliver my ideas of content and affiliate marketing techniques to improve your sales and conversion rate.

This might blow your mind – You are probably thinking of people what you want to think – Believe me, sometimes I myself do that.

We just keep on talking and running over the stealthy topics and stinky rough paths and somehow readers think to close the browser tab and check what’s going on with their Facebook walls…

Admit it.

They don’t care about things don’t matter to them…

So you have to think a little bit of what matters to them…

Personal experience is a virtue in blogging. It has always been and will always be bloggers’ one of the greatest powers but that shouldn’t make you entirely focused on yourself.

6 – Missing the ideas juice

You might have missed a combination of juice. The ‘color, taste and fruitiness’ are the parts of that juice. Readers hate boring content, and they don’t want philosophies, they want ideas. Ideas that can work and show the results.

It’s particularly unfair to discuss ‘Affiliate marketing and early results’ – But, as far as you need quick sales, obviously we all as affiliate marketers would love to get early sales, but authority takes the time to build up.

The juice includes the great topics and content ideas that make readers convinced to click on your article’s title – Curiosity is good, but stick to the clear meanings to deliver, otherwise, people find it confusing…

7 – Communication isn’t always sales and promotion

You shouldn’t start with your promotional strategy by offering what you have to sell – or even not that leading to the product/service you are promoting. For example, if you’re promoting a Web Hosting company, and you come across a person who doesn’t know about blogging, and you tell him that you can start a blog, it’s about content creation on a specific niche to communicate, deliver and help your readers – After that you offer your web hosting recommendation to him to sign up… that’s affiliate marketing…

Your prospect might end up a little frustrated with you when you make an image of yours as a marketer – Well, you are, and you shouldn’t be worried about it… But you have to learn that how you can change your image into a blogging unicorn that sounds like a lightning rod.

8 – Unfocused mind will distract you

This isn’t a detailed issue. You need to be focused, if you’re not totally dedicated to your readership and Affiliate marketing program, then they (readers) won’t reach you and they won’t buy what you are saying…

You have to disciplined with your blogging.

Because if you succeed in blogging, the affiliate marketing would automatically work for you.

If you keep thinking about the affiliate sales, you might end up getting nothing in the end.

So, you better start focusing on helping the readers and creating useful content for them.

Your Part

I have done mine.

It’s your turn now.

What will you do to improve your affiliate marketing conversion rate?

Let us know in the comments section.

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