Can Freelancers Find Clients on LinkedIn?

I know freelancers can find clients on LinkedIn. I have been fortunate to land some fantastic clients over the years. If you haven’t had such an experience yet, then you might think it’s virtually impossible to land freelance clients through LinkedIn. If you’re serious about finding clients on LinkedIn, I can help guide you. What…

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My Blogging Productivity has Improved (And You Can Do It too)

Blogging productivity is vital to every blogger who wants to succeed in blogging. You might not have thought about it yet. Most blogging starters keenly focus on finding the keywords, AdSense money, affiliate sales, and blog traffic. It’s safe to say that the majority of newbie bloggers don’t even think about being productive as bloggers….


How to Respond to “Get a Real Job” Comments

Spoiler alert: this is going to be a controversial blog post, and I might get emails and Facebook messages afterward. Has someone ever told you “get a real job” when you explained what you do for a living? Hang on. Don’t feel discouraged. Gary Vaynerchuk often says, “look at the person who is giving you…